Embarking On the Most Wonderful Journey!!

When I completed reading the book, TheSimple/House Church Revolution”, by Roger Thoman, I was again deeply struck by God’s awesome plan for the church. I pondered on the possibility of Spirit filled church leaders reading this book and subsequently embarking on the wonderful journey that Roger Thoman has.

Roger Thoman was a church planter and he pastored churches for many years. He was eventually convinced however, that there is more to church than he experienced. After a tough but wonderful encounter with God, he decided to leave the institutional church.

As the title of his book Suggests, a revolution happened after this encounter. Church became alive for Roger. Jesus longs for his church to come alive, to become a living, breathing, organism. He longs for us to be in a real, live, intimate relationship with Him, regardless of others – and then in real, live relationship with our families – earthly and spiritual. And, He’s begging us to come alive, be who we are as individuals, alive and free in Him, telling the world who and what He has done for us.”

I was still pondering on this book and the impact that it might have on those who read it when I went to bed. That night, in the early morning hours God spoke to me in a dream:

I was standing on top of a skyscraper. In dreams a skyscraper symbolizes the institutional church with its different levels and areas of ministry. Although I could not see Him, I knew that God was there with me. It was a bit dark around us although I could see everything quite clear. At the left corner of the roof of the building was a flimsy white pole leaning way over the edge of the roof. I noticed that I was standing on a surfboard. I instinctively knew (word of knowledge) that I was supposed to jump and slide on the pole (skateboard style) and that this pole was supposed to launch me into the sky. I was then supposed to ride on the “waves” of the wind on my surfboard until I land safely on the ground. I had many dreams in the past of people jumping from the roof of skyscrapers. These people always landed safely on the ground, sometimes on huge mattresses. This symbolizes people aborting or leaving the institutional church.

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In this dream, me leaving the skyscraper on a surfboard riding on the winds symbolizes me, or whoever I represent in the dream, leaving the institutional church with the help and leading of the Holy Spirit. In the dream I was standing ready to leave the institutional church and I knew exactly what I was supposed to do.

I use the words “supposed to” because I never did what I was supposed to do. In the dream I was too scared and too reluctant to do that. The next moment I saw a huge internet browser page with the word “confirmed” in the tab on the right (four tabs open). 

When I woke up I immediately understood this dream. God was answering my question of the night before:

In the dream, me on the surfboard being too reluctant and too scared to give it a try symbolizes the leaders and the people of the institutional church. I was actually taking part in the dream as an observant. See the post “Interpreting Dreams And Visions” which is all about helping people how to interpret their dreams and visions correctly.

The leaders and the people of the institutional church always have been and still are very reluctant to take the huge step of faith that Roger Thoman did. The darkness symbolizes the negative pressure and influences of evil on these people not to be obedient to God’s calling. The flimsy white pole symbolizes the condition of the task ahead of them. Although the white pole symbolizes victory, purity and righteousness, because of the flimsiness of the pole, it presents a sense of uncertainty, a sense of not knowing if this step will be successful. It represents a lack of guarantee that things will be like people want it to be. It also symbolizes fear of the unknown. The surfboard symbolizes the God-given instrument and method (the opportunity) to ride the waves of the wind. Waves symbolizes a new move of God. The wind symbolizes the work and the move of the Holy Spirit. Me not even trying symbolizes the attitude of people in the institutional church.

I went to my Laptop and typed the word “confirmed” in my browser just to make sure what the correct meaning of this word is:


(of a person) firmly established in a particular habit, belief, or way of life and unlikely to change their ways.

synonyms: established, long-established, long-standing, firm, committed, dyed-in-the-wool, through and through; seasoned, hardened, settled, set, fixed, rooted; staunch, loyal, faithful, devoted, dedicated, stalwart, steadfast; habitual, compulsive, obsessive, persistent, unapologetic, unashamed, incorrigible, irredeemable, unreformable, impenitent, inveterate, chronic, incurable; informal deep-dyed, card-carrying

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I guess this is not the answer that I wanted to hear although it is what I expected. The reality is that although some of them do answer the call of God in this regard, not many people inside the institutional church will embark on this wonderful journey. What a missed opportunity on an experience so wonderful! It is increasingly clear to me that house church planters should almost always focus on new converts. This is what my friend Hamilton Filmalter has been doing for a long time. Read all about it in the post “How To Plant a House Church“. Also read the post “What Is The Last Reformation?“. In this post Torben Søndergaard explains exactly what God is doing in the church right now.

Well I just wanted to share my thoughts on this experience. If you experience something different, please let me know. I would like to hear from you .


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