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      My daughter got this dream earlier in the week and called me to tell me about it.

      “I work at a hospital and meet an orderly who works between all the hospitals, he brings messages and supplies.
      I am very curious about his work so I ask if I can ride together to see how it works.
      He gives me permission and we’re taking a bag full of supplies from another hospital to the one where I work.
      The sun is shining but I see many dark clouds far away approaching. I ask him if he thinks it’s going to rain but he says nothing.
      I’m back at the hospital on the third floor (I think) and I’m standing in front of a large window.
      I’m looking at the dark clouds and there comes one then two, then four and then a bunch (I think 12) tornadoes coming out of the clouds and hitting right across South Perth.
      I see a blue car driving through the tornadoes thrown into the air.
      I realize my mom is in that area and maybe busy driving.
      I am crying as I grab my mobile phone and call her.
      She answers and I can hear she’s in the car and can hear rain on the roof.
      She asks if she can call me back later because she’s trying to get home in bad weather.
      I tell her about the tornadoes and says that she is not safe in the car and should rather stop somewhere and go inside but if that is not possible then she has to stop at a tree and hold on to it.
      She says ok and put down the phone.
      There’s a young man in one of the rooms administering his own medication and
      has injections in his closet.
      The orderly gets a call and just says yes and hangs up the phone.
      He asks me to help him get an injection out of the closet and I help him get the injection and needle and it to put together.
      The injection is orange and the needle is blue.
      He does not want to tell me what it is for.”

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      I have tried to interpret the dream and got as many of the symbolism together as I could have but think I am possibly standing too close to the whole picture to understand exactly what the Lord is trying to tell me. Anyone able to give me some direction, please?

      A Hospital: speak of the healing ministry or healing incident.
      The orderly that she is describing is an angel- bringing messages and supplies
      “My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus”
      She asks and is granted permission to get information about what is going on in the supernatural realm.
      Taking supplies talks about equipping you to manage situations you have to deal with.
      The sun symbolizes God the Father- So God is in control and aware of is about to happen
      Dark clouds symbolize an atmosphere of depression or doubt or unbelief.
      Note that when you ask the angel whether it going to rain, he does not answer you- that in itself is an answer. Rain symbolizes spiritual or physical blessings from God. God allows it to rain on all people, good or bad. In this sense, rain speaks of financial or spiritual blessings from God although we did not work for it
      Back at the hospital on the third floor, the higher level represents a higher level of understanding. The higher the level, the higher the level of prophetic revelation or insight the Lord is giving Three is symbolic of resurrection, being called and perfection- directly related to the Trinity. The ability to see, hear and discern at different levels in the spiritual as well as the natural.
      The large window speaks about the Holy Sprit, giving insight into things in another place or time, into the spiritual things of God.

      Dark clouds symbolize an atmosphere of depression or doubt or unbelief.
      One: The number one symbolizes “beginning” or “the source” or “the first” which is God. God is number one- this is from God- he is the source)
      The number two symbolizes disagreement or disunity or division or separation) The number four symbolizes nature and knowledge. The number four can be seen in many aspects of nature; the four winds, the four seasons, the four corners of the earth.- you are given knowledge). 12-the number twelve symbolizes divine governance and apostolic fullness)
      A cyclone speaks of a sudden severe spiritual storm. It speaks of a drastic change in the atmosphere which causes disturbance and conflict. This causes trials and times of difficulty in the lives of people. A cyclone suggests that a person or people suddenly have to deal with people or circumstances caused by people and it can cause a lot of damage if not dealt with correctly
      THe Cyclone came out of the clouds and struck South Peth, which is the exact area that I live.
      The color blue in dreams and visions (the color of a sapphire stone) is a symbol of Heaven and the authority of God. It symbolizes divine authority and the revelation of the Holy Spirit or revelation knowledge.
      Car: It symbolizes a person’s personal ministry or motivation (life) or natural job or business situation
      Crying shows that you are going through a period of trauma and suffering
      Taking your mobile phone to call: Message from God-the Lord is a message for you, tells you to listen carefully what He is saying to you. Cellphone represents a call to pray as you are neglecting your communication, direct communication from God: It represents direct communication from God
      I answer the phone and she realizes that I am in my own car, driving in the rain that is pounding on my roof- A roof is a symbol of spiritual covering. The Lord Jesus Christ is our spiritual protection and our spiritual covering.
      Mother in the car is Oblivious to see the whole picture- you’re the only one in the situation that can see what is going on)
      A tree in dreams and visions symbolizes a human being but I believe in this dream The Lord Jesus is the tree that she is telling me to hold on to.
      The orderly getting a call -call to intercession, just agrees
      Injection: Medicine in dreams and visions symbolizes the word of God that has the ability to cause or to ensure healing in a physical sense or a spiritual sense. A closet symbolizes a place of secrecy or privacy or loneliness in a person’s life. In a person’s own bedroom in his personal closet is the place where he keeps his personal belongings, away from public eyes. It is also in personal closets where people hide their secrets- coming out of the closet
      The color blue in dreams and visions (the color of a sapphire stone) is a symbol of Heaven and the authority of God. It symbolizes divine authority and the revelation of the Holy Spirit or revelation knowledge.
      The colour orange in dreams and visions symbolizes emotions like sorrow, resentment, irritation, and people being indignant. The colour of fire (almost orange – sometimes observed as orange but in fact fire) symbolizes the purification and the zeal of the Holy Spirit. It also symbolizes the power of God. When people are baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire like the apostles were on the day of Pentecost, they become powerful witnesses for God) .

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