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      Hi everybody, can someone please help with this dream? I dreamt that I saw a close-up view of the globe. I could see the green grass and the green trees and dairy cows. There were even dairy cows in the trees. I then heard God saying the following words to me: “My peace did I leave to you”

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      Hi Daniel,

      Firstly let’s take a look at the symbols in your dream:

      DAIRY COWS: A cow is universally regarded as the provider of nourishment and prosperity. For this reason it symbolizes financial provision and prosperity. It speaks of the seasonal provision or a system in which we can be provided for.
      GREEN GRASS: Symbolizes short-term flourishing (financially and spiritually) because it withers away quite easily when it’s intensely warm or cold. For this reason, grass speaks of seasonal prosperity and increase. It speaks of the financial blessings of God.
      TREES: In dreams and visions symbolizes a human being and a forest or an orchard symbolize a group of people. Groups of people are usually a nation when it is a huge forest or a church or a congregation when it is a smaller group of trees or an orchard.
      GREEN: Symbolizes prosperity, growth and life. It speaks of safety and peace of mind. Green symbolizes the peace of God. The peace of God is nothing but spiritual (soul and spirit), physical (health) and material (financial) blessings. The colour green therefore speaks of a prosperous (financial) situation and other spiritual blessings.
      PEACE: The peace of God. Peace of mind.
      GLOBE: The world.

      I N T E R P R E T A T I O N

      Daniel, in my opinion, God is speaking to you in this dream and showing you how He is blessing people all over the world. People are experiencing prosperity, financial blessings from God. He is saying to you that he is Jehovah Jireh, your provider. He wants you to rest in Him knowing this. God wants you to experience His peace in your life. The peace of God is nothing but spiritual, physical and financial blessings in your life.

      Maybe you have been concerned about provision lately and God is now reassuring you in this dream that He will bless you just as He is blessing people all over the globe. After all, you are also a part of the people of the world. Trust Him with your whole heart and see how He is going to bless you. Rest in Him. He is in total control.

      Be blessed

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      Hi Princess, you are absolutely right. I suspected that this is what God told me. Thanks for your interpretation.

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