Understanding The Prophetic Times We Live In


During the morning hours of Tuesday, June 2, 2015, the Lord Jesus Christ instructed me to write this report. He called it a “report,” because He wanted me to write it as a “report of imminent events,” addressed to those who wish to understand the prophetic times we live in. The aim of this report is to bring clarity and to counter confusion in the lives of many Christians regarding the end times, especially regarding the prophetic time that we live in at this moment. The Lord’s aim with this report is clear: Clarity will equip and enable God’s children to follow His vision for and in this time period we are living in right now. It will enable His children to report for duty. It will enable His sons to become mighty instruments in His hand. It will counteract the confusion caused by so many people in terms of what people are expecting now and in the times that follow.

End times ministry does not only mean that God is at work. It also means that we have some part to play in order to enable God to carry out His plans. This report will enable God’s children to “stand up and be counted.”

Although I briefly discuss all the main end times prophecies and events pertaining to the “last days” as defined by Scripture, the emphasis in this book is the prophetic events that we are experiencing right now. I however do refer to other authors and other books and study material which do shed more light on the prophecies and end times events not discussed in detail in this volume.

I believe that this book will bring some much needed illumination in this regard. I also hope that this book will debunk a lot of the false end times doctrines that are so often being preached in mainline churches today.

Revival, Revelation and Judgment

At this moment of time in the body of Christ, a lot of misunderstandings and confusion regarding end times doctrines cause a lot of of people to be absolutely in the dark when it comes to this subject. Many contradictory doctrines and beliefs do exist and many people preach what they have been hearing and what they have been taught by mainline preachers in this regard. As a result, many people just do not know what to believe, what to expect and what to prepare for at the moment. This lack of understanding actually causes Christians to be demotivated. It causes people to be in a state of stagnation. Some Christians are actually totally paralyzed in a state of just waiting for the expected Biblical prophecies to play out. There is little spiritual development and growth in the body of Christ because of this.

People want this world to change and they want God to step in. They are tired of the direction the world is moving, they are tired of the atrocities of terrorist organizations and they are tired of the struggles that they need to endure on a daily basis. People are desperately in need of deliverance. So many of them look at the second coming of Christ as the one event that will bring an end to this utter chaos that we see all around us.

Although many preachers and writers of books about the end times offer some direction and some promises of deliverance, people just do not know what to believe anymore. Prominent church leaders have written many books on the subject during the past decades. A lot of them used so called signs of nature and political events to prove that Christ’s second coming is near. However, so many predictions and so many prophecies just did not come true the past few decades. The reality is that end times prophecies and events are not that easy to interpret and not that easy to understand. This is what Scott McConnell, vice president of Life-Way Research, told to CBN News about this:

End times theology is wavering in the Christian church and a large number of Protestant pastors believe there is no rapture.

Whether pre-tribulation or post rapture, a new study by LifeWay research reveals that pinning down details of the apocalypse among a group of pastors is hard to do.

Although the scriptures make it clear that Jesus is coming back researchers found varying views on three aspects of end times theology: the rapture, the Antichrist, and the Millennial kingdom.

Out of the 1,000 senior Protestant pastors surveyed, only a third (36 percent) believed in a pre-tribulation rapture where Christians disappear at the start of the apocalypse and those left behind suffer tribulation.

Thirty-six percent of pastors say the rapture is not literal, while almost 1 in 5 believe the rapture happens after the tribulation (18 percent).

End times theology is popular with churchgoers but it is not an easy topic to preach about, Scott McConnell, vice president of LifeWay Research, explained.

Most people want their pastor to preach about the Book of Revelation and the end of the world,” he said. “But that’s a complicated task. Pastors and the scholars they cite often disagree about how the end times will unfold.”

The diversity among eschatological views includes varying opinions on the Anti-Christ and beliefs in a Millennial kingdom.

About half of pastors (49 percent) see the Anti-Christ as a figure who will arise in the future, 14 percent believe he is the personification of evil, while 12 percent say he is not an actual person.

Close to half of the pastors surveyed believe in pre-Millennialism (48 percent), which is the view that the thousand year reign of Christ happens in the future.

A third (31 percent) of leaders don’t believe in a thousand year reign but they do believe that Jesus already rules in the hearts and minds of Christians. Close to 1 in 10 (11 percent) believe in post-Millennialism, the idea that the world will gradually become more Christian until Jesus returns.

McConnell said it isn’t a bad thing that pastors disagree on the details of the apocalypse because most agree on the main teachings about the Second Coming of Jesus. He said the rest doesn’t affect the day-to-day life of most Christians.

The big picture of Revelation is clear: Jesus returns, people must be ready, evil is defeated,” he said. “With the rest of the details, there is room for disagreement.”

– CBN News

McConnell mentioned that it does not really matter that pastors differ so much on these doctrines. As long as the basic or main teachings are correct. I beg to differ. It actually does affect the day-to-day life of most Christians in a big way. It does affect the body of Christ. It does affect the local congregation.

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We really need to answer this all important question in order to bring stability, clarity and focus back into the church. What is the question? The question is, “Where does the church stand right now?”

What is God’s plan for the church right now? If people do not know or understand the answer to this question, they cannot be prepared or equipped for the task ahead. If people do not really know what to expect they do not really know what God expects from them. Do not make the mistake to think that God functions on His own without expecting His church to act in certain ways in certain times of history. He does. We always need to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and the will of God relating to the time that we find ourselves in. It is for this reason that I want to elaborate a bit on the times that we are facing right now. I want to give a bit of a background on what we can expect to happen right now and where we stand at the moment. The purpose of this book is to equip the Church for the time that we live in today.

The beginning of the greatest revival the church has ever experienced is at hand! The church and the world are about to witness the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit and of power yet in the history of the church. The problem is that the church is making ready to be snapped out of this world in stead of making ready for a wonderful move of revival.

If we are willing to allow God to move in our lives, the fire of the Holy Spirit will purify and empower us to an extend that was previously unheard of. This revival will be characterized by the greatest miracles and wonders ever. People will be saved, healed and delivered like never before.

