Audio and Written Versions: Victorious Living In Christ Session 12

Victorious Living In Christ Session 12

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Session 11

My name is Basie Martins. I trust that you are all well and I want to thank you again for listening to this program. For those of you who do not know, the topic of this series is, How to Live Successfully and Victoriously in Christ. It is all about us, the body of Christ, and us the church and us as individuals in the kingdom of God, being successful in all areas of life. It is about us claiming our full inheritance. It is about us putting in place on earth, which is already in heaven.

In the previous session, we discussed the interaction between God, the Holy Spirit, the spirit of man, the soul and the body of man. We have seen that the Zoe life of God can flow right into the spirit and the soul and the body of man. When this happens it can be called complete deliverance. The Zoe life of God sets people free from all bondage. It delivers man completely when it saturates all areas and all levels of man. This is our most important priority in life, to save our souls and our bodies. This process is also called sanctification. It is all about pursuing holiness. This is our main challenge in life. The Bible calls it the fight of faith, or our faith struggle.

Our problem is not the devil or demons. Our problem is the lack of pursuing holiness and for that, we can only blame ourselves.

Today’s session is the last in this series. This is such an important workshop and it has the potential to change the lives of people dramatically. It is for this reason that I decided that the last session will be a detailed summary of the whole course. It is aimed at refreshing and highlighting the important aspects of this course and also at clarifying some aspects that usually cause a bit of confusion. Please take note that I referred to many Scriptures during the course and that I am not going to do so in this session. This session will be a pure summary of the whole course.

This series is all about us, as human beings, living on this divine planet called earth. This earth and the whole universe belong to God. If anything did belong to satan at all, he possessed it through dishonest means. Irrespective of how he did achieve to get control over people or this world, God restored whatever mankind lost, as a result of the fall of man, through the redemption work of Christ. On that cross, Jesus paid for everything and He restored everything. The dominion belongs to mankind again. Satan still causes havoc in the lives of people through dishonest means but he does it as a thief and through fraudulent acts. He has no authority. The authority belongs to mankind.

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The bottom line is, every human being wants to be successful in life. We all want to live healthy and carefree lives lacking nothing at all. This is actually what God wants for us as well.

The problem is that people want to achieve that without God. They live reckless lives and they do whatever they want to do. So it is no surprise that at some point in life, people experience bad things in their lives. They used to be strong and they used to manage their lives quite well. Many of them used to achieve quite a lot and some of them became very successful in life. But slowly but surely and in some cases suddenly, people start to lose control over their lives and circumstances. Things start to go bad on them. They become sick. They struggle with a lot of emotional issues. They struggle to provide for their families. All sorts of calamities become a reality in their lives. Some even die without Christ ending up in Hades where they are tormented and punished continuously.

I have experiences of old men asking me to pray for them. They never knew God but because of certain undesired events, they start to panic. Some of them lost their wives or loved ones. Some of them suddenly became very sick or they start to experience serious financial difficulties.

One incident that I can remember was a man who asked me to interpret a dream for him. The dream was a warning and I explained to him what it was all about. It was an urgent call to repent. In the dream, there was a warning that if he does not repent that the curse will suddenly hit him. I witnessed this happen a few months later. He did not repent. His wife suddenly fell ill and she unexpectedly died within a few months. Shortly after she died, he became very sick. He suddenly picked up four or five different and serious medical conditions. He had to go for a series of operations and medical procedures.

A few months ago he asked me to pray for him and to lead him to Christ. I did pray for him and I did lead him to Christ but I am not convinced that he was sincere about his salvation. His medical condition improved a little but he is still very sick. He is very emotional and he cries quite easily. He is still totally focused on his condition. He is always complaining and he is constantly scared and depressed. He is never glad or rejoicing about God or Jesus or about what Christ did for him on the cross. So I suspect that he tries to adhere to the warning and to God’s calling for repentance so that he can be delivered but it is difficult for him. He tries to believe and to have faith in God and to trust God but he is really struggling with this. All his life he ignored God and now at the age of seventy, he feels pressured into getting his life in order.

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I do not know how this is going to end because I don’t know how sincere this man is. I suspect that I will receive a message that he passed away in the next few months or a year or two. The problem is, sin deprives us of living successfully and victoriously lives in Christ. Sin is our worst enemy and we should avoid it like the plague.

