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      Hi everybody, I had a dream about myself in a big green swimming pool. I noticed how big volumes of a blueish liquid are pumped into the swimming pool. This turned the water into a beautiful blue and clean color.

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      Good Morning Daniel,
      Hope you doing well!

      Primary Element: Dreamer (you)

      Secondary Elements:
      In a big green swimming pool: Your family/church influenced by intellect/soul
      Pumped in Blueish liquid: God provides revelation and knowledge
      Blue swimming pool: Spiritual blessings

      You/family or your church are being influenced by one’s intellect/soul but the Lord provides knowledge and revelation through His Word that will influence the spirit man leading you/family or church to receive inspirational spiritual blessings of the Holy Spirit.

      We must be careful to be influenced by our intellect – we should always go back to God’s Word which will give us all the answers and advice we need.

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      Hi Unge, I think you are right. I had this dream a while ago. I actually changed my thinking about spiritual and financial blessings. I became more willing to trust God and to sow financially. The Bible says when we sow we have the opportunity and the right to reap what we have sowed. Since then I noticed a change in my circumstances. I experienced spiritual and financial breakthroughs. So I assume it was God who pumped his revelations regarding this subject into my circumstances or into my life?

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        Hey Daniel, you are absolutely right yes! So good and it’s nice to see how far one has come since you had the dream. God bless you.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Unge, good interpretation. Well done!

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