House Churches For Global Impact

Simple/organic church folk might be key to the army God is preparing for needed global impact.

Though progress is being made, some estimate there are still over 6,000 unreached people groups (out of 11,700 total people groups) in which less than 2% are believers.  To live within such an unreached group means that it is highly likely you will live and die never hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here is a simple overview of unreached people groups worldwide along with the reminder that Jesus clearly said his target is ‘all nations’ meaning all people groups (‘ta ethne’).

So, why might simple/organic church folk be the very army that God is preparing for global impact?

1. Training is needed throughout the world in disciplemaking movements that lead to church planting movements so that these large groups of unreached people can be reached with the Gospel.  While business/institutional models of church hinder these movements, simple/organic church folk understand the type of church gatherings that can help facilitate and release such movements.  This understanding is needed throughout the world.

2. Simple/organic church folk understand that money is not needed for the church to grow and reproduce making it much easier for the Gospel to go forward.  Furthermore, much money can be freed up from the west, through simple/organic church expressions to flow into unreached parts of the world. 

3. Simple/organic church folk understand that the life of a Jesus follower is a 24/7 lifestyle rather than the passive attendance of church services.  This means more vibrant, impactful disciples are made.

4. Simple/organic church folk are committed to hearing and following the voice of Jesus and none other.  As we continue to tune our ears more and more to him, it is likely that his heart for ‘all peoples’ will motivate more and more people to reach beyond the comfort of their own people group and extend themselves to reach others.

5. Simple/organic church folk understand that the church is a going organism, not a come-and-sit event.  Our mentality is to be involved with Jesus in his mission throughout the world.  We live with a readiness to go where he sends!

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