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      This is from 2 years ago.

      In my dream I had walked by a mirror and when I looked I saw that I had really white makeup in the T zone. Middle of my forehead, down my nose, down my chin, and under both eyes. It was in the shape of a cross. I thought, wow I didn’t blend my makeup very well today, and I lightly used my first 2 fingers on my right hand to try to blend it but it wasn’t working even though I was trying really hard so then I started scrubbing my face with my whole hand but I couldn’t get the white makeup to blend. It was almost like paint.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Gina,

      Looking into a mirror in dreams and visions speaks of looking into the word of God which exposes or reveals your spiritual condition like a mirror does. It reflects the truth about you.

      A cross in dreams and visions symbolizes death and also the crucifixion of Christ Jesus our Lord. It may speak of us taking up our cross meaning dying to self and being willing to suffer ridicule and persecution. A cross is about sacrifice and about suffering and about diminishing.

      The cross was on (or near) your forehead, from the forehead, near your eyes right to your chin. This includes the nose and the mouth. This speaks of our way of thinking (head or forehead) our way of seeing things (eyes) our way of discerning and judging things (nose) and our way of speaking (mouth which includes the tongue) to be submitted to God’s way of thinking, seeing, discerning, judging and speaking. So our carnal senses need to diminish so that the divine can become prominent. Look up the meanings of head, nose, tongue, mouth, and eyes.

      We need to die in ourselves and we need to sacrifice our ways so that God’s ways can become part of our lives. When we think, see, discern, judge, and speak like God, we will be like him and we will experience victory in all areas of our lives. The white of the cross speaks of victory, righteousness, purity, and holiness.

      Like most humans usually desire, at that time of your life (2 years ago), you wanted to be in control of your own life. This is why you used your right hand to get rid of the cross (See “hands”: actions of arranging and managing and planning your life or a certain specific aspect or area of your life). You used your first two strongest or most prominent fingers of which one symbolizes direction, the first or forefinger, so you wanted to arrange everything yourself, or in regard to the specific aspect of your life. Later you used the whole hand which speaks of you doing everything you can to bypass what I mentioned above. However, you couldn’t. Nobody can bypass God’s ways if they want to be successful in life. We need to submit to God. Our spirit, soul, and body, completely submitted, especially our senses, will allow God to take control. He will guide us to arrange our lives as He wants it, led by the Holy Spirit. For some reason, at that time of your life, God wanted you to accept what He showed you in this dream.

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      Thank you! Reading your words always makes me cry lol the revelation in the interpretation. I appreciate your response.

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