Many people try to be very wise when it comes to enjoying some sort of security and stability in life. They reject God but relatively soon in life they make sure that they live healthily and eat healthily. They stay away from things that they know are bad for their health and so on. What these people do not know is that this lifestyle does not help one bit. It may postpone the consequences of sin in some cases but it cannot prevent it. In a previous session we discussed James 2:10 which says the following: For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. When you are guilty you will eventually pay the price.

Even people who live wisely also start to lose control over their lives. Things start to go bad on them. They become sick. They are usually very surprised to observe that the healthy eating and the healthy lifestyle that they pursued did not prevent them from getting sick. They start to struggle with a lot of issues. They struggle to provide for their families and all sorts of calamities become a reality in their lives.

What they do not realize is that the consequences of sin are death, hell, sicknesses, diseases, and calamities, no matter how healthy your lifestyle is. The Bible describes hundreds and hundreds of times, in the Old Testament and in The New Testament, that sicknesses and diseases and calamities are caused by sin. Jesus told many people not to sin again, after He healed them, and by doing so preventing even worse things from coming over them.

People regard sin to be serious stuff. God regards sin to be a lot less than just serious stuff. To us, only serious acts are sin. To God, just thinking of something can in some cases be sin already. Apart from all the violent and bad sins, people fail to be obedient to God. They fail to love God and his word. They fail to study the word of God. They fail to renew their minds. They fail to resist evil. They fail to resist sicknesses and diseases and calamities. They just accept these negative things as part of life. This is living in sin already, just by failing to do certain things. This is called disobedience.

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People fail to keep their minds occupied by beautiful and good things. They gossip and slander. They despise other people. They refuse to repent. They follow their own ideas of being righteous and just. They try to enjoy a good and prosperous life without God. So although these people think that they are OK, they really aren’t.

All their lives they depended on living healthy and they depended on their own wisdom to provide for their families. This is nothing but rejecting God. Although some of them are devoted Christians, deep in their hearts they trust more in these things than in God and his word. So they experience a lot of negative things too and they are no better off than unsaved people. When this happens, they are spiritually not prepared for most of the calamities and issues that they are suddenly facing.

The Bible never even once warns us that food and an unhealthy lifestyle are causing sicknesses and diseases in our lives. In fact, the Bible explicitly says that we can eat whatever God made and that physical training achieves very little. As long as we eat a well-balanced diet, we will never get sick because of food. Contrary to what so many experts claim, food cannot cure sicknesses and diseases and food generally does not cause sicknesses and diseases. It is only when people are exposed to malnutrition for quite a while that they will experience physical illnesses. The percentage of sicknesses and diseases caused by malnutrition is in reality very low. Science cannot be trusted when it comes to statistics in this regard because of wrong motives. By far, the majority of sicknesses and diseases attributed to food are just plain dishonest and fake information aimed at making profits. Less than one percent of sicknesses and diseases are caused by malnutrition.

The Bible even tells us what we need to do when we are sick and how to restore our health. We need to call for the elders, so that they can pray for us, and even our sins will be forgiven. This is the way that God decided it to be. We need divine healing. We need to look for healing in the church. God never said that we should use the medical profession.

Now I do not have anything against the medical profession. If we do not have the required faith we cannot receive our healing. We will die if we do not make use of the medical profession because without faith we cannot please God. Although the medical profession cannot heal people ninety-five percent of the time, it does manage some sicknesses and diseases to some extent. This usually buys us time to repent and to be healed the Biblical way. The Biblical way involves repentance and faith. The medical profession does not require both these things.

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There is, however, a very important fact to consider before you consult the medical profession. Although the medical profession does its best to help people and to cure sicknesses and diseases, it is also the number one cause of sicknesses and diseases and deaths by far. More people are killed by the medical profession than the number two and three causes of deaths combined, which are heart diseases and cancer. Our best options are always to rely on God and to receive restoration the Biblical way, however, we need faith to do that.

Remember, the manufacturer of Ford will be able to tell you how to maintain and repair a Ford vehicle. Only God will be able to tell us how to maintain our health and how to restore our health. God gave us a very comprehensive manual that explains all the relevant information that we need to know. Sicknesses and diseases and calamities come from God. He created it and it belongs to him. He even admitted that He made it and for what purpose He made it. He made it to punish people who refuse to live according to his will. Only the legitimate ruler of a kingdom can punish the citizens of that kingdom. The world belongs to God and that is why He can and does punish people and other creatures like demons. The world does not belong to satan. Jesus restored the dominion on the cross. God rules the earth. He rules it through the church although the church is not doing a good job at this stage.

