Pastors Who “Step Down” From Their Positions

Someone recently asked me to weigh-in on pastors who leave their clergy positions. The last statistic I’ve seen on this score is that in the USA, 2,000 pastors leave the clergy system every month.

The question was in two parts: (1) “Frank, do pastors who step down from their positions ever contact you? (2) If so, what is your advice for them?

To the first part, yes. Since George Barna and I wrote Pagan Christianity — and I followed it up with the constructive sequels, Reimagining Church, From Eternity to Here, Finding Organic Church, and Jesus Manifesto (the volumes in my ReChurch Series) — countless pastors who have stepped down from their ministries have written me, asking for insight and advice. Especially those who are interested in the restoration of body life on this earth.

These pastors wanted to learn. They were humble in heart, eager to find answers. They were modest (and wise) enough to resist making the mistake of trying to re-invent the wheel by themselves.

One of them has ministered regularly on television. If I named him, most of you would know who he is. I tip my hat to that man for his humility and his accessibility. He’s not a celebrity, although he could be if he chose to. We’ve spoken by email and phone. And given his stature, I’m impressed that he’s so accessible. Accessibility is a mark of Jesus Christ.

Sadly, however, some “megachurch” pastors who have stepped down from their clergy positions…

Frank Viola

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