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      Hi everybody, I had a dream last night of about 100 people riding on bicycles, together in a group, on a gravel road, anticlockwise in a circle.

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      Hi Fred,

      Firstly, let us take a look at the meanings of the symbols in your dream.

      BICYCLES: Somebody needs to pedal a bicycle to enable it to move. That is why a bicycle in dreams and visions symbolizes a person’s personal or own efforts or zeal regarding his personal ministry or prayer life. The colour of the bicycle and condition of the tyres and frame will reveal more details. The colour of the bicycle, the direction travelling and the circumstances in the dream will reveal more.
      ONE: (Hundred) Symbolizes unity. The Godhead is there yet they are one. Nothing can present unity as significant as the Godhead. We are one in Christ and therefore we are part of the unity of the Godhead. We are one in Christ and therefore we are part of the unity of the Godhead. We are one with God and we are one family, which is the family of God.
      In another sense, the number one symbolizes the “beginning” or “the source” or “the first” which is God. God is number one.
      In a negative sense, the number one symbolizes independence or disunity or loneliness or separation of God.
      CIRCLE: In dreams and visions symbolizes unity.
      A circle also symbolizes endlessness or timelessness or eternity as the circuit of the sun displays.
      In another sense, a circle speaks of the wisdom of God because it has no beginning or end.
      ROAD: Speak of spiritual direction and the circumstances that we experience in our spiritual journeys (walking or driving). It speaks of spiritual conditions on the way ahead in our lives. It is important to note the surrounding objects places that we pass when we are travelling or moving on these roads. Buildings and areas and obstacles and geographical locations play an important role in the minutes of travelling or walking on roads and paths and streets can symbolize or represent minutes or even years in our lives.
      In another sense, roads symbolize the pastoral ministry. Pastors looking after sheep (people) while taking the roads of life with them will dream about all sorts of challenges and situation on the roads. These dreams will help him to deal with these people and situations in their lives.
      GRAVEL ROAD: Symbolizes the bad conditions encountered on this spiritual journey.


      In my opinion this dream speaks of a group of pastors or spiritual leaders that are in unity that were endeavouring to move forward and progress in their own ministries. On this spiritual journey they encountered bad spiritual conditions (gravel road) and because of their lack of zeal and not putting in enough effort in their own personal ministries, they started moving in the wrong direction “spiritually” (anticlockwise and never got the results they were supposed to and then ended up going in the wrong direction continuously.
      In this dream we see what happens when pastors/spiritual leaders lack zeal and don’t put enough effort into progressing in their own personal ministries. Instead of each one going (moving) in the direction that God has for them, they followed each other and moved together in the wrong direction. They therefore obtained the opposite results. They rode in circles and did not progress on their spiritual journeys.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Princess, well done. I think this is a good interpretation and that you are spot-on with it.

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