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      Hi everybody, yesterday I had a vision. I clearly saw a huge skyscraper bending down in a very strong wind. The building behaved like a tree does when it is battered by strong winds.

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      Hi Daniel,

      Hope you well!

      Primary Element: You (Vision)
      Secondary Elements:
      Skyscraper: Individual/Institutional church
      Strong Wind: False teaching, satan and his demons
      Bending: Submission, trials, tribulation

      Either you or an institutional church will submit/experience trials or tribulations because of false teachings and influences from satan and his demons.

      Pray for this church/yourself perhaps God has given you this vision because He wants you to pray about it.

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      Hi Unge, yes you are spot-on! I was thinking of the hard times that the church experienced lately because of COVID-19. It is clear to me that the global institutional church (skyscraper), is going through a tough time now. This is like a devastating storm and the church is suffering because of this. Many pastors lost their congregations and a lot of income. This vision displayed how the church is suffering right now.

      Thanks, Unge, I will pray about this and for all these ministers and even the church members. They are suffering as well because of all this.

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