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      Hi there,

      I had a dream a few years ago about an influential person telling his staff that another tsunami has hit Europe (Indonesia area). In the dream, everybody was disappointed about this.

      I had a dream immediately after that of a person lying face down at the bottom of a swimming pool.

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      Hello Fred,

      Storm suggests that group of people suddenly have to deal with difficult circumstances possibly caused by other people. There will be drastic changes that cause difficulty. I tend to think it may be financial based on the following statements. However, there is someone who’s personality is of not having a positive attitude or a negative attitude (facing neither left or right) because their spiritual or financial situation in family or a church is peaceful (calm clean water).
      Their blessings are obtained by means of legitimate and pure methods. (clean water) This brings quiet peacefulness, because nothing can disturb his peace. There is an outpouring spiritual or financial blessings. Their past and present actions (bottom location) are based on the peace of God.

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