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      My mother’s dream, for years she dreams looking for something but never finding it and some times people denying her stuff.

      First time she dreamed that she was able to find the house, she had been searching for.she says she had keys to two houses. She felt it was not her house but inside the house, she found stuff that she recognized. She found old children blanket, gold earring. She went outside and was met by a man who is vice-president. Who went into house with her. He tried to tidy up. Hiding that someone else was using my mother’s property. In the dream she said to the vice-president that she was not angry, she said she was there for peace, she moves around and meets her oldest cousin/sister who is trying to clean the blanket and my mother tells person cleaning blanket not to. Then in dream someone makes a phone call, asking someone to come fetch my mother and return her to her house.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Moratuoa,

      Welcome to the Forum. Seeing that this is your first request for interpretation, please take note of the two important aspects at the bottom of this message (just click on the links and read these 2 articles). I just want to make sure that the dream above is correctly submitted according to those 2 articles.

      If you realize that you have more information, according to those 2 articles, just submit the dream again below. If not, just confirm so that I can interpret the dream.

      Blessings in Christ



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      Good Morning Basie,

      Thank you for the message and apologies for my late response. I read the articles you had suggested. Unfortunately I don’t not have much details in regards to the dream as it was not mine. What I remember is that after the dream my mother stated that she was at peace. I would be greatful for your interpretation in regards to the dream.

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