Shaking Puts Pressure on Hell

I have been watching, with great amusement, the beginning of Donald Trump’s administration. Most people miss the sequence that set up this monumental shift. Two things happened prior to Cyrus emerging in Babylon:

Jeremiah prophesied and Daniel prayed to birth the breakthrough. As we have seen in the first few weeks Trump’s anointing as God’s spiritual Cyrus has been tearing down the progressive agenda in true wrecking ball fashion. As the body of Christ we must understand that while the governmental office is the domain of Cyrus,it is nothing less than the sustained intercession and engagement of believers that’s going to reinforce any success that President Trump will have over the next four years.

This year, 2017, is also the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This was a period of intense shaking that produced new institutions built on principles and values that have shaped our theological foundation. Just like the time of reformation – we are now in a time of shaking and testing and the creation of new institutions. What does this mean? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Shaking is a promise, not a problem. Hebrews 12:26 says God has promised to “shake all things that can be shaken.” Most Christians are longing for stability at times when they should be longing for change – if necessary at the price of instability. We are taught to “pray for rulers and those in authority, that we may lead a Godly and peaceable life” (1 Tim 2:2) —that’s what Paul said -but what if the very governments themselves must shift?

  2. If you’re in a reformation—a period of history where God is shaking something—ask “What is actually happening? Why is it a good thing?”We have to start looking at shaking as a part of the promise of creating something better. Shaking may be needed to solve the problem.

  3. Shaking puts pressure on hell. When God begins to visit us with revival, restoration, or reformation, it puts pressure on hell. Remember this: we war against the principalities and powers of the air. They are the spirits that rule in this dimension between your prayer and the answer you seek. They derive their power through agreement. Paul said that this world walks “according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now working in the sons of children of disobedience.” (Eph2:2) This means that when a spiritual power is being shaken it will manifest in the people under its influence. This is why we experience warfare when we fight in the spirit to pull something down from heaven to earth—there is resistance in both realms, spirit and natural. When God visits the earth and revives things on the earth -The earth shakes. Why? It shakes because the thrones and dominions and principalities are being pressed out. You can see how this spirit is manifesting in media and government as it is being perpetually shaken.

Donald Trump refuses to be manipulated, intimidated or controlled. What is manipulation, intimidation and control? It’s witchcraft. Trump refuses to bow the knee to the witchcraft of media. Media has had a spirit working behind it for so long it could make or break you in your career. With Trump, the arrows of media are like a pea shooter. It bounces off the armor. It’s not working. Why? Trump has authority in the realm of media and in the governmental arena. Right now Hollywood, media and government is manifesting. What’s next? Watch college campuses for protests, etc. Strongholds are being shaken and hooks are being pulled out.

In my newest teaching”The Mount Zion Mantle”I explain how God wants to place a mantle on you to ascend to a higher altitude of influence, perception and authority for warfare. Get ready to partner with heaven in order to see the shaking and the displacing of things blocking your advance. You are a new breed of kingdom citizen rising up! I am proud of the progress so many of you are making. You will reshape institutions, at the highest level.

Sometimes when I am teaching a message I can tell that it is flowing from a place of revelation that exceeds my own understanding. This is a series I myself am studying. Please join me and order it today:

Question: Do you sense the shift? Can you see an open door? Are you ready to go to ascend the hill to a higher gate of influence? Do you want to understand the phenomena of this global shaking and what God is doing through it? Click here to comment!

As One!

Lance Wallnau

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