The bottom line is, God is in charge. He is the legitimate ruler of this world. It is for this reason that we read of thousands and thousands of people that have been made sick and even killed by God in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Even Jesus warned people that He will kill them and that He will cast them on a sickbed and that He will bring calamities over them if they do not repent.

This is something that evil spirits cannot do. They cannot go out and kill people like they want to. The devil cannot even give you a headache. We never read anywhere in the Old Testament or the New Testament that the devil directly made a person sick or killed a person. Not even once. There is one verse in the Bible that suggests that the devil had something to do with a disease in the body of a specific woman in the New Testament. That woman was enticed by the devil to do bad things in her life. Those things were serious sins which resulted in this woman bringing that medical condition over herself. Her own actions were directly responsible for that disease. Yes, the devil was indirectly responsible for it because of the lies and deceit and the temptations but this lady could have refused to listen to the devil. Therefore, she can only blame herself for what happened to her.

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It can happen to anyone of us today. If we fall for the lies and temptations of satan and act on it, we will bring a lot of problems over ourselves. We will experience sicknesses and diseases and calamities in our lives because of that. Yes, the devil is indirectly responsible for sicknesses, diseases, and calamities in our lives but we can only blame ourselves for that.

The biggest threat in the church today, and the biggest threat mankind faces every day, is ignorance. Ignorance regarding the causes of sicknesses and diseases and calamities in the lives of people. Ignorance on how we can prevent sicknesses and diseases and calamities and ignorance on how to restore our lives. The world and the church fail with all these things.

According to the world, sicknesses and diseases are caused by genetic inheritance, food, unhealthy lifestyles, accidents and all kinds of external elements and forces that have the potential or ability to harm human beings. These external forces include viruses, bacteria, poison, chemicals, animals, machinery, equipment, tools, the sun, the weather, the wind, fire, people, vehicles and the list goes on and on.

According to the world, mankind needs to protect themselves to the best of their ability against these things. They do it through all sorts of worldly support systems. According to the world, some of these sicknesses, diseases, and calamities are caused by negligence but most are just a fact of life. People cannot really do much about many of these things. In most cases, people are merely innocent victims of things that they have no or little control over.

According to the church, sicknesses and diseases and calamities are caused by the things that I described just now. Yes, you heard correctly, the church believes as the world does in this regard. As the world, the church also believes people cannot really do much about many of these things. In most cases, people are merely innocent victims of things that they have no or little control over. Other than the world, the church believes that in most cases, these things do not happen by chance. The church believes that satan is responsible for most of these things. He has come to kill, steal and destroy and he has the power and the ability to do just that in the lives of people.

Because he can physically harm people and make people sick and destroy people’s lives, they need to protect themselves against the devil through spiritual warfare and by resisting the devil and sicknesses and diseases and calamities. So to the church, the devil harms innocent people who do not fight the devil or who do not resist the devil. To the church, Christians like this are ignorant or spiritually asleep. The church, in general, does not make a connection between sin and sicknesses, diseases and calamities. To the church, it is basically the devil’s fault. This is the reason why Christians do not repent when they are sick.

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The world and the church usually use the medical profession to restore themselves. By far, most people, even most people in the church, do not believe that God heals anymore. It was something that occurred in Biblical times but not today. That is why both the world and the church use the medical profession to restore themselves.

To them, sicknesses and diseases and calamities are not warning signs that they are doing something wrong or that they live in sin or that they are disobedient to God or that they need to repent. To them, it is something that they accidentally experience or something that the devil succeeded to put on them. When it happens, they just make an appointment at the doctor’s office and they physically do what is necessary to counter this problem. They fight the devil and they resist sicknesses and diseases to the best of their abilities.

The reality is that, as declared over and over in the Bible, that sicknesses and diseases and calamities are caused by sin. When we get sick, we need to repent. Sicknesses and diseases and calamities are almost always, about ninety-nine percent of the time, all signs that we slipped up somewhere. Far less than 1% of all sicknesses and diseases are caused by malnutrition and genetic inheritance. The rest, the 99% are all caused by sin.

We need to find out what we have done that caused it and we need to repent. When we repent, God will forgive us and He will heal us. Hundreds of Scriptures in both the Old Testament and the New Testament confirm the statements that I am making here.

The Bible declares that we are never innocent when it comes to these things. We are never innocent victims. We can only blame ourselves when bad things happen to us. If we did not cause these things in our lives through sin, we did it by being disobedient, which is also a sin. We did not renew our minds or we did not study the word of God and we did not apply the word of God in our lives. We did not build up our most holy faith. We did not believe that God and the angels can watch us every second of our lives and make sure that absolutely nothing can harm us at all, and sometimes, although we did not sin we were seriously negligent.