A very prominent characteristic of this revival is that it will be widespread all across the world. Many people called by God, right across the globe will be functioning in the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

This is what the Lord Jesus showed Lana Vawser about this revival:

While I was in the USA the Lord spoke to me about the visitation of a REVIVAL ANGEL that is being released across the earth that is marking the season we are in. We are in a season of revival and it is beginning to build and sweep across the earth. The Lord was certainly highlighting the magnitude of the revival that will be seen on a global scale, yet I felt a real emphasis from the Lord on the body of Christ and individuals. As I sat with the Lord pondering what He spoke about this angel of revival, I was surrounded by the need for reviving, refreshment and rejuvenation within the body of Christ. As I sat with the Lord He spoke to me about encounters with the angel/s of revival that is going to increase more and more in this season, where the Lord is going to send these angelic hosts to minister to the people of God.

“Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14) We do not worship angels, we worship Jesus, but we must recognize that angels are ministering spirits that are sent to us. As I saw this angel of revival that had been sent to the earth, there were many, many other angels who were accompanying him and they all had clocks in their hands. When I looked at the clocks all of them were at the same time “midnight”. As they came into the lives of believers they all sang in one accord “It’s time! It’s time! It’s time! It’s time for the GREAT REVIVE! It’s time! It’s time! It’s time for the GREAT REVIVE!”

These ministering angels were moving through the body of Christ, and I could hear Jesus giving them command. I could hear the Lord giving them commands that were Scriptures on refreshment, on breakthrough, on restoration and the angels were moving according to the command of the Word of God. This revival angel and other angelic hosts were looking for the declaration from the people of God that was in line with the Word, His Word. As God’s people declared the Word of God over their lives and circumstances, there was a great increase of the angelic activity in their lives. I saw the Word of God creating pathways in the lives of believers that the angelic hosts were traveling upon and some of these pathways were SO deep, like they had been dug and dug and dug and dug over and over and over again without seeing any ‘manifestation in the natural’ yet, but it was making room for a great move.

The angelic hosts moved through these pathways and some looked like trenches and as they walked through they began to release and minister as Jesus spoke and these pathways and trenches were being filled with WATER. Rivers of refreshment, rivers of cleansing, rivers of rejuvenation were being released to God’s people. Many of God’s people were going from feeling so dry to instantly refreshed. Feeling so weary, to a shift bringing a great awakening. Where there had been no water, there was weariness and dryness, where it had felt like there was a long drought there was now FLOODS of living water. As the water flowed, I saw the angelic hosts that were holding the clocks place these clocks into the rivers of living water and suddenly there was a supernatural acceleration of time taking place in the lives of believers.

From long delays, long waits, to SUDDENLIES! As the rivers of refreshing, restoration and rejuvenation was taking place I saw the huge revival angel step into the water and He was holding what looked like a fireball in His hand and He released it into the water. Suddenly, water and fire flowed in the same place. Rivers of fire and rivers of water. In the natural, IMPOSSIBLE I thought.. and instantly I felt the Lord say “In this season of great revival and awakening, you will see more and more IMPOSSIBILITIES BOW!!!! The DEFYING of the natural.. the INCREASE of the SUPER natural. INCREASE, UPON INCREASE of SIGNS AND WONDERS testifying to My goodness, My love, My power and My authority. “

The reviving, refreshing and rejuvenation that is happening in the body of Christ is awakening the Bride and seeing His goodness and love explode in such pure, organic, extended ways into cities, streets and nations with great momentum. Salvations, signs and wonders all around. As the fire and water flooded through into the hearts and lives of believers I saw an insatiable hunger spreading across the body of Christ. A hunger for Him knowing He satisfies but the more we taste of Him, the hungrier we get. The hunger is never satisfied because there is SO MUCH MORE of Him, His nature and love to be discovered.

A whole new world of DISCOVERING HIM is opening up! I sat with the Lord soaking in His words, delighting in His heart, and then He spoke again: “Do you know what both water and fire do, Lana? They both bring a CLEANSING. I am PURIFYING and CLEANSING My Bride IN this revival. My people are being washed with the Word and marked by fire. The fire of My love, My purifying fire! My people are about to burn with My fire and passion for My name like never before.” This is the time of revival! It is time! The Lord is bringing revival into your life personally, into your heart, into your soul, ANY area that needs revival, the Lord is bringing revival in this season. He has assigned the angel of revival to the earth and to YOUR LIFE personally. His ministering angels are entering into your life to bring refreshment, restoration and rejuvenation.

A great cleansing is taking place in the body of Christ right now. You will be refreshed in supernatural ways. You are being revived, you are coming alive! The body of Christ is coming alive in Jesus, in purity, in life, in love, in UNITY. Welcome the angelic activity in your life through your declaration of His Word. “It is time! It is time! It is time for the GREAT REVIVE!!”

– Lana Vawser

Apart from this wonderful intervention by God, there will be another feature that will make this revival different from revivals the world previously witnessed: This revival will also usher in the revelation of the sons of God:

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Romans 8:19 (HCSB)

For the creation eagerly waits with anticipation for God’s sons to be revealed.

Why is the whole creation waiting for the revelation of God’s sons? Why is it not waiting for the revelation of Jesus Christ? Verse 21 says that the creation itself will also be set free from the bondage of corruption into the glorious freedom of God’s children. The ministry of the sons of God will be instrumental in setting creation free. Remember that God’s sons do not minister in their own power. No, Jesus Christ our Lord is actually ministering in and through the sons of God. He is doing the work and they are just instruments in His hand. God’s sons allow Jesus Christ to live and work IN and THROUGH them.

