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      I dreamed I was in a room with some people and it was a wedding. A cousin of mine (who recently was married irl) was the bride but I didn’t see the husband. It was very small. Just with a small section of males and me with the small section of females. Then it was over and we were filtered out by gender. I had to follow the girls out in a specific way. I had to wind around tables (that I didn’t notice and was directed to by my brother) and a single man sat at a table. There were items propped up and to the side somewhere there was a popcorn popper. One of those fancy ones on wheels. Off to the side there were store aisles which was odd. I approached one which has a small section of books. Then I noticed I had a pregnant belly. The labels for the books on the shelf didn’t match the titles of the books on the shelf. An evil entity (possibly a female one, not sure) saw me and started calling me names like disgusting

      I am extremely new to this so I dont really know the symbolism but I think the last part (with the pregnant belly, books, and the evil entity) makes me assume/believe I will gain some knowledge or I will “birth” an idea and I will get pushback (from people or the Enemy) regarding it.

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