Lives being destructed!

This morning the Lord showed me what is on His heart at this very moment. I knew that this grieved Him tremendously and what He showed me was really devastating.

I could see thousands of vehicles being pushed to the left (direction) into what looked like a dry riverbed. Although people also willingly drove into this direction and this flow, literally thousands of vehicles were being pushed into this dried up river by earth-moving machinery. It was as if, in stead of water, these vehicles became a slow but steady flow in this river. All these vehicles were in a fairly good condition but the moment it entered the river all of them were damaged beyond recognition by the earthmoving machinery. I could see the metal being torn up and bent as these vehicles were being transformed into broken pieces of metal.

The vehicles did not make it far into the river because it was chopped up, with drivers and passengers still inside, by a huge guillotine, into very small pieces, moments after it entered the river.

The Lord showed me that most of the people in these vehicles had no chance surviving this ordeal. They just could not get out. I in fact saw just one person, who was seriously injured, who managed to get out of his vehicle and slowly out of the way of the earth-moving machinery. I knew that their was an invisible force behind all that was happening in front of me. Some evil people assisted this invisable force by performing these absolutely devastating acts of destruction.

I knew that the vehicles symbolized the lives and the motivation of people. These people were all tempted and deceived into living empty and hollow lives of self-destruction. Something lured them into living a lifestyle of self-destruction and most of them did not realize exactly what this lifestyle was leading to. The fact that only one person survived this ordeal speaks of the hopelessness that people, who chose this lifestyle, are up to and will be up to if they do not repent.

God gave all people the power to decide how they want to live their lives. Not only Christians but also people of other faiths and even atheists reign over their own lives. This does sound true but in fact it is true. God gave us all a choice. In visions and dreams, vehicles symbolize the lives and motivation of people. God invested all His power in us and that power enables us to reign wisely and successfully over our own circumstances and our own lives. We can choose to live just like we want to or we can choose to live our lives according to the will and ways of God. People who reject the blood of Christ also reject this amazing power that God gave us.

It is those people who are pushed, by all these evil powers, into a direction that they do not really want to go, although they did when they started off this journey of self-destruction. People eventually want to escape this hopeless situation but unfortunately, most of the time, it is by then too late. They just cannot escape this certain death and of course these people are forever hopelessly lost.

This is the reason why this lays so heavily on God’s heart. The cruel reality is that God cannot do anything about it!

The Lord then showed me what was causing this. He showed me people who were in total bondage because of drug addiction, crime, the love of money and all sorts of worldly systems, particularly the financial system. He showed me how easily people are being controlled by these things. All these things became a prison in their lives and it also keeps them in bondage until it is too late.

He then expanded this vision and showed me that people were very thirsty and craving for water but there were absolutely no water available to give them. In dreams and visions water symbolizes the pure word of God which is able to set people free. Only the word of God can really deliver people.

Jesus Christ is the only chance that people have to make it out alive in this world. But we need to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. If we do not preach the gospel and if we do not tell people that Christ is the answer, these people are lost forever. Of course if they reject the gospel there is absolutely nothing we can but to pray for them. The bottom line is that if we do not preach the gospel to these people then they have absolutely no hope at all!

God wants us to pray for these people and He wants us to preach His word to them. Let us do it then. It is their only hope.

– ASR Martins

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