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      Hi everybody, my wife had a dream recently. She dreamt that there was water under our house. The water was filtering through the floors and then flooding the floors. It was almost like a fountain soaking and flooding the whole foundation of the house.

      A few days later she dreamt about a similar situation again. She dreamt that the two of us were walking in our bedroom ensuite. We were walking ankle-deep in water through the room and the bathroom.

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      Hi Fred, hope you are doing well!

      Primary Elements: Dreamer

      Secondary Elements:
      Water: Financial or spiritual blessings
      Under house: Under authority, inside the heart
      Flooding floors: living on the threshing floor
      Foundation of house: Harvest, opportunity, financial source of provision or spiritual blessings from God

      Primary Elements: Dreamer & Spouse

      Secondary Elements:
      Walking: Transitioning, progressing
      Bedroom ensuite: personal and private situations in life
      Ankle-deep in water: taking first steps in the spirit
      Bathroom: heart, repentance

      First dream: There is financial and spiritual blessings coming through from the threshing floor because your life is under authority; when we live in the spirit we will harvest financial and spiritual blessings from God.

      Second dream: You and your husband are transitioning and making progress in your personal and private situations as well as taking your first steps to the changing of your hearts.

      Depending on the trigger of both the dreams, if you were afraid in the dream or not it could change the interpretation of the dream. If you were at peace then I believe that this is the correct interpretation.

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      Basie Martins

      A very good interpretation Unge. I am not always sure when this type of dream is a blessing (financial and spiritual blessings) or when it is a case of people feeling completely overwhelmed by negative circumstances. I tend to think that in most cases it is a case of people going through a tough time and being completely overwhelmed by bad or difficult circumstances.

      The reason why I say this is that there are so many other symbols that God can use to indicate blessings, like a dam, or a tank filled with water, or green grass or a swimming pool with clear and pure water, or a waterfall or a flowing river, or a green number 5, or a willow tree planted near a dam or a river, or green leaves, and so on. So water dripping from above and flooding a house and coming up from the floors tend to be overwhelming circumstances. However, I am not always sure about this symbol.

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        As I interpreted I also got a bit conflicted as to whether the water in the house was a positive or negative meaning, I suppose it depends on the trigger or how the dreamer felt in the dream?
        Thanks for the comments, noted and see what you mean.

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      Basie Martins

      I usually experience the same problems with this symbol or this type of dream. It is quite a challenge to find the trigger when you have no idea of what is going on in the lives of the people that you help with dream interpretation. I usually give people both options and leave it up to them to identify the trigger or the circumstances that cause their dreams.

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      Hi there,

      Both dreams make a lot of sense to me. My wife and I went through quite a difficult time and we have experienced overwhelming circumstances (financial situation as well as other challenges) that we had to face. So I would agree that the dream was about overwhelming and difficult circumstances in our lives. The fact that one part played off in our bedroom probably symbolizes the influences of these circumstances in our personal and intimate relationship with each other. We felt overwhelmed and disconnected from each other.

      Thanks for the interpretation. It helped a lot. Not only did this dream tell me what we were struggling with but it helped us to put in an effort to seek God’s face and to lay down all these things that bother us so much at his feet.

      Thanks for your help with this.

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        Hi Fred,

        This makes a lot of sense now🙂
        May God be with both as you guys continue to seek Him.

        God bless

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