How To Build Up Miracle-Working Faith?

How To Build Up Miracle-working Faith In Your Life?

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Hi there, my name is Basie Martins. We are soon going out to heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead, for the first time. Remember, there always have to be a first time, and yes the first few times can be a bit challenging. My aim with this video is to help you get ready and able to go out, to heal the sick, to cast out demons, and to raise the dead. This was an instruction that Jesus gave us all, and, He will never ask us to do anything that we cannot do.

There is no doubt in my mind that we can all do this. We just need faith the size of a mustard seed and we need to be obedient of course. This is all it takes. The good news is that faith comes through the word of God. The word of God has a natural or built-in ability to generate faith automatically.

So today I want to do two things before we move out together for the first time. The first thing I want to is to bring your attention to a book that I have written titled, The Truth About Sicknesses And Diseases” This book will equip you to go out and to heal the sick and to cast out demons and to raise the dead. It covers all the relevant aspects that you need and it guides you through the necessary steps that you need to follow so that you can put the miracle-working faith of God into action. This book is available for purchase on my website. If you cannot afford this book, I have a free alternative available that can do the job as well. A free equipping course titled “Victorious Living in Christ”. It is also available on my website. I’ll leave the link to this course below this video.

To benefit to the best of your ability. Listen to the audio message whilst you are also reading it at the same time. This is the most effective way to get yourself thoroughly equipped. It is better than audio only and far better than television. Did you know that of the three, television is the least effective? It is a proven fact.

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Anyway, this course will help you to get equipped. It will show you that there are no hindrances to healing accept a lack of faith. It does not matter who you pray for. It does not matter if they are saved or not. It does not matter if they are involved in sin or not. Through your faith in Christ and his word, through your obedience, they will all receive their healing. Healing is guaranteed. You are the only person who can hinder healing. Nobody else. So if you do not see success in this regard, you need to check your faith and obedience and you need to have grid. You need to push through. It is a lot like a mother who gives birth to a baby. You cannot abort the baby when you struggle. You need to have grid and you need to push through until you see results.

The second thing I want to do is to share with you how I managed to built and develop this miracle-working faith in my own life. It is my personal testimony, in particular on how faith and miracles became part of my life.

I mentioned in a previous session that the word of God is the primary force and the most important factor when it comes to living a victorious life in Christ. Whenever a person knows the true word of God and if he believes that word and if he is obedient to God and his will and his word, he will live a victorious life in Christ. He will live in faith and he will live by every word that came out of the mouth of God. I am now going to discuss the steps that we need to follow to achieve this. I already mentioned that the word of God has a built-in ability to produce faith and I am going to tell you how I achieved faith in my life and what steps I followed to start to slay the giants in my life.

The secret is in meditating the word of God until faith is produced. It is not there immediately after you have read a Scripture or God’s promises in the Bible. It takes a little bit more time than that and a bit of an effort. After I have read and heard the testimonies of great men and women of faith, God revealed to me the steps to produce miracle-working faith in my life. He showed me how He achieved that in the lives of these great men and women.

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These are the steps that He instructed me to follow and which I did follow and which did build up the miracle-working faith in my heart that I needed:

I decided that I am going to believe the word of God no matter how impossible it seemed and that I am going to act in faith. I cut and pasted all the promises of God from a digital Bible into a word document and I printed them all. I did change every Scripture by applying it to me personally. I used the words I and me instead of Israel and so on. I put them up all over the walls in our house. I was literally surrounded by the word of God wherever I was in the house. I started to read them over and over again, one by one continuously daily. I even attempted to learn these Scriptures by heart although I was not very successful with that.

But I meditated on these Scriptures every day. I read them over and over again and again, loudly, and I could feel day by day how the Holy Spirit was nailing these Scriptures into my heart or building it into my heart like you build a brick into a wall. He was engraving the word of God onto the tables of my heart. I repeated every word of every Scripture every day over and over again. Each time I emphasized a different part of each Scripture and I made all those Scriptures part of my being. I could feel how the word of God slowly but surely produced faith in my heart. I could feel it gradually build up in my heart. I could eventually identify the exact moment (the date and time) when each Scripture has produced enough faith in my heart for me to start acting on them.