Now is the time for the sons of God to be revealed! This is very significant. This suggests that ordinary people will be walking this earth with the same anointing, power and maturity of Jesus Christ Himself. Not through their own achievements but through the power and anointing of Christ and the Holy Spirit. These people will be empowered and enabled by grace through the anointing of the Spirit of God. Verse 29 of this same Scripture says that “for whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren”

This revival is about to happen! The Lord is appealing to all of us to get ready for this revival. It will be the most exciting time for the church ever. We are going to experience the most wonderful things we can imagine. We are going to enjoy the Lord Jesus Christ and our faith walk with Him like never before. No, we should not be making ready for the rapture. That will only increase the state of passiveness that so many Christians find themselves in lately. We are supposed to make ready for wonderful things that needs to happen right now. There is a wonderful move of God that is about to take place right now. God is intervening in a mighty way. It has always been His plan. It was divinely predestined to happen now.

We need to be ready for this revival because there is going to be a whole lot of shaking taking place. The Holy Spirit is going to shake everything like never before. Not only the nations but also the church are being shaken. This shaking will also be the judgment of the Lord. Not only people but whole nations and the church, will be judged. Everything that is not of God will be destroyed and burned to ashes by the Holy Spirit fire.

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It is not the final judgment, it is just a time of refining. It is a time of “removing stumbling blocks” and this will be carried out by God within the church but also in the world.

The reformation of the institutionalized church

There will be a lot of changes in the church. Things will be changed within the church through divine intervention but there will also be changes caused by worldly influences.

Across the globe, many Christians hear and see a lot of what is going on right now in terms of the persecution of Christians, the global onslaught on religious freedom and also the latest trends regarding church planting and church structures. In many instances these trends and happenings are closely linked to each other, integrated with each other and influenced by each other. Within the body of Christ, all these factors and influences dynamically change things and open doors for yet more changes to come.

The diversion to house churches by the institutional church during recent years, because of persecution, is a very good example of this. We have seen this in China and other areas of the world. The persistent pressure on churches and congregations to grow and expand in terms of numbers is another. Church leadership constantly make important and proactive decisions in order to develop but also to protect themselves against the pressures that they are facing on a daily basis. Since world war two persecution levels has risen to very high levels, especially during the past few years. The degree of persecution in terms of severity also rose to devastating and unacceptable levels.

Because of this, when it comes to church structures, I really do not believe that what we hear and see today is really what God is bringing into existence in the body of Christ. Adapting because of external influences has never been a good thing in the church of Christ. The leading of the Holy Spirit always will be the true, legitimate and fundamental cause of change within the church of Christ. We need to change when and how God wants us to change. The development of the Church is in God’s hands. He does it by means of cleansing and purification. It is always an inner change that brings about outer signs and observations. The revelation of the sons of God is such an event. They are slowly being revealed as that inner work progresses. As they allow Jesus Christ to be alive IN and THROUGH them, they are being revealed.

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It is actually indeed Jesus Christ that’s being revealed IN and THROUGH his sons. The revelation of the sons of God is in fact the revelation of Christ in the church. This is where we stand at the moment. The church are being transformed right now. We have actually reached a delicate position right now. We have reached a position of transition.

The big transition

My personal opinion is that proper Biblical churches the way that God intended, do not really exist yet. We are currently in a period of transition. Many people who support community based churches or who accepted the fact that real restoration is in the birth of the authentic Biblical Ekklesia, currently find themselves in this period of transition. For them it rather feels like they find themselves in the middle of a desert. Many are very confused and many have no idea why and what they are going through.

Although confused, many people do understand that they have been called by God for this end times purpose and although the road is lonely, although they have to face many obstacles and although they lose heart sometimes, they do know and they do understand that they must go on and that they must allow God to carry out that inner work. They know that they must allow God to shape them and prepare them for the next step of the restoration of the church that is about to take place.

A season of preparation and a season of equipping

The season of transition is fundamentally a season of preparation. God identified His servants and He called them, mostly from within the institutional church, to prepare them and to empower them for this purpose.

These people are His prophets and His instruments of excellence! These people have been prepared for a time like this. Many of them have no idea what is coming. Many are going through difficult times of preparation and hardship. These are the ones that know that they have been called for a special purpose. A special purpose for a time like this. A special purpose for the time that we find ourselves in at this very moment. The all know too well that the preparation has been tough and many are struggling with this. They however refuse to give up. They have made up their minds.

The bottom line is that they all have been and are still being prepared for the real thing! They are willing and obedient instruments in the hand of God. They reported for duty and they are willing to allow God to fulfill His plan and purpose in their lives. No questions asked!

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All of us have experienced and are still experiencing very difficult challenges and circumstances when it comes to planting Biblical based churches. One of the biggest problems is that people are just not ready for community based churches and they are just not interested in these structures yet. That is a fact. This makes things very difficult for church planters.

My message to them is, “Do not lose heart”. We are not there yet. I am convinced that God is now busy with the preparation phases. He is developing and preparing His instruments, His servants, His Biblical based five-fold ministry and end times workers. When the proper time comes everything will change! Everything will fall into place!

There will be no short cuts

This is one of the reasons why the workers of God need to undergo extensive training and why they all need to go through this intensive preparation phase. The institutional church did not and cannot prepare these type(s) of ministers. Training and development in the institutional church compared to community based churches differ like night and day. People are just not able and capable of planting these churches the way God wants them to, unless He prepares and equip them for that. We need this training, preparation and development because there will be no short cuts when the true Ekklesia is birthed.

The first factor that needs to be put in place is the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit were never developed in the institutional church. Today, we as Spirit filled children of God actually have no idea what the gifts of the Spirit really are! We haven’t really seen well developed gifts of the Spirit in action yet. If we did we would have been very surprised and even shocked! It would be quite strange to us and we would not be able to handle it like we should. For this reason we need the proper foundation which only comes through proper preparation and proper Godly empowerment.

I say it again: We really do not know what the gifts of the Spirit really are! I am not exaggerating! It was never developed in the church of Christ accept for the early days. Just after the apostles died the gifts of the Spirit rapidly ceased to exist. Paul warned the church against people who will viciously resist the gifts of the Spirit. Eventually the Catholic church literally put an end to it. For many years the gifts of the Spirit virtually did not manifest at all until the late eighteen hundreds.