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The bottom line is a Christian who abstain from sinning, who pursue holiness, who renewed his mind, who study the word of God, who are obedient to God, who has built up his most holy faith, who repents when he experiences calamities, sicknesses or diseases, and who do not believe all sorts of false doctrines, eventually live a victorious and successful life in Christ. The most important reason that helps people to live victorious lives in Christ is the lack of false doctrines in their lives. The church is seriously bombarded with false doctrines every day. It causes havoc in the body of Christ.

What is the result of wrong beliefs or wrong doctrines in this regard? People who do not believe what I described just now, fail to protect themselves. They fail to repent when they experience bad things in their lives because of them believing that they are always innocent and that it is yet again the devil who is to blame. To them, it is just another attack by him on yet another front. They fail to prevent sicknesses and diseases and calamities in their lives by getting involved in sin or by not repenting from sin.

So to put is as simple as I can, by blaming the devil and by blaming fate or random accidents and incidents, we fail to take responsibility and accountability for our actions and subsequently we pay a hefty price for that.

Someone once told me that he just cannot bear living in fear of God. Every time that he experiences some calamity or sickness or disease he will feel that God is out to get him yet again because he slipped up somewhere. That cannot be right he argued. Now, this is not the case at all.

By far, most of the time, ninety-nine percent of the time, we are just reaping what we are sowing. We are just bringing all sorts of calamities and diseases over ourselves as a direct result of our actions. I am going to make a somewhat extensive list of examples to explain that.

We bring calamities and sicknesses and diseases over ourselves because of substance abuse. Smoking, using drugs, consuming dangerous substances like prescription drugs, too much alcohol, eating too much, not eating enough. We get involved in dangerous practices by failing to use prescribed safety equipment when we work with dangerous and poisonous chemicals. We recklessly use firearms on shooting ranges without using ear protection. We store dangerous chemicals where it can be easily accessed by children or people who do not understand how to use the substances or understand the danger of such chemicals.

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The Bible mentions that we need to ensure that our houses are safe, for instance, by installing handrails on the roof to prevent people from accidentally falling from the roof and so on.

We get involved in dangerous careers of which some are illegal. We get involved in dangerous sports. We live recklessly by driving recklessly, treating people recklessly, handle tools and equipment recklessly.

People also get involved in dangerous sins like murder, rape, theft, robbery, fraud, arson, traffic violations and the rest of the countries laws as signed into law by congress and by governments. Many of these laws are dangerous and so people enter into areas of life where they hurt themselves or at least expose themselves.

People also get involved in spiritual and emotional sins like hate, bitterness, pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and laziness.

By getting involved in sinful acts we automatically expose ourselves. We put ourselves in harm’s way. Mothers and fathers treat their children recklessly. They do things to their children that harm their children, not only natural or physical things but even spiritual things, like teaching their children how to steal or how to worship devils.

The results or the consequences of all these things are natural and automatic. It is not God punishing you. It is you bringing all these things over yourself.

But yes, there are times that God punishes his children but that is fairly rare. It usually happens after God warned us many times and usually after we reached a stage in our lives where we are in danger of losing our salvation. It might have been a problem for years in some cases. God will punish you through sicknesses, diseases, and calamities and He will even kill you if it means saving your soul. He does not want his children to go astray. God himself said that this is what He does. He did not only admit that this is what He does, He even threatened people in the Old Testament and in the New Testament that He will do these things if they do not repent.

If we are obedient to God we never have to be scared of him. If we love God we want to do things that please him and we will not live in fear because of that. If we are involved in sin, maybe we should be scared. Maybe when we are, we will repent. The problem is that the children of God are not scared of God because God is like Santa. He ignores all sins and He hands out gifts.

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People who are actually chastised by God just do not repent. Most of the time because the church does not preach this. Christians are under the impression that when they become sick that they need to pursue their healing and that is it, resulting in them just carrying on with whatever sins caused the sickness or disease in the first place.

Introspection and repentance is usually not an option, although Paul warned that if we do not judge ourselves, then God will judge us. And because of this, many are sick among us and many passed away. Christians rarely connect sicknesses, diseases, and calamities to sin. We actually should do exactly this all the time.

