The Holy Spirit

Christians must look back to the first page of the Bible if they truly want to understand the nature and actions of the Holy Spirit, according to a video from The Bible Project.

“The Spirit is the way the biblical authors talk about God’s personal presence,” a voice-over proclaims, with the video description explaining that the phrase “Holy Spirit” is how the Bible describes “the mystery and power” of that divine presence.

Understanding this paradigm will help people “see the story-line of the entire Bible in a whole new way.”

For instance, the prophets in the Old Testament, along with so many others along the biblical narrative, were deeply influenced by the Holy Spirit.

The clip likens God’s invisible, yet incredibly moving Spirit, to the wind and breath, noting that its power, like human breath, “keeps us alive” and that God’s Spirit “sustains all life.”

“The prophets said the Spirit would come just like in Genesis 1, but now to transform the human heart,” the voice-over explains. “Centuries pass and we are introduced to Jesus [and the Holy Spirit descends upon him].”

Later, the disciples, too, receive the Holy Spirit, as the Bible explains.

“Today, the Spirit is still hovering in dark places,” the clip proclaims.

Watch it below:

The Holy Spirit YouTube video

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