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      Trigger: I’ve been praying for a young man who speaks often about and to the Gay community. He was raised in a Christian home. I asked God what the root is for him. He’s not obnoxious or rebellious in his attitude. He never wanted to leave his faith but was treated horribly by the church. He still loves God and never wants to be apart.
      I saw a white cake in a jelly roll pan with white icecream being spread and then rolled up ready to slice and eat. Next a typewriter with blank white paper loaded in the typewriter.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Smidge,

      A white cake in a jelly roll pan speaks of words that have very little value. It speaks of sugar-coated words that have no spiritual value. It makes me think of people who find themselves ministers who do not preach the true word of God anymore (meat and bread). They want to hear lies (sugar-coated cake with ice cream) because they do not want to hear the true word of God. People like this won’t see God and they won’t see heaven.

      What I have described here is very true for the gay communities of the world. They want to serve God the way they want to. They do not want to repent. The sad thing is that such people will not see God or heaven. They are lost because of their sins. They chose to live in sin.

      I do not know whether this man that you are praying for is gay or not. If he is I can understand that he felt offended with the way that the church treated him but he should realize that the church has no other choice than to be offended by his lifestyle.

      The typewriter with the blank piece of paper speaks of a new start. When we repent we turn around one hundred and eighty degrees. It speaks of a new start without sin in our lives. We start a sinless life in Christ because we have buried the old man, washed in the blood of Christ and we pursue holiness. We start on a blank piece of paper. We cannot keep sinning and live in sin and pretend that we are sinless before God. That is not a real or true conversion. When we do that we live a lie and we deceive ourselves. When the old sinful man is still alive, we are still spiritually dead.

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      Hi Smidge,

      Primary Element: White cake (ministering encouraging & enjoyable words, word of God encouraging others)
      Secondary Elements:
      In a jelly roll pan: spiritual food with no substance but moves the heart through the warm and inviting pagan religions

      Primary Element: White ice-cream (pleasant teachings to the ears but doesn’t have value)
      Secondary Elements:
      Spread and rolled: changing, move, moved
      Ready to slice and eat: read, study, agreement, receiving

      Primary Element: Typewriter (call to write, outdated communication)
      Secondary Elements:
      blank white paper: plans, record, put thoughts on paper, strategic outlines and planning

      He is being ministered & encouraged, enjoying words that is spiritual food but has no substance; his heart is moved through warm and inviting pagan religions with pleasant teachings to the ears but has no value; he is moved and receives this by others but you must plan by putting your thoughts on paper that has strategic outlines and planning.

      I know many people who have been hurt by the church and it is truly hard to help them but in this dream we see how he is moved by words and teachings from pagan religions that have no true value or substance; I feel that God wants you to pray and be led by the Spirit and Word of God to receive strategic outlines and planning by putting it on paper so you may help him see the truth.

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