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      Hi everybody,

      My brother told me that he had a vision of a huge red television screen in front of him. On the screen were words in white. He then used his hand and wiped a few words off the screen (he wiped it off from the right to the left with one motion). It was as if his hand and arm had a “delete” function.

      He then saw his wife laughing. She looked happy and relieved. (By the way, they are going through some tough times at the moment).

      Can somebody please help with this interpretation?

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      At the time of this dream there is much conflict, hate, anger, disunity and even vengeance in the situation (red).
      Your brother is relying on his own abilities, power, strength (hand & arm) and actions in order to sustain himself or achieve deliverance from this situation. He chooses to disregard part of God’s word (white writing) that gives direction, and can deliver him. He is relying on his own strength which lacks faith in God’s help. There is a warning to make him aware of an upcoming attack. His wife treating him with contempt or ridicule (laughing) without remorse (happy about it).

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