Although there were Holy Spirit revivals during the nineteen hundreds, even today, the gifts of the Spirit virtually do not exist. We have never even come close to the levels of New Testament times and that was only the start. Up to now we only briefly scratched the surface. We really do not know much about the gifts of the Spirit. We have had quite a shallow experience since Pentecost. I am convinced that in the years to come we will see the gifts of the Spirit manifest in a way never seen before.

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When it comes to the birth of the Biblical Ekklesia, we all know that this needs to change. I say again there will be no short cuts. The gifts of the Spirit need to be developed in the church before we will be able to plant authentic Biblical based churches. The church needs an absolute Godly reformation when it comes to this aspect of our faith-walk and Biblical community life. Proper Biblical churches cannot function correctly without the gifts of the Spirit. In fact it cannot function at all without the gifts of the Spirit.

Many Christians and even church leaders are under the false impression that the love that we experience when we get together is enough. Isn’t this the most important aspect of all, the love that we have for each other? Of course love is very important! Of course the gifts of the Spirit need to be built on the foundation of love, however, love can never replace the work and the moving of the Holy Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit is God (Holy Spirit) in action. This is why I really do believe that the true and authentic Ekklesia that complies with Biblical principles and requirements does not exist yet.

This brings me to the second major problem: The gifts of the Spirit cannot be developed unless the children of God have a very close and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Again I say, there are really no short cuts! People need to turn their backs onto religion and embrace Christ alone. Without the all important intimate love relationship with our heavenly Bridegroom, the gifts of the Spirit just cannot develop in us.

What we see today in terms of community based church networks and structures are merely the result of the factors that I mentioned in the introductory part of this chapter. I do believe that these diversions did carry the approval of God and I do believe that He used it as initial preparation tools in order to prepare us for the real thing that He, I believe, soon will give life to.

I believe that as soon as God completed this phase of preparation, this transitional period will make way for a new season. This will be a season of a new birth and newness in the body of Christ. This is what God showed Lana Vawser recently regarding this aspect:

Recently the Lord spoke to me regarding this season we are in as the body of Christ. I felt Him say “I am training you My people, in excellence like Joseph and Daniel. The favor I am now increasing over your life in this “training”, will cause the world to turn its head.”

I saw the people of God in “new vineyards” and they were tending the vines, they then collected the fruit and brought in the ‘harvest’. Their baskets were plentiful. In each “stage” of the process I saw Jesus with them and training them in EXCELLENCE. He was teaching His people how to steward with integrity, with love, purity, tenderness and care. He was developing humility, strengthening root systems and perseverance.


Jesus was being very intentional in defining excellence, that it was not striving, performance or perfectionism, but it was rooted in a life of intimacy. Knowing who He is, living in the deep revelation of His goodness and nature and EVERYTHING that His people put their hands to, is worship.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” (Colossians 3:17)

I watched as Jesus taught His people in EVERY AREA of their influence to be INTENTIONAL. To be PRESENT. To steward and to go the “extra mile”, “above and beyond” in grace, empowerment of the Spirit and integrity.


I then heard the Lord say “My people you have been stewarding in the darkness. You have been learning to steward in the caves. I have now brought you out into the “new vineyards” and I am teaching you to STEWARD THE NEW. What you have learned in the caves, has prepared you to now be trained at a higher level. You are being positioned as Kings and Queens in your area and mantle of influence. I am now training you in excellence like Joseph and Daniel and the world is going to turn it’s head towards you as My favor is released over you and your life. The spirit of excellence I am developing in and through you will attract the Kings and Queens of the earth to you, and you are about to be promoted and increased. Get ready for significant doors to open in the seven mountains, to move in like Daniel and Joseph and bring life giving wisdom and insight to shape people, cities and nations. Now is the time! The time is not ‘nigh’, the time has arrived. It’s now! It’s now! It’s now! Your time in the caves and dark nights of the soul have prepared you for such a time as this. The Joseph’s, Daniel’s and Esther’s are arising in GREATER INCREASE and FURTHER into their God-given positions of influence. It is their time of INCREASED MEASURE AND EXTENSION. This has been the season of governmental anointings being awakened and released and this is about to INCREASE.”


I saw “DIVINE HANDSHAKES” taking place all over the world. God is setting up new divine agreements, new ventures, new partnerships and networks – that are going to release His Glory and LOVE into the earth in NEW creative, INCREASED ways that will SHOUT the EXCELLENCE and BEAUTY of Jesus.

My people are FURTHER taking their place as the “light of the world”, the “cities on a hill”, releasing My Glory and My creativity. Witty inventions, strategies to do life with excellence, abundance and prosperity of heart and soul are about to be released in INCREASE through the further-favor-filled positioning of My people. My people are about to LEAD cities and nations in greater ways than has EVER been seen before.”

Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Since God has shown you all this, there is none so discerning and wise as you are. You shall be over my house, and all my people shall order themselves as you command. Only as regards the throne will I be greater than you.” And Pharaoh said to Joseph, “See, I have set you over all the land of Egypt.” (Genesis 41:39-41)

Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him…” (Daniel 6:3)

Whatever your “sphere of influence” the Lord has you placed in right now, the Lord is about to increase you, promote you and accelerate you in favor as you surrender and submit to His process of learning to steward all He has given you with deeper intimacy, humility, integrity and excellence.

I felt the Lord saying that it is going to become apparent in this season those who have stewarded with excellence and integrity, and those who have walked in compromise and complacency. The Lord’s heart for His people are for ALL to be AWAKE, PRESENT and moving in EXCELLENCE. The invitation is before us all in this season. Give Him your YES in this EXCELLENCE training. He will give you grace upon grace upon grace to be present, intentional and excellent. Weariness will fall away and tidal waves of refreshment will strengthen you. Every area of your life will flourish with new fruit, increase and resurrection life AS YOU SAY YES!


OPPORTUNITY is going to MARK your sphere of INFLUENCE and open doors to you in this season that you could NEVER imagine. Where the enemy and doubt has been screaming at you “the rest of this year is going to remain dark and hard, the Lord is decreeing over you that the rest of this year is going to be BRIGHT and FULL as the spirit of excellence manifests through you and opens doors of favor and increase to you that you have NEVER imagined. (Ephesians 3:20)

Steward with intentionality, excellence, purity, integrity and humility your day to day life and routines from the place of rest and worship to Jesus and hold onto your hat…

For this beautiful adventure ride with Jesus is about to pick up speed again and become a lot more fun and exciting!!!

