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      A Colleague of mine had this dream.

      We started out in a complex/mall/apartment. It was all of us. Everyone we know. Except the kids. We were walking around looking at stuff. Then i saw “ten things I hate about you” Heath Ledger and “cruel intentions “ Ryan Phillipe kissing. And I was thinking of picking up Apolonia. Then my husband and and I woke up, and I got a fright because I realised I was late to pick up Apolonia. It was 8:50 pm so I’d slept the whole day. At this point it was just me and my husband. Then I turned into a cat, and there was nothing much left of the building. It was falling down. I went to a door and knocked. A lady I couldn’t see said you’re hungry. But I only have 3 cat pellets, 3 cubes of sugar and 3 (beans/ vegetables- can’t remember). Then I walked around the building and the earth looked dead. There was a dark haired man trying to grow tomatoes. It looked like a very futuristic sign glowing on him. Popping up “grow it. Harvest it. Trade it”. Then I walked some more, into a very lavish house where rich people were having a dinner party. The hostess was very beautiful, long blonde hair. Her daughter was sitting on a phone, bored. The hostess came into the kitchen to the maid or cook (not sure which it was) and said we’ve run out of rice.

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      Primary Elements: Dreamer

      Secondary Elements:
      Building: your life – spiritual situation
      People you know: familiar
      Walking & searching: reasoning and trying to find purpose
      See Heath Ledger & Ryan Phillipe kissing: kissing speaks of agreement, in this instance we use the famous people’s character in those movies. Heath Ledger: rebellious but also falls in love. Ryan Phillipe: seductive and manipulative
      Pick up Apolonia: “pick-up” destruction, ruin
      You and husband woke up: both of you need a wakeup call
      Late to pick up Apolonia: too late to realise that you will pick up destruction
      8:50pm – slept all day: trust your instincts and deliverance before it is too late and difficulty strikes

      Primary Element: Dreamer turned into cat (cat represents independent thinking, arrogance, pride and rebellion)

      Secondary Elements:
      Building falling apart: your life, spiritual situation falls apart
      Knocked on door: you seek opportunity
      Lady said, you’re hungry: from God and His word, your thirst for God
      3 cat pellets: but there’s independence, arrogance left
      3 cubes of sugar: balanced comfort – emotionally and mentally left
      3 beans (veg): sown in life
      Earth dead: no faith

      Primary Element: Dark haired man (soulish thoughts, attitudes and character)

      Secondary Elements:
      Growing tomatoes: resistance to change that you are cultivating
      Sign, glowing: ATTENTION!
      Sign pop up: Discern each message
      Grow it: Increase, expand
      Harvest it: take action
      Trade it: position self

      Primary Element: Rich peoples house (life of riches)

      Secondary Elements:
      Walked in: walk into wealth, favor, grace
      Dinner party: celebrating, honoring person/occasion
      Hostess (beautiful long blonde hair): presenting the continual meditation on God’s word and submitting to the authority of Jesus
      Daughter bored, on phone: daughter represents the expansion of what is being presented; is currently undergoing crisis – turning to prayer
      Hostess came into kitchen: presented with preparation for spiritual food (kitchen) but cannot because……
      Run out of rice: not having the word of God

      Your life and spiritual condition seems familiar to you, you reason and search for purpose. You are being seduce and manipulated by rebellion causing you to “pick-up” destruction in your life, God is warning you now to realise it before it is too late; don’t be “asleep” but hold onto your instincts and deliverance you have otherwise you will turn into rebellion and independent thinking without faith that will make your life and spiritual condition fall apart. You will try and seek the opportunity to sow a life that doesn’t have arrogance and independent thinking, a balanced life emotionally and mentally. The soulish thoughts, attitudes and character is resistant to the change you are cultivating. Pay ATTENTION to these messages:
      • It is time to expand and increase
      • Take action &
      • Position yourself
      If you do you will live in riches and walk in favour of God’s grace, you will celebrate and be happy. God wants you to meditate on His word and submit to the authority of Jesus Christ otherwise crises will come; turn to prayer and commune with God. Without preparation of God’s word there can be no spiritual food.

      Wow what an interesting dream. From what I could gather as I interpreted is that this may be a warning dream. It’s about your lives and spiritual condition, be careful not to be “asleep” but awake and vigilant not relying on independent thinking but on God’s word. Your lack of faith makes you resistant to change but God wants you to pay attention, you must expand and increase, act and position yourself because if you do you will walk into favour and grace. You must continually meditate on God’s word and submit to the authority of Jesus; this expansion and increase has crises that you are currently undergoing but you must continue to turn to prayer. The only way to be prepared is by having the word of God to strengthen and guide you.

      All I can say is change is hard and when God stretches us and increases us it can be hard but my encouragement to you today is to be active in prayer and in God’s word, seek His face and surrender to Him.

      Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV
      5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
      and lean not on your own understanding;
      6 in all your ways submit to him,
      and he will make your paths straight.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Unge,

      This is indeed a very interesting dream and of course, you nailed it with your interpretation. This is a very good example of what happens when people are rebellious, live in sin, getting involved in the wrong sexual relationships, rejecting the true word of God that is able to set us free and cause us to live victorious and blessed lives in Christ. It takes obedience and a love for God and his word to be truly alive and satisfied. We need to live a pleasing life before our God.

      Rejecting the word of God and the will of God leads to destruction. That is for sure. Well done!

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