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      Hi All, another friend of mine’s dream.

      I was in a big house, my own – as I entered the house I saw that it was soiled. The walls were covered with grey carpets, and the house was empty. I saw wet shapes of a crocodile on the carpets and the skid marks as it had been moving all over the house. Then I saw the crocodile, it was agitated and mad with rage. I was contemplating on how I was going to clean the carpet but was stopped by another person who said “do not try anything, he is furious”. I then saw the crocodile grin at me.

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      THE GOLDEN KEY WAS: Currently handling my late mother’s estate.

      As I was interpreting I first thought it had to do with your heart, things you are dealing with – then as I asked questions thought it could be your business but when you told me what you have been going through lately it makes sense that this dream represents your mother’s house.

      YOU & HOUSE: Represents your life currently of the situation regarding your late mother’s estate
      SOILED HOUSE: Represents the problems from tenants who have been damaging the house
      CROCODILE: Represents all the problems coming from the house including being cheated by different Agents; the wet marks of the crocodile represents all that could go wrong has been going wrong
      CLEAN HOUSE: Represents you wanting it to be finished now – wanting it to be SOLD
      YOU SEE THE CROCODILE: Represents the neighbour that is coming with the current problem; however, you just want to clean up (get rid of the problems) and go but the neighbour doesn’t want to leave this problem (CROCODILE GRINNING).
      YOU BEING THE WITNESS: Represents you being tired of this estate and all the problems you just want them to go away but they won’t.

      Only God can intervene in this situation, clearly the enemy has been working hard behind the scenes to create many distractions and ongoing problems tiring you out and perhaps making you question things regarding the favour of God over your life. These are all lies from the devil, maybe it has been going on behind the scenes but now you have had enough – you are ready to go from being in a passive role to an active one.
      Take it up in the spirit and pray! Take your authority in Jesus and speak into this situation so God can move and end this for you.

      You can also meditate on the following scriptures:
      Job 41: 1-10
      Psalm 74:14-15
      Psalm 9:13-19

      I pray that this will end, I pray that as you stand in Authority through Jesus all the devil’s schemes will be destroyed!

      Take care and God Bless you!

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Unge, once again you presented a very good interpretation. The fact that the inside of the house was lined out with carpets speaks of your friend really desiring a time of comfort in this regard. She is tired of struggling and she wants a comfortable time in this regard. However, the person or persons represented by the crocodile is giving her a really hard time in this regard. A crocodile speaks of a person(s) who are really dangerously sly or divisive or shrewd people. These people are evil forces or evil powers and there are a lot of demonic activities at work in their lives. They are really powerful spiritual predators and should be considered dangerous. Remember to point out the meanings of the symbols in the analysis and not just a general reference to the meanings. However, once again a very good interpretation. Well done?

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