Christians Should Not Celebrate Christmas

Many Christians just have no problem with Christmas. This is in most cases due to a lack of knowledge. However, I am sad to say, some Christians know exactly why they should not celebrate Christmas but they either haven’t got the guts or the will to let go of their family traditions.

I really do not understand why traditions cannot be replaced with new “traditions”. When we truly understand the real meaning of Christmas and why people all over the world really celebrate Christmas we as Christians should have no problem aborting this pagan festival. God and his will should be much more important than old family traditions. We really should not have any problem with doing the right thing.

Me and my family aborted this pagan practice fairly easy when the truth about this pagan celebration came to our knowledge. It was just not a problem at all. We decided not to make Christ a part of this pagan holiday. We just decided not to take part in this celebration and these activities at all. It does not even bother us at all. In fact, it was and still is quite a pleasant experience knowing that we honor Christ more than our traditions.

For those of you who still has not made the right decision about Christmas, click on the link below and watch this excellent animated YouTube video about Christmas:

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