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      Before having this dream I was thinking about some family history. My grandfather died when I was very young so I don’t remember him. The lady in the dream said the city of Marion was in western North Carolina. I knew my grandfather had come from Marion but I did not know that this was in the western part of North Carolina until I researched it the day after the dream. In my dream I was at a waterfront site. My father and a few others sat in front of me. We were in a circle that was huge and filled with water. There was a woman sitting beside me and I knew that it was a gathering of family members I had never met. There was a lady sitting above me at the top right of the circle and she spoke of having the same last name as my father and stated she was from western North Carolina, the city of Marion. The lady beside me began speaking and I said that my grandfather came from Marion. There was a moderator above us at the top left who was asking questions. They gave me a very long pole and told me to place the hook on the end of the pole up above the huge water filled circle we were in. There was a picture of something at the spot I aimed for with the hook but I couldn’t make it out. I did as instructed with the hook. A very bright light was shining out from the spot. There were crocheted or embroidered writings in four panels spaced evenly around the circle. I asked one of the ladies if she had sewn them and she said no. I thought of saying that I liked South Carolina better than North Carolina except for the spiritual root of rebellion and independence that is in the south. I thought of telling them who my father was and that I was his middle daughter. Then one of the people spoke and said their mother also came from Marion.

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