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      GOLDEN KEY: This is a dream I had in 2019, in this time God had been healing me.

      I dreamt that I was standing in a long hallway – I saw satan standing at the end of it, he had his face painted like a scary clown as if to intimidate me. I was NOT scared! I walked up to him confronting him, telling him who I am in Christ and that he must stop lying to me and trying to steal my identity. I rebuked him in Jesus name, every time I rebuked him the paint on his face came off until there was nothing except a human face. He then held onto me, around my waist but we both knew that he was weak. I continued to rebuke him that even the demons scattered in the darkness, as I rebuked him in Jesus name he fell to the ground, he was very weak. I knelt down and said to him, “I can’t rebuke you any further cause if I do you will surely die but it is not your time yet, the book of Revelation still needs to take place”

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      Primary Element: Me (dreamer)

      Secondary Elements:
      Standing: standing my ground in God
      Long hallway: life’s journey, transition
      Satan: enemy
      Walked up to him: walking it out in confidence
      Confronting: facing my fears
      Rebuked: warning

      Primary Element:

      Secondary Elements:
      Face painted as clown: pretending to be scary
      Human face: weak identity
      Held onto me, waist: keep me in bondage mind
      Weak: not affective

      I’m standing my ground in God in a time of transition, the enemy pretends to be scary but I walk in confidence and face my fears rebuking the enemy through the Blood of Jesus Christ in my life. The enemy pretends to be scary so that I live in fear but Jesus makes him weak; the enemy tries to keep my thoughts in bondage but we both know through Jesus he is not affective.

      I stood my ground in Christ, overcame the enemy and his bondage of lies in my mind.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Unge,

      This is an amazing dream and your interpretation was spot-on. Well done! Your understanding of primary symbols and secondary symbols is really outstanding. The only area that you can slightly improve on is by elaborating just a bit more in the “counselling” section of your analysis. By giving the people just a bit more information about the meaning of the dream, your interpretations will be difficult to beat.

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        Hi, thank you for the advice I will definitely take it into consideration. I suppose I felt a bit “afraid/shy” to be more honest as it was truly a hard time in my life but I’ll next time try to not be afraid but rather share more of what I had gone through.

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