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      Please help with these dreams that my wife and I had in one night. I dreamt of a baby boy and she of a baby girl. We both dreamt that the babies were very cute. I saw the baby boy regurgitate some of his milk

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      Hi Gideon,

      Firstly, let’s take a look at the meanings of the symbols in the dreams you and your wife had.

      Baby Boy: Symbolizes a ministry of renewal. This implies that something new is added to the existing ministry or it may symbolize a new ministry.

      Baby Girl: Symbolizes growth and expansion in a ministry. This implies that the existing ministry is expanding and it becomes It becomes bigger and it becomes more influential and more effective.

      Two Babies: Symbolize the birth of 2 new ministries. Usually such ministries are closely related or support each other.

      Milk: Speaks of basic spiritual food (principles of God in the area of salvation, repentance, the baptism in water and in the Spirit of God.) It’s all about the elementary doctrines or the elementary information about Christianity and faith. It is about the first Biblical Principles of our salvation and our position in Christ and in the Kingdom of God. This info is specifically meant for newborn Christians. As we all know, babies, infants and toddlers are physically, mentally and socially immature.
      Babies still rely on their mothers and other adults to help them develop and help them deal with life. Spiritually this is also true. Young Christians rely on spiritually mature Christians to feed them with the pure and elementary Word of God. Later in life, they learn to prepare their own food and even later in life, when they reach spiritual maturity, they enjoy thick, juicy and of course, tough steaks, which, in a spiritual sense, are the solid food of the church.

      Husband: A husband speaks of our Lord Jesus Christ who is our heavenly husband. It speaks of headship, protection or the “bonder” of the household. It speaks of spiritual security or sustenance.

      Husbands in dreams can also be literal in which case they represent themselves.

      Wife: A pastor’s wife symbolizes a church or a congregation. In a natural sense, it refers to the wife of the person dreaming.


      In my opinion both these dreams speak of you and your wife that are in an existing ministry. Your ministry is growing and expanding so you will be taking it to the next level by adding two new ministries which will be closely related and support each other and therefore will become more effective and many more people will be influenced by your ministries. Baby Christians will become mature Christians. They will develop spiritually (go from drinking milk to eating steak) People will admire your ministries.

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      Amen, I can relate to that! Thank you for your interpretation.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Princess, a good interpretation. Well done!

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