As soon as I realized that I have the faith for a specific thing, I removed the worldly support system for the specific thing. Eventually, I canceled all my insurances, on my vehicles and all my belongings and I started to trust God for everything in my life. Although many things were already canceled because of my bad financial situation at that time, I decided not to renew them when my finances were restored at a later stage. Even today, I still have no medical insurance, no insurance on my vehicles, no alarm systems or any other worldly support system whatsoever. As I said, it is not easy but it is certainly possible and guaranteed if we persist.

Sometimes the restoration process takes a long time and sometimes it manifests quicker. I was healed of many sicknesses and diseases in my life and I was delivered from all calamities and challenging situations and sin in my life, but, some of them took quite a while. Believe me, it was worth the effort. Today, I live in faith and I trust God for everything I need. I live by every word that came out of the mouth of God. As I said, at first it was extremely challenging. It was difficult but it became easier and easier day by day.

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I experienced resistance from all over. My wife and my family and even friends and colleagues were very concerned with what I was doing. They had all sorts of concerns with the way I trusted God and the way I interpreted the Bible. They thought that I went insane. They attempted to make me understand what the Bible really says and what the will of God really is about certain matters. They told me that nobody believes what I believe and nobody interprets the Bible the way I do. They gave me a lot of warnings and they even tried to scare me. Some even told me that I was surely going to die and that I was surely going to lose a lot of material things. They accused me of a lot of bad things and many people rejected me because of me stepping out in faith. I just ignored them all.

When you really believe the word of God, when the word of God really produced faith in your heart, then you do not care what people say anymore. This is when you only regard what God said. People could not scare me anymore. The moment that I have slain the giant of fear, many doors of success and victory immediately opened for me. I could finally understand how Paul could shake off a deadly snake that has just bitten him and how Abram could be ready to kill his only son without thinking twice. The Bible says that Abram did not fear to kill Isaac because he knew that God would raise or resurrect him again. Paul knew that if God said that he must go to Rome to carry out the work that He called him for that the snake could not kill him at all. They just believed God and that is what I intended to do.

Sure enough, even I had to face life-threatening situations and circumstances in my life and I behaved or reacted to these situations just like they did. It was God’s faith in action. It was simply there when I needed it. The word of God just produces faith automatically. It was not because of me. So I started to slay the giants, one by one. At times I panicked but the faith in my heart just kept building and building as I kept meditating on the promises of God daily. When I could feel panic, I ran to my printouts on the walls (later in my file) and I meditated the word of God until I calmed down. And then, one beautiful morning I could not panic anymore. Fear disappeared completely.

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There were many giants. When Marinda and I started this faith walk in Christ our financial situation could not be any worse. We were financially in a dreadful situation. We were on the verge of losing everything that we owed. We could not pay any of our debts. The house, the vehicles and everything we owed were hanging in the balance. We could not understand that after we gave up everything, after we reported for duty, after we stepped out in faith, after we did exactly what we knew God wanted us to do, why we would be facing all these challenging situations all at once.

My wife, Marinda, especially could not understand why God was not providing? Why was He not healing us immediately? Instead, everything quickly deteriorated at a frightening speed. Numerous times I got into the shower not knowing (in the natural) if I would have made it out alive. I was weak and my heart played all sorts of tricks on me. It just stopped beating many times by going into a sort of a state of vibration. I slept countless times with both my hands completely dead. It woke me up many times and I had to massage both my arms many times to get the blood back into my hands. I was very sick. I had a heart attack just a year or two before we started on this journey of faith. I was still weak and my medical condition was very unstable. I had to use chronic medication for my heart which I stopped using when we decided to step out in faith.

At one stage I learned to trust God completely when it comes to my health. I could literally feel one day that I do not fear trusting God for my health because of the word of God and the promises of God regarding healing. I stopped all medication and I decided not to make use of the medical profession anymore. It did scare me a bit but I refused to be intimidated by emotions of fear, especially when I stopped using the chronic medication for my heart. Fear told me that my blood was going to thicken rapidly and that I was going to get another heart attack. Fear told me that my heartbeat was going to go crazy and that I will eventually die because of it. Fear told me that I was going to die because of a stroke. Fear told me that we were going to lose everything that we owe. I knew that I had to kill the giant called fear, and I am referring to the emotion of fear.

