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      God drives a massive truck full of cauliflower up to my house and dumps it all into my driveway.

      I also dreamt that I am in isolation with three other people in a house. I think it was because of Covid. We are not allowed outside but the windows of the house are opened and every morning a basket full of fruit floats into the house from the west side to the east side. Into the one window and out the other one. We help ourselves to the food and it is enough

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      These two dreams have come after I have experienced some radical changes in the way that I will be able to do my normal work due to Covid and I have been asking God about direction on where to go and what to do.

      The first dream:
      God drives a truck: Large organization/business. My life, career, ministry, involvement in projects
      Cauliflower: Vegetable- results of the fruit of my labor. Provision.
      Dumping: Large volumes, overload
      Front yard: In the future

      God says that He commits to provide abundantly in the ministry that I will be involved with from now on. I don’t have to do anything to make this provision happen. God is completely in charge of the supernatural provision and it is tied to the work that I have been doing for a long time now- “picking the fruit” of my labor.

      The second dream:
      I am with three other people in the house (4 people in total)-Symbolic of direction
      The open windows: The Lord is giving a prophetic insight into my life
      Basket: Provision
      Fruit in the basket: Provision
      From East to West:
      East: A new beginning.
      West: The end of a phase in my life
      Breakfast: Promise of provision. Involvement in something that brings deep satisfaction “It is enough” in the dream
      Every morning: Something new
      Floating basket: Supernatural act of God

      Repetitive imaging that point to prophetic insight and supernatural direction
      and a promise of something new and the end of a previous phase in my life.
      A new beginning, something new, something that brings deep satisfaction- all new things.
      Provision of supernatural provision again being repeated a few times.
      God is doing something new and deeply satisfying in my life and he will provide everything that is needed. Once again, there is nothing that I have to do to contribute to the outcome.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Andriette, you did well with this interpretation. It is obvious in the dreams that God will provide for you supernaturally in spite of difficult circumstances. I agree with you that you do not have to do anything to receive the provision. God is providing for you through love and grace. What a good God we serve!

      The massive truck speaks of a huge amount of provision. More than you need.

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