 – Lana Vawser

Community based churches need to stand in the gap

The Lord recently showed me that His servants need to stay focused in order to be prepared and equipped. The time is fast approaching for them to stand in the gap for the institutional church. They will have to be prepared and ready because the collapse of the institutional church is imminent.

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He showed me that the institutional church will lose the appeal that it currently enjoys among Christians. I saw something like a concert on a very professional and well prepared stage. It was just beautiful to watch. The way that this concert or performance was conducted was really good and I could see that people really enjoyed it. Although I supernaturally knew that this symbolized the institutional church in action, it really did not look like a church and it did not look like a gathering of the saints. It looked more like a theater and it looked like a concert.

After watching this for a few minutes I was supernaturally (word of knowledge) required to look down to the floor for exactly three minutes. After the three minute period came to an end I was required to look up again. When I looked up I discovered that literally everything disappeared from the stage. I could only see the three bare walls and the bare wooden floor of the stage. All the lights, the instruments and all other theatrical property were all missing. Nothing was left on the stage. It was like an empty house with absolutely no furniture, no curtains, or anything else. The stage was stripped bare!

Immediately after everything disappeared, the clergy of the institutional church and the members of the congregation that were with me were all absolutely dumbstruck. They looked at me with bewildered eyes in absolute amazement. They all had the same questions written on their faces as they looked at me, “What happened?” and “Where is everything?”

It was clear that they did not expect this to happen and that they were totally confused, shocked and shaken. I supernaturally knew that God removed the appeal that the performance based programs of the church have on people.

I do not know what the “three minute” time period represents but the performance based programs of the church as we now experience on Sundays will disappear when this period comes to an end.

One explanation is that a “three minute” period represents twenty five months (just over two years) according to www.divinecoders.com. Even if this explanation is correct, I do not know when this time period will start or what it really represents. I also do not know what is going to happen to the institutional church. I however do know that when these things happen, everything will change. God will bring into existence what He planned all along through His prophets and His workers of excellence.

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Although Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world, the Institutional church is already rapidly shrinking. Right at this moment the Church of England is considering closing 16,000 church buildings. They plan on opening these churches only on Christmas and Easter and some other important holidays.

Religion will not play a major role anymore. An authentic relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Ekklesia will be a reality once again, just like God intended when the New-Testament church was birthed in the days of the apostles. Reformation within the church will never stop. The right focus will be restored. it is just a matter of time.

God revealed to me that the greatest reformation that will take place will be the restoration of relationships. First the intimate love relationship with Christ and then the relationships with our brothers in the body of Christ. This will lay the foundation for the gifts of the Spirit and also the fruit of the Spirit to be restored in the body of Christ and in the kingdom of God.

I could see how a basket which contained a fruit salad with olives were handed over to His anointed ones. I could see that it was handed over to them by people who did not want it. To them this fruit salad with the olives was a bit disgusting. They did not like the taste of it. The anointed ones were amazed and astonished as to why these people did not enjoy the fruit salad. They gladly took it from them. It is exactly their willingness to embrace the gifts of the Spirit that will change everything. This will play a major role in terms of the strategies of God and the development and spiritual growth of the church.

Please read this word from Lana Vawser about this aspect:


For quite a while now I have been seeing the ‘shifting of gears’ over the body of Christ, where the Lord is bringing changes and in some circumstances a change of focus regarding destiny direction. Many have been “feeling it coming” in the sense of that almost “unsettled transition” feeling, but not yet “seeing” the doors open to what this “change” actually is.

These “doors into new realms” and “change” are literally beginning to open up. The Lord is about to highlight and confirm in supernatural ways the new ‘realms’ that He is taking many of His people into in this season.

I kept hearing the words “I am singing RISE and SHINE” and the sense of the Lord singing over you that a new morning and new day is upon you, but it is also a season of stepping into greater realms of your destiny and shining in that area. (Isaiah 60:1)

Many that have continued to embrace the fire and process of the Lord are about to find themselves in places of significant promotion and increased responsibility and influence for the Lord. There are new assignments that the Lord has been releasing all year, but they are now increasing significantly in their quantity, provision and manifestation.

As I watched the Lord handing out these new mantles they seemed so much bigger in size than the people He was handing them to. There was a sense that these ones have been prepared for “such a time as this”, their intimacy with Him was deep, and their character had been shaped significantly, but there was still the place of deep dependence needed upon the Lord at all times to function in this new anointing, and ‘grow up into knowing how to carry it’. He was birthing such a beautiful dependency in His people through these new mantles, not only in ‘growing up into them’ but also in the operation of them.

I saw the Lord take these ones into a new “strategy space”. These new assignments and mantles were nothing that they had stepped into before, so the “land” was completely foreign. I saw Jesus sitting at a table with these ones and He was laying out new strategies, He was teaching them the ‘new way’ and revealing deeper revelation of Scripture that would be needed to move in these new strategies. As He was sitting with them and training them the winds of acceleration were blowing STRONGLY around them. As the winds blew I saw angelic hosts standing all around and they were declaring “Welcome to the ACCELERATED HOLY SPIRIT BOOT CAMP”. The people of God were eating ‘scroll after scroll’ and impartation was FLOODING into them.

I heard Jesus speak to them “What would have taken years to learn in the natural is being downloaded in moments through My Spirit.” There was so much activation and revelation taking place it was like tidal waves. The strategies were at levels and manifestations that were completely new, but there was SO MUCH EASE and GRACE.

Promotion! Promotion! Promotion!” buzzed all around the atmosphere like electricity. Such excitement and anticipation of what He was doing.

