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      Hi there,

      I was praying for a person who has been struggling with all sorts of issues (doing dishonest and wrong things). Whilst I was praying, I suddenly saw a vision: I saw a pencil-sketch-like rectangle (longer lines horizontal), and from left to right a chain hanging on sides (from one side of the rectangle to the other side)(attached to two shorter side vertical lines). The whole sketch was gray (the rectangle and the chain). The chain was not broken and hanging slightly loose.

      The whole scene (image) was a red-pinkish pale color.

      Can someone please help with this dream?

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      This person is bound (chain) to memories of negative things and quickly forgets the good things (pencil). They are divided between hopefulness and depression (gray). They are bound to what has happened in the past and do not see any different future. So, they continue on doing the wrong things.

      But the love of God always present and available (Pinkish Red). He or she needs to receive the expression of God’s love which is Lord Jesus Christ who was slain for us. When you know Jesus, you have hope. There are no more Gray areas and chains no more. Because the whole scene, which represents the covering of God’s love, is bigger and greater than the smaller issues of life (within the scene).

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