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      Someone had told me about shadow man. Shadow man will want his book. then I saw my daughter had the book. I’m in a dark bedroom and my husband in the room on my right. A black shadow of a man with a hat (facing left) came into the room moving right to left and says “where’s my book?” I was scared I said I don’t have it, my daughter has it.
      He said I want to show you something, and he moved from in front to closer to me at my right side, next to my bed. Grabbed my throat and holding me and I screamed for my husband. I woke up in the scream.

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      A messenger of Satan, evil forces only want you to have or write their book of lies and false doctrines. That’s what he wants. You don’t have that. The book you use is the word of God which your growing ministry is founded on. Beware of future attack on your unwillingness to cooperate from a person who does not want the truth to be taught. Their book is lies, deception, and false doctrines. Your book is the Bible-which is truth. There is certain victory, or holiness, or righteousness, or faith resulting in your expanding ministry.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Sparkle,

      Your interpretation is spot-on Sparkle. The dream certainly represents either evil people or evil spirits, probably spirits, who do not want you to prepare teachings for God. They want lies, not the truth. Although evil spirits won’t be able to do to you what this shadow man did to you, the dream certainly reveals how furious they are with you and what they surely would have wanted to do to you if they could.

      Of course, the Husband that you are screaming for to help you is your heavenly husband, Jesus Christ. He will be with you always to protect you as He uses you to write and prepare teachings for the body of Christ that He approves of.

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