As this was taking place in the spirit, in the natural, the people of God were moving out into these new assignments in the earth with such grace, such ease, anointing, favor and royalty over them. Isaiah 22:22 “I will place on His shoulder the key to the house of David. What He opens no man can shut and what He shuts no one can open.” flooded all around. Where there was nervousness or fear of “I don’t know how to do this Jesus” as soon as they stepped in, all that the Lord is depositing in them in the secret place came FLOODING OUT as the anointing flowed.

New realms and doors bigger than you could imagine are about to open up to many of you, and you have been prepared for such a time as this. “As you go” KNOW that in your secret place you are in the Holy Spirit boot camp. Know that He has gone before you and goes with you. Let those roots of dependency upon Jesus go deep as you are called further and further out of your “comfort zone”. You are growing up into these new mantles and assignments and you will receive the impartation and revelation of the NEW STRATEGIES as you step in. You will see the Glory of God rise upon you and through you in ways you have NEVER imagined in these doors into new realms of influence. You will carry the insight, wisdom and witty inventions of the Lord that will begin to shape and change atmospheres, people, cities and nations.

Lana Vawser

Where does the church stand at this moment? In the middle of a phase of transition. Where does the workers of God stand at this moment? In the middle of a phase of transition. Believe me, this phase is tougher than it sounds. My intention with this book is to encourage the workers of God who have embarked on this lonely and difficult road. Do not give up and do not lose heart. I know that this is a difficult road with many obstacles. I know that you, like me, sometimes have to face difficult circumstances whilst you feel that you do not really know where you are going. Like me you sometimes wonder what exactly are you being prepared for. This can be quite challenging.

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I know many of you want some answers on all your questions regarding community based churches and your faith walk with Christ right now. Many of you want some leading and some guidance. The truth is however that I and no one else can actually give you guidance. This whole thing is in the hands of God. He controls the church and He controls His servants. It is all between Him and you!

Just stay focused and just stay aligned with God and with the Holy Spirit. He will lead you into His perfect will in this regard. Do not look at circumstances and do not look at what appear to be failures. It is not failures at all. It is in fact building blocks and stepping stones. Do not lose heart. It is just that God is busy preparing His workers and also preparing the church for the next step. The next quotation by Lana Vawser just about sums it up:


Recently the Lord spoke to me and He said “A remnant is now rising that have been trained in the caves.”

I saw two groups in this remnant. The first was those who the Lord had taken them into a cave for a season of deep hiddenness and a season of deep intimacy with Him. I then also saw a group of people who were hiding in caves because they were either out on the front-line and Jezebel has come after them full force and they have run for their lives and hidden in these caves. Some have been there a short time and some have been there a long time.

In those two ‘groups’ if you can call them that, I saw them as a remnant that the Lord has been working VERY deeply on in these caves. I saw that whether they were in the cave the Lord took them into or they were hiding in fear, there was a HUGE YES that was being released from their hearts. Despite what was going on, they were still crying out with a YES to Him to have deep intimacy with Him.


In the YES that they were giving to the Lord in their intimacy, that pure cry to simply know Him, to know His love, to know His presence, there has been a DEEP hunger for Jesus, despite the questions and what has been swirling around them for years and especially recently.

There was one MAJOR MAIN theme in this training and it was STEWARDSHIP!!!!!!! I saw the Lord teaching these ones how to steward His presence and Glory with such purity. How to steward HIS HEART with such care, such sensitivity and such integrity. Stewarding His presence, the revelation of His heart and His Word with such humility, character and integrity. There was a very deep purity of heart about these ones. They have often been rejected by man because of their devotion to Jesus, but they live in a place of such deep intimacy with Jesus, they really know what it is to walk with God. The lord has been protecting them for such a time as this. Some of them have begun to leave the caves and some of them are about to leave the caves. The KEY was learning to steward His presence and Glory with purity. From that place of pure stewardship the Lord has been preparing them to carry much more than they have ever carried.

There has been AMAZING teaching released into the body of Christ by AMAZING teachers on stewardship of His presence, our lives and gifting. This remnant is now being released to stand upon that foundation that has been so beautifully built by others and bring INCREASE to it. There is an IMPARTATION of the REVELATION OF STEWARDSHIP that God is about to release through them in a significant way to the body of Christ. Through them the trumpet is being sounded to the body of Christ ‘COME UP HIGHER’ not only in intimacy but in integrity of how we live our lives as believers.

In the caves He has trained them in how to steward their hearts and their character, and the Lord has been training them in spiritual warfare, not focusing on the enemy, but looking at Jesus and fighting from there. I saw these ones wearing cloaks that were purple and they looked very ‘weighty’ (in a good way) and I felt the Lord saying that in the training they have been awakened to their royalty.

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” (1 Peter 2:9)

They were not only awakened to their identity as royalty, but they live in the ever present deep convicting beautiful reality of the darkness that they once lived in, and how Jesus brought them out into His wonderful light. They are full of the praises to Jesus for the pure Gospel message, salvation and their hearts are full and burning with the message of the LOVE of GOD for all.

I noticed all the way around the bottom of their cloaks woven in gold John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He sent His One and only son”.

The bottom of their cloak was so long it went under their feet. Where I thought it would cause them to “trip”, I saw such strength in the hem of this cloak that it was if it was the very thing that was keeping them from stumbling. It was like a strong, thick foundation that was under their feet that kept ‘lifting them up’. It totally defied the natural of what would happen if we walked with the hem of a cloak under our feet, but it was clear to me that they were walking upon the foundation of John 3:16 INTERTWINED with the awakening of their identity in Him!!! The cloak was “weighty” because it also represented a weighty level of heavenly WISDOM that they carried from living in that deep place of purity in intimacy with Jesus.

This remnant is about to be strategically positioned to bring increase to the teaching of living in divine wisdom, receiving kingdom keys of strategy from the place of intimacy with Jesus and the reality that we have the mind of Christ.


As I looked at this remnant, I kept seeing the word “ENOCH” over them, and felt the Lord was likening this remnant to Enoch in Scripture. There are many Enoch’s across the earth right now, but I felt the Lord was highlighting this remnant, because they are coming out of the caves with the MESSAGE of admonition to the body of Christ to WALK FAITHFULLY with God.

