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      There was a night where I was praying to God about my future husband. At one point I felt bold enough to ask the Lord hey if you want to reveal to me what age i will meet him That would be amazing. Only if you want to reveal it Lord. That same night I had a dream where there was an open bible and it landed on chapter 28 and I remember in the dream clearly I said “maybe that’s when I’ll meet the right person.. when I’m 28” do you think this is the Lord revealing to me what’s going to happen to me in the future? I’d love your wisdom… I can’t stop thinking about the dream.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Jennifer,

      With these kinds of dreams, it is quite difficult to say. We have found that with life partners (marriage, finding a husband or a wife) and with new jobs and careers (finding a job and embarking on a career), people tend to be very emotional about it. They are very often quite excited about the prospect of landing that new job or a long-desired position or getting married to the dream-husband or dream-wife, and the excitement and longing and desires of people trigger many emotional restoration dreams.

      Because of this, we seldom know when it is an emotional restoration dream or a message from God. When people are totally relaxed about these things (not at all emotional about it and almost never think about these things), then it is a lot easier to identify the trigger and the meaning of the dream.

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      I see. Thank you for your feedback.

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