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      My husband and I have been trying to help my parents find a house so they can move back from Arizona to Oregon. My dad was VA approved for a home loan but not enough to really get a very nice place if we can find one at all in his price range. I’ve also been trying to tell my parents that they should pray for more, that God can give them more, if they use their big faith. They insist they don’t need much, just enough to get by. (they are in their 70s and I feel like they think they are being greedy asking God for “too much”)


      In the first dream (same night) one of my lower teeth came out and I asked my husband if he thought they could put it back in. He said no.
      I was talking with an old classmate of mine from 30 years ago and someone was moving from a house she was renting out. I told her I would give her 1500 dollars if she would rent it to me and she said yes. I called my parents to come look at it. Somehow they showed up but we had a hard time finding the house. We eventually got there and when we walked in, it was a huge open space. It was dusky and dirty and there were so many things wrong with it, that’s why the previous renters moved out. I told my friend that my husband is a carpenter and my dad is a handyman so we would fix it all up. There was a silver metal grate in the middle of the room and it tilted up on one side, which could trip a person. I knew the roof leaked in the bedroom. I asked her how much the land value was, I thought if we could buy it we could tear the house down and rebuild. She said 1.2 million and I knew we couldn’t buy it. There was another girl there that I didn’t know and she was eating something and she said she had to get some food for the bears.
      I decided to leave and I went out the front door and there was a very steep hill leading to the street. There was a long ladder against the hill that I needed to climb down to get to my car. As I was carefully going down the ladder I looked up and a huge black spider with a large white spot, on a single web strand, flew past me to the bottom of the hill.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Gina,

      This is probably an emotional restoration dream. It reveals your concerns and suspicions: The bottom tooth reveals your suspicion that your mom and dad struggle a bit to digest the word of God, in this case, about them being satisfied with less and not being greedy (prosperity doctrines), all the negative symbols regarding the house (dusky, dirty and many things wrong with it) reveals your concerns about what they will have to be satisfied with. Your assistance and the difficulty to financially support them or assist them are also revealed in the dream.

      The steep hill and ladder symbolize the challenges and difficulties to deal with this situation. The “bear food” speaks of feeding bears (bears sometimes symbolize business people who want to make money without doing much)

      The spider is an indication that your fears and concerns and suspicions (or at least some of them) are not all valid. It is a false suspicion, so I think the situation is not as bad as it appears.

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