Enoch walked faithfully with God, then he was no more, because God took him away” (Genesis 5:24)

This remnant are HIGHLY sensitive to Jesus and what He is saying. They live deep in revelation and in the third heaven, they know what it is to live before the throne of God, and their encounters with Jesus are so detailed, beautiful and specific, there’s a very deep revelation of Jesus that they carry, and what He is wanting to do on the earth. They are hearing from heaven of what He is doing and what is to come.

There was a MAJOR EMPHASIS on this remnant and it was they were DEEPLY BIBLICAL!!! They were ROOTED DEEPLY in the Word. Their high level of sensitivity to Jesus and encounters were not something that was filled with mixture or deception, but they were ones that live deeply in the Word and stay in line with it.


I saw this remnant now being led out of the caves by Jesus. The healing and breakthrough of fear has been broken off ones that were hiding in the fear. Both groups of this remnant were moving into their position now. Their time of intensive training in the caves were over. They are now moving out to release His Glory in new and fresh ways. They are moving in a new realm of creativity and the Glory of God is going to be released in such tangible, creative ways through this one that people in the world and in the body of Christ are going to stand and look at this remnant and say “I’ve never seen this!”, “What is this?” but they are being sent out by the Lord with a SPECIFIC TASK and that is to release IMPARTATION to the body of Christ and to lead them in a new direction and new way to see the manifested Glory of God released across the world in a fresh way. They are moving out as COMPASSES to the body of Christ.

This remnant is also about to find themselves positioned with some very significant culture shifting assignments and projects in the seven mountains to release the wisdom, strategy and revelation of God to them. Not only the heavenly insight but teaching people the importance of integrity and character alongside high level gifting.


The nations will see your righteousness, And all kings your glory; And you will be called by a new name which the mouth of the LORD will designate. You will also be a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD, And a royal diadem in the hand of your God. (Isaiah 62:3)

They are going to be used to awaken the Church to purity in intimacy and living lives of purity. They are going to reignite the call upon the Church for the world and the nations. They are being positioned to be part of awakening the body of Christ to her identity and the NEW NAME that has been given to us through Jesus.

The Lord is also placing them in strategic places of great favor and promotion to release a specific increase in acceleration of the revelation of intimacy and identity to get the body of Christ back on track in ways that they have ‘come off track’.

I also saw the Lord releasing this remnant almost like a set of DIVINE SPECIAL OPS. They were coming to release a breaker anointing against circumstances and the enemy that has come against the body of Christ so violently lately, they were going to come up ‘behind him’ without the enemy seeing them, almost like ‘stealth’ and were about to disarm some major operations of the enemy. Because of their DEEP “cave time” with Jesus they have learned to be able to operate in any environment because of their intimacy with Jesus.

Wikipedia defines special ops as:

Special operations (S.O.) are military operations that are “special” or unconventional and carried out by dedicated special forces and other special operations forces units using unconventional methods and resources. The primary goal is to achieve a political or military objective where a conventional force requirement does not exist or might adversely affect the overall strategic outcome. Special operations are usually conducted in a low-profile manner that aims to achieve the advantages of speed, surprise, and violence of action against an unsuspecting target.”


I felt the Lord wanting to encourage this remnant that there is great protection, the protection of heaven over them. There is a mighty angelic army that has been assigned to them in this assignment the Lord is releasing them on because of the level of favor and anointing they will move in.

BEWARE OF JEALOUSY – There will be jealousy that will come towards them because others have been ploughing certain grounds for so long and now this remnant will enter with a ‘breaker anointing’ to crack things open for them and lead them into new levels of encounter with Jesus and fruitfulness in their land.

The enemy is going to attempt to link into the soul of many to try and twist what God is wanting to do through this remnant so others will see them coming as a “threat” to attempt to “steal their ground.” The enemy is going to attempt to DISTORT majorly concerning this but the Lord is sending this remnant to others in the body of Christ with a BREAKER ANOINTING to bring INCREASE to the ground, so it will be more FERTILE, it will have MORE FRUIT, they will release greater wisdom and strategy on how to STEWARD the land, and as a result there will be greater abundance, provision and fruitfulness. Tent pegs will be extended in significant ways and a breaker released to see His Glory increase and manifest in those lands in a whole new way.


As this remnant rise up many will question them “what is this new thing that you’re carrying?”, “Is this even God?”, “This doesn’t fit my box”, “This is not like anything I have ever seen before”, but look past what doesn’t fit into your box. Be discerning, seek the Lord, but I saw there will be HUGE signs and wonders and confirmation that will confirm their intimacy with Jesus, their gifting, their words and confirm they are moving in PURITY and walking closely with the Lord and have been sent forth to release the NEW, to release the breaker anointing to take you and the land that you are stewarding to a whole new level.

Lana Vawser

I really hope that this brings a bit of clarity about the situation we are currently facing and the motions that we are currently going through within the church at this moment.

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Recognize the prophetic time we live in

In order to do this I need to bring some perspective regarding the specific prophetic time period in the history of the church that we live in right now. We are fast approaching a period of great and significant revelations about the will of God, the ways of God and the plans of God for the time that we live in right now. Many Christians know that something significant is about to happen. Many people know that we have reached the end of an era and that a new era is about to begin. Many Christians know that we have actually progressed quite a bit in this new era already.

Most Christians are expecting the appearance of the Antichrist and the return of the Lord. That is why I am writing this book. This is not what is happening right now. The Antichrist is not appearing now and the Lord is not returning now.

This is really not what is happening now. We are not going to see the second coming of the Lord now. We are actually about to witness the revelation of the sons of God. We are about to witness the church move into a position of more purity, more holiness and more victory than ever before. God is about to remove the stumbling blocks and the hindrances that prevent the body of Christ from developing into the full measure of Christ.

We are witnessing the last showdown of the devil to prevent or to delay the church from maturing. We are about to witness the church of God developing into a victorious church. We are about to witness the purification of the church. We are about to witness how God prepares this world in order to be submitted to the reign of the church.

