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      Chris B

      I also had this dream recently. In the dream, I jumped on a mattress. After that, I began to float in the air. I could float to the different branches of a big tree (up and down because of the different branches on different levels). I had a lot of control over this. I could float up and down at will. Whilst I was doing this, people observed it and they were amazed at what I was doing.

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      Hello Chris B. Here’s the interpretation:

      There is an attempt for you to overcome (jump) the attitudes, weaknesses, thoughts and influences in your life (creatures of the land). You deserve a time of rest (mattress) from it all. The big tree represents a very important person or position. It seems a position or maybe your life, that now you are in control. Set free. The air (creatures of the air) represents the influence that affects our thoughts and shapes our mind and soul. there is an extreme amount of victory and rejoicing (branches) At all levels. You have risen in the spirit. So much so, that people are amazed.

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