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      Window (cloudy)
      glass shower enclosure

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Smidge,

      Windows usually speak of “spiritual insight”. Just as a window allows people to see through a wall, so to speak, and gaining insight and obtaining information, etc. A window in dreams and visions speaks of the supernatural ability to gain insight into something that is naturally or usually impossible to do. Also, see the meaning of “eyes” because it is related to this symbol.

      A glass shower encloser is almost the same but it is now focused on people who are naked (exposed) and the information obtained is a lot more private and intimate.

      A cloudy window or glass shower enclosure speaks of something that limits or prevents the insight (ability to see or to gain information) or protects the person being observed’s privacy.

      It also depends on what causes the cloudiness. If it is steam then we need to look at the meaning of water or steam. Can you please tell me what caused the cloudiness or what type of substance it was?

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