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As I mentioned in a previous session, there is no such thing as a spirit of fear. Fear is an emotion in our souls that the devil wants us to succumb to. We need to subdue our emotions. We need to control our emotions. It is a decision. We do not have to fight demonic spirits of fear. That is a lie. So whenever I felt fear building up in me, I ran to the walls and I started to meditate those Scriptures about fear and the promises of God about his provisions and about healing. Over and over until I could feel how faith replaced the fear. I became more and more convinced every day that God gave us divine provision, divine protection, divine maintenance, and divine healing every day of our lives and that it is all guaranteed at all times under all circumstances, as long as we do not give up but keep on trusting God and his word.

I just kept on doing this and I refused to give up. And one day, the wonders and miracles started to happen. The first thing that happened was divine financial provision. You see, I left my job to start a full-time ministry without any income. God called me to teach his church but He did not want me to join a denomination. He also did not want me to minister to a congregation or pastor a congregation. So this meant that I wouldn’t be able to earn a salary. I was completely dependent on God to provide for me and my family supernaturally. One morning, when we did not even have any food left in the house, I saw a vision of a person I know. In the vision, this person walked to me and he stopped a few feet away from me. He smiled at me and he formed his lips like kissing me. He then turned around and he left. I knew that the symbolic meaning of these actions in dreams and visions is that this person favored me and my family. During that same week, that person knocked on my door and to make a long story short, he committed to carrying my ministry financially. He paid quite a lot of money into my bank account every month for almost three years. More than a quarter of a million rand. It was just enough to keep us going for the period that I mentioned. The day that this man stopped providing for us, that day my wife was signed on permanently at a job where she was a temporary worker. She got a huge raise and that raise was equivalent to the amount that the man I mentioned provided for us monthly.

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So we did not lose anything. Everything was paid for and we managed to catch up all arrears. We did not lose a thing. God was faithful and He honored his word. There were many giants and the giants were challenging. After we started the walk of faith, I had about five heart attacks over a period of two years. Every time I just ignored the symptoms. I just walked into the field or to a thatched barbecue area in my backyard where I usually pray and I just reminded God of his promises and I kept trusting God. At this stage, I did not fear anymore. I knew that I knew that God will not allow me to die. Every time the pain was excruciating exactly like it was the first time that I had a heart attack (before I started the walk of faith in Christ), when I was admitted into a hospital and when a cardiologist inserted a stent into one of my arteries. My heart was damaged when I had this first heart attack but it got worse after I decided to walk the walk of faith. It became weaker and weaker and my heartbeat became worse and worse. It became very irregular as a result of me not using the chronic medication for my heart.

Often I realized that my heart was not beating anymore but just vibrating. During incidents like this, I just ignored all these symptoms knowing that God would not fail me. I knew that I was healed on the cross many years ago and that I do not have to fear sicknesses and diseases that destroy people in the afternoon, according to Psalm 91. I knew that I could believe God and trust in his word. It is guaranteed to work in my life because I believed it and because I have made it mine. So at times, when I realized that my heart is not beating anymore, but just vibrating, I could feel how both my hands go numb and tickling and dead. I just ignored all these symptoms. I reminded God of his word and I usually fell asleep.

By the way, this condition that I was healed of, is what caused the death of the well-known actor, Sean Connery on 31 October 2020. According to the Scottish actor’s death certificate, he died in his sleep from pneumonia, heart failure, and old age. Specifically, Connery reportedly died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia as well as atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rate that can cause an increased risk of strokes, heart failure, and other complications. I had exactly the same heart-condition.

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Three different times during this period, I could feel how the muscles in one half of my face began to jerk and pull uncontrollably. I remember each time thinking that this is probably how it feels when a person has a stroke. I remember not feeling any fear knowing that I can ignore these incