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      Lady E

      A dream I had about 3 years ago has come to rememberace because other dreams I had around the same time are playing out.


      I dreamt I was in a friend’s house. Her name is Silah. The house she lives in in reality is not the same as in the dream. It seemed I opened the main door of her house and was facing a glass room. The focus seemed to be be this glass room through which I saw a tall mahogany lectern and I was told it was for holding sheets. In the room, there was an Asian/Indian looking woman seated on the floor nursing a baby. I was so impressed with this room that I planned to build it in my house.

      Dream ended

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      Hi Lady E,

      This dream is probably about something very special (it impressed you a lot) in the heart or the life of Silah. By opening the door and walking to this room you had insight into this aspect in the heart of your friend. What you saw in her heart impressed you a lot. In the dream, it was a glass room that speaks of transparency. She did not hide anything in this room in her heart. There was the lectern that speaks of the ability to professionally speak and to address people. Mahogany trees are very strong and the wood is very dense and a good strong durable wood that is used to make furniture and cabinets. This speaks of an ability to stand strong and to endure. This about the woman impressed you a lot.

      The fact that you wanted to build such a room in your house speaks of you wanting to have in your heart what this woman had. The woman caring for the baby speaks of an ability to train and equip people to grow or at least displaying the caring nature of this woman’s heart.

      This is the trigger or underlying theme that I identified. If I identified it incorrectly then obviously this interpretation will be wrong or incorrect. Please let me know.

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