It appears that everything is falling apart rapidly. It appears that evil is reigning on this earth and that the church is being defeated. It appears that religious freedom is fast disappearing right across the earth. It is however not true. It is not what is happening. God is about to change everything. He is about to bring the church into a position of victory. Fear not my brother and my sister. Marvel not at these things that you are about to witness. Do not be distracted. The church is destined to reign! God is about to position and to line up everything according to His counsel so that His sons can take up their place in history. The message is clear: Stand up and be counted!

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Understanding the end times prophecies

For all practical purposes, there are basically four groups of prophecies regarding the end times. We are going to discuss these groups of prophecies in order to clarify the situation that the church and the world find themselves in at this moment. We will discuss those groups of prophecies that already happened only briefly. Those that are going to happen in the distant future will also be discussed only briefly. The purpose of this book is to bring the church up to date on the fulfillment of the prophecies that we are experiencing right now. For this reason only the group of prophecies that are coming into fulfillment right now will be discussed in detail.

To understand the prophetic times we live in right now, I need to give you some background on the prophecies of the Old Testament and the New-Testament regarding the end times:

Old Testament and New-Testament prophecies regarding the last days or the end times were given by God for two purposes: The first purpose was to exhort those people that these prophecies were given to. These people really would need these exhortations because the events that was prophesied were really challenging. It was going to be tough and hard times. Many of those people would not have survived or would not have stand strong in their faith has it not been for those prophesies. Secondly it was given so that we could be able to recognize the times that we live in when these events started coming into fulfillment. It was also given so that we are not being overcome by fear. It was given so that we could know the outcome. It was given so that we can witness this wonderful God being in control of this world and it’s peoples.

It is important to understand that God did not give those prophecies to confuse us. He gave these prophecies to exhort us. He wants us to know and understand these prophecies. That is why He gave us a lot of clues and explanations on the end times prophecies. When we look at the book of Daniel we see two important clues:

Daniel 12:9

And he said, Go thy way Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

Daniel 12:4

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

We see that the prophecies of Daniel were closed and sealed because it’s fulfillment was still in the distant future. We however also see that as the time of fulfillment approached, knowledge increased and people were able to understand the prophesies of Daniel. That in fact did happen. Paul for one was able to realize that what he experienced in his lifetime was prophesied by Daniel, 500 years in advance. I am referring to the parts of his prophesies about the coming of Christ. I am also referring to the rise and fall of world empires like the Babylonian, Persian and the Macedonian empires.

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This is an important key in understanding the prophecies of the end times. As time progresses, God will reveal what is necessary for the specific time in terms of the prophecies that need to be fulfilled in that time. So knowledge will be increased as time goes by. There will be a progressive revelation of the Biblical prophecies. We will be able to understand what has happened already and we will be able to understand what is happening right now. This way we will always be well informed. We will be able to act and react on world events correctly. We will not be pushed into a state of passiveness when we are in fact supposed to act.

It is therefore impossible to interpret all prophecies in terms of the exact details ahead of time. The prophecies that tell us what will happen right to the end are there. It is written and we can more or less see what the end will be like. This fact is true, however, it will always be impossible to technically work out all the events and prophecies to determine exactly what will happen and how it will be fulfilled right to the end. If God does not reveal these details, predicting all the events regarding the end times precisely as it will unfold before the eyes of mankind, will therefore be impossible. Such prophecies will be erroneous indeed.

If God does not reveal prophecies it cannot be understood correctly or completely. The end times prophecies are written that way. Because of this, true believers and Spirit-filled people will always be able to recognize the spiritual and prophetic events of the prophecies of God that are being fulfilled their lifetime. The problem is however that a lot of Christians are totally confused because of a lot of false teachings and false doctrines regarding the end times. They do not really know what is to happen at all and when such prophecies are supposed to be fulfilled.

In fact, quite a lot of Biblical prophecies regarding Jesus Christ, the kingdom of God and the end times have been fulfilled already. Some prophesies have not been fulfilled yet. At this point of time we are yet again on the verge of some of these prophecies coming into fulfillment right now.

End times prophecies: Beginning to end

The end times prophecies can be grouped into four groups due to four distinct “time periods” of fulfillment. These periods all fall within the Biblical defined period called the “last days”. When the Bible speak of the “last days” and the judgment of Christ, it is basically referring to the following periods:

  1. Group 1: Main events: The period and the events of the Old Testament Nations (Empires), The coming of the Messiah and the judgment of Israel. These group of prophecies were written in the following books of the Bible: The Prophecies of Daniel, A few references in the book of Revelations and other books of the Bible. The most important events that took place: The rise and fall of three of the Old Testament Empires, The coming of Christ, The persecution of Christians by the Jews, The judgment and fall of the Jews.

  2. Group 2: Main events: The persecution of the church and the judgment of the Old Testament nations (Roman Empire). These group of prophecies were written in the following books of the Bible: Prophecies of the book Revelation; Some references in the book of Daniel and other books of the Bible. The most important events that took place: The persecution of the Christians by the Roman Empire, The judgment of the Roman Empire and all the Old Testament nations within the Roman Empire.

  3. Group 3: Main events: The church comes into victory, The sons of God are being revealed, The Millennial reign These group of prophecies were written in the following books of the Bible: Prophecies of the book Revelations, Some references in the book of Isaiah, Some references in other books of the Bible. The most important events that will take place: The revelation of the sons of God, Satan bound for a thousand years, The Millennial reign.

    The church and the world today find itself in this period of time.

  4. Group 4: Main events: Satan unbound again, Final judgment on the pagan nations of the “last of the last days” and the final judgment on all the peoples of the earth. These group of prophecies were written in the following books of the Bible: Prophecies of the book Revelations; Some references in the book of Daniel and other books of the Bible. The most important events that will take place: Satan unbound; The last satanic uproar against Christ and the church; the last battle of Gog and Magog; The great white throne judgment.

    These prophecies are all to be fulfilled at the “last of the last” days immediately after the Millennial reign which is really in the distant future.

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This was a short excerpt from the book, “Understanding The Prophetic Times We Live In”. It can now be purchased at a special discount price:

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