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      Hi everybody, can someone please help with this dream?

      I dreamt that I was promoted to a very high manager position. After that, I and a few other managers were in a board meeting. In the dream, we were “prophecy experts”. However, I was still a bit on the “sideline” learning.

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      Hi Gideon

      I will interpret this dream in a spiritual sense for you as you never mentioned what triggered this dream.


      In my opinion this dream speaks of you being promoted to a very high senior spiritual position. You together with other pastors were sitting in a board meeting discussing spiritual matters. You were all “prophecy experts”-Each one knew the way forward for his own specific ministry, however, you felt slightly inferior to them. You might have felt unqualified and unexperienced for this position you have been promoted to and therefore feel you cannot communicate effectively with the rest of them at this stage about matters (especially concerning the way forward), like you are expected to. You felt you are on the side-line still learning.

      Gideon, God would not have put you in this position if He thought you were incapable of doing the job. Believe in yourself, be confident and run for God in this position. I am sure you are well able.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Princess, you did well with this interpretation. You identified the trigger correctly and you understood the symbols correctly. Overall a very good interpretation.

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