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      Hi everybody, I had the following dream recently: I dreamt that a darkish bullterrier was biting me softly on my right hand. I was expecting a serious bite at any moment that would cause injuries but it did not happen. I could feel the danger all the time but in the end, nothing happened.

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      Hi Adri,

      Firstly, let’s take a look at the meanings of the symbols in your dream:

      Dark Colours: In dreams and visions symbolize evil or demonic activities. It symbolizes unbelief or sin or separation from God when it refers to people. These dreams are not demonic of nature or from satan. In dreams like these God is actually warning us against evil strategies and demonic attacks and situations in our lives. It is from God and we should act appropriately to defend ourselves against such attacks or situations.
      Dog: A dog like a pig, symbolizes uncleanness or sexual sins or a backsliding spirit (returns to sin like a dog to it’s own vomit) after it has been delivered. Take note that a domestic dog, like a domestic pig, symbolizes a Christian that is backsliding. It does not speak of an unsaved person. Symbolically, people who are symbolized by dogs return to the things that they did before they were saved. These things usually fall in one of the following categories: self-righteousness, immorality, laziness, blasphemy, violent aggressiveness, sin etc.

      Bull terrier (Wild or savage dogs): Symbolize a person with a savage and destructive attitude toward precious spiritual truths and gifts. It also symbolizes a person blaspheming and unappreciative of Jesus Christ and the truth of the Gospel.
      In another sense, a wild dog speaks of a person who has lost his salvation.
      Animals: In dreams and visions, the characteristics of animals symbolize attitudes, weaknesses sins and demonic influences in the lives of people.
      Adri in my opinion this dream is about you backsliding (losing your salvation). It speaks of you being involved in things you did before you were saved. e.g. self-righteousness, immorality, laziness, blasphemy, violent aggressiveness, sins etc.
      It speaks of demonic activities that are taking place in your life and therefore causing separation from God.
      The fact that the dog was biting you softly on your right hand speaks of negative actions in your life. You are playing with sin.
      God is actually warning you against evil strategies and demonic attacks and situations in your life. I believe you acted appropriately in this dream to defend yourself against these attacks ,that is why the dream ends well. Although you realized and knew there was an attack on your spiritual life and that you were busy backsliding and you expected to be (injured),(Nothing happened. No injuries).
      This indicates that you took the necessary action against satan and were victorious.

      In this dream God is warning you to be vigilant. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. Never let your guard down. Pray without ceasing. Put on the full armour of God that you may keep standing and protect yourself from the attacks of satan because he will do all he can to pull you away from God and cause you to lose your salvation. Plead the blood of Jesus daily over yourself. God is with you and will protect you. Please take this warning seriously and you will be victorious in your spiritual walk. In this dream you can see that although we are attacked spiritually we can overcome and be victors in this situation if we do what I mentioned above.

      Be blessed.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Princess, well done. This is a good interpretation. We should not allow evil people to threaten us (bad evil people who are like dogs by not accepting the ways of God) and also we should refrain from being influenced and pressured into backsliding ourselves.

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