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      Chris B

      Hi everybody, I had this dream recently. In the dream, I was aware that a new house is being built for me and my wife. It was being built with material that we liked and the building plans were according to our preferences. In the dream, we were both very happy and impressed with everything. The house was neat, quality, and durable, especially the lounge floor tiles and the furniture were exclusive.

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      Hi Chris, this is really inspirational and a comforting dream.

      Primary Elements:
      Dreamer (you)

      Secondary Elements:
      New house being built: Heart being cleansed, receiving spiritual growth
      Material & blueprints: resources & revelatory/healing thoughts, divine guidance
      Happy & impressed: pleased with, content

      Primary Element
      House (life)

      Secondary Elements:
      Neat, quality & durable: heart is in order, strong, refined
      Lounge floor tiles: Flourishing in your heart as the foundation of your life
      Lounge furniture: God’s gifts, riches and promises are revealed

      Both you and your wife have started to see changes in your life, that your hearts are being cleansed and how your life has spiritually grown; this growth comes from healing and revelatory thoughts as well as divine guidance. You are both pleased with the growth you have achieved, your hearts/thoughts are in order and strong – your heart’s flourishing is the foundation of a pleased life and God’s gifts, riches and promises are being revealed through it.

      Keep on keeping on – well-done! May your hearts continue to flourish and may you live a life that is pleasing to you and Your father in Heaven.

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      Chris B

      Hi Unge, you were absolutely right with this. My wife and I really endeavored recently (since about a year ago) to seek God’s face, His Word, and His counsel. We decided to make sure that we live according to His will and that we please him with everything we do. It was not easy but we committed ourselves and we pushed through. This actually changed our lives for the better. It was both difficult but exciting and we were very happy to experience how God was working with us and changing us. Thank you for your interpretation. To God be all the glory!

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        Wow!! Amen Chris, honestly proud of you both. I know it is tough but as you can see the rewards are great! God bless you and your wife.

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