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      Two things impressing upon me in the last dream:

      1. The flower that stands out is a daisy. White with yellow center green leaves and stem.

      2. The vase was clear with etched in design.

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      Basie Martins

      A daisy is a simple flower, not with many layers like a rose. The white with the yellow center speaks of praising God in the midst of jealousy and hate (The color yellow in dreams and visions symbolizes hatred or jealousy). So although the white speaks of victory, purity, and holiness, and righteousness, in this case, jealousy and hate were very prominent (the center) of the circumstances that the person experienced.

      The vase speaks of the “quality” and “preparedness” to praise and worship God amidst the difficult circumstances. The fact that it was clear speaks of transparency and honesty (not hiding something like impure motives).

      The many different colors of the flowers speak of many different circumstances, some good and some bad, still this person need to praise God and give him honor. That will change his circumstances.

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