So what we need to do as Christians, is firstly to abstain from sin and to pursue holiness in our lives. This prevents any new sicknesses and diseases and calamities in our lives. Secondly, we need to get rid of all false doctrines that will prevent us from receiving our healing and our restoration. Thirdly we need to study the word of God and we need to renew our minds. We need to build up our most holy faith so that we can restore our health and our lives. This is the road to success and victory in Christ.

Stop fighting the devil. Stop breaking curses. Stop trying to achieve what Christ as already paid for. He already restored everything. He already gave you everything that you need. He already healed you on that cross, more than two thousand years ago. You just need to plug into the resources that He already made available to you. You do not need to fight for anything. You just need to reach out and take what is already yours, from a position of authority, in Christ on his throne from where you reign as a king in the kingdom of God. Anything less than this is not from God.

If you still need to do anything from your side but to speak things into existence, then you have been deceived. You speak to the mountain. You speak to the problem. You cast demons out. You command bodies to be healed, all in the name of Jesus Christ who has already given all these things to us many years ago. It is our inheritance. He gave us power and authority over all sicknesses, all diseases, and all calamities and all devils and all demons.

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So according to the Bible, sicknesses and diseases and calamities are caused by sin and in rare situations by God. According to the Bible, we can do a whole lot to ensure that we do not experience sicknesses and diseases and calamities in our lives. We can successfully prevent any and all sicknesses and diseases and calamities in our lives. We do it by living in faith. We believe every word that came out of the mouth of God. We do not live in fear and we do not believe the lies and we do not fall for the temptations of the devil. False doctrines have indoctrinated us in believing that we are powerless when it comes to this.

According to the Bible, people are never innocent victims of things that they have no or little control over. We are pretty much in control of our lives and our future. God has put us in control. He delegated his power to us. He has put an impenetrable hedge around us that cannot be compromised ever.

Even when we fail and even if we do allow some of these things in our lives through sin and unbelief and disobedience, we can still restore our lives completely by repenting and by restoring our lives the Biblical way, by trusting in God and not in worldly support systems. But having said that, if you do not have the faith to do this yet, then you probably should make use of the support systems of the world or you might die or suffer losses.

One of the factors that cause the children of God to live in ignorance regarding these things, is the fact that the church has decided to appoint paid ministers to teach them. Through the years some of these paid ministers have created and implemented doctrines of devils in the church. These are doctrines that are aimed at causing Christians to believe that they are not yet in a position of victory or authority yet because of certain things that they need to do first. They need to break family curses first or they need to win a certain spiritual battle first or something similar.

Sometimes false doctrines are aimed at making people believe that deliverance and restoration are only possible through worldly support systems. The God of the Bible stopped miraculous or divine restoration in Biblical times already. The church does not even know that divine healing and deliverance are part of the atonement and therefore available to any unsaved person until the last person in this world is saved and delivered.

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The church is being taught that they cannot do anything about many things in their lives. They are being taught that they just have to accept certain things. This is what keeps them on their knees. This is why they cannot take up their full inheritance. This is why they cannot kill the giants in their lives. This is the reason why I emphasized several times during the course the danger of false doctrines. Doctrines of devils are created to keep people in bondage. If you believe a lie that lie will keep you in bondage. It is the truth that sets us free.

God wants us to go out to preach the gospel of Christ and to deliver people by healing them and casting out demons and to make disciples. He does not want us to restore our own lives only. He wants us to set the captives free. He wants us to deliver people wherever we go. This is the core function of the church. This is what we should do. This is what Jesus did, this is what the disciples and the apostles did and this is what all believers in the New Testament did.

Nobody was involved in any other activities. Even those who did not have a miracle-working faith. Although they could not deliver people, they did everything else. They preached the gospel of Christ, they cared for people, they supported people and they made disciples and they brought the people to the apostles and the church elders to heal them or to deliver them. There are no gray areas in this regard.

To counter this, the devil conned us into getting involved in all sorts of strategies aimed at keeping us busy with many things but the thing that we have been called to do. Through the years I have identified these strategies and I have identified the groups of people who fall for these strategies. I call them the “prophecy” people, the “end times” people, the “carefree” people, the “warfare” people and the “spiritual gimmicks” people.

These strategies do not work. It keeps us from fulfilling our real purpose. Although it is usually presented in an exciting way, it ends up failing and it is soon forgotten. Quick fixes and instant success are myths. It fails because people trying out these gimmicks have not got the faith to make it work. They keep living lives of defeat because they are not prepared to walk the walk of faith. They fail to do what is required of them. They did not lay a proper foundation. They did not carry out the groundwork. They did not build up their most holy faith. Instead, they want to rely on the spiritual experiences of other people.

One of the most important aspects of spiritual development is understanding the interaction between our spirits, our souls, and our bodies. We need to understand that the deliverance of our souls and bodies is very important. It is not a good thing to be saved only. It is not a good thing that only our spirits are saved. If we did not deliver our souls and bodies also, we will suffer on earth. We will bring all sorts of sicknesses, diseases, and calamities over ourselves. People do not want to pursue holiness because they enjoy sin. Most of them do not know it but they are paying a hefty price to enjoy all those sins.

We need to allow the Zoe life of God to flow into our souls and bodies as well. We do that by renewing our minds. We do that by accepting and believing the word of God. We do that by deciding to believe the true word of God. It is all a decision. We do that by getting rid of all sorts of false doctrines. We get our souls in line with the word of God and the ways of God. This is our most important priority.

This is true Biblical spiritual warfare because it is all about renewing our thoughts. This is where the battle takes place, in our minds. This is how we cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. This is where we tear down strongholds. In our minds. It is all about replacing toxic thoughts and toxic doctrines with the real word of God. This is why our spiritual warfare is not physical. It is not against demons or the devil. It is against their lies.

All they can do is lie. They lie and they tempt. And all we need to do is to stand on the word of God. We take every thought captive and submit it to the word of God. We have one basic strategy when it comes to spiritual warfare. It starts like this: “It is written…” But before you can say “It is written…” you need to submit your soul and you need to renew your mind.

The more the spirit succeeds in convincing the soul and the body to accept yet another piece of the life of God to flow into them, the more they are delivered. If the soul and body willfully allow the life of God to flow into them completely, they will be delivered completely. In such a case, there will be no more dividing line between the spirit of man and his soul and body. They will be united. When this happens then there are no more emotional issues in the soul and no more sicknesses, diseases, and calamities in the body or soul which used to cause the body or soul to suffer.

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To achieve what I have discussed just now, we need to allow the Holy Spirit to build the word of God firmly into our hearts. It needs to be engraved permanently on the tables of our hearts. There is only one way to do that. A person I know calls it “pumping the word of God”. It is like taking a conventional pump and slowly but surely going through the trouble of manually inflating all the wheels of your car including the spare wheel. It is a tough job. It requires quite a physical effort but slowly but surely, if you persist, you will inflate every wheel up to the required pressure. You just pump and pump and pump until all those wheels are completely inflated. You only have to do it once. After that, you may need to inflate it just a little now and then.

He also compares it to a bodybuilder building his muscles. It is “pumping the word of God” like a bodybuilder “pumping” his muscles with those weights. The weights are heavy and it is an effort to build up all the muscles in your body. Again, you only have to do it once. After that, you just maintain your muscles which is easy to do.

Inflating the wheels and building up your muscles are both repetitive actions. We need to be disciplined and committed to doing that. So if we keep on meditating on the promises of God or his word, eventually it will be engraved in our hearts. First, we choose to believe the word of God. Then we try to memorize it and we keep on repeating it whilst we meditate on its meanings and implications until it starts to live in our hearts. The word of God has the built-in ability to produce faith. It is spirit and it is life. The moment we believe it, that moment we will start to act on it. When we act on it it becomes a reality in our lives. That is when we start to call things into existence that never existed before.

As we keep on doing this, we grow spiritually. We become stronger and stronger in the word of God. We become more mature and we become bolder. At some point, we reach a place where we start to utterly trust God because we know his word is yes and amen, which means guaranteed. This is when fear loses its grip on you. This is when you will be able to sacrifice your only son, knowing that God will raise him from the dead. This is when you will completely ignore a snakebite, knowing that the deadly poison of that snake won’t hurt you. This is when you kill all the giants in your life. This is when you restore your soul and your body completely. This is when you start to reach out to other people and when you deliver them and heal them and restore their lives.

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Yes, I know that this is not that easy to do but anyone can do it. It takes time and effort and commitment but the alternative is not acceptable. The alternative is a life of defeat and a life filled with disappointments, hardships, regrets, failures, and lost opportunities. We actually have no choice. We have to embark on this wonderful journey with Christ and with the Father and with the Holy Spirit and with the word of God. It will be so fulfilling and so worth all the trouble. Do it, you can. Take it, it is yours. Do not give up, it is guaranteed. You will succeed.

This is all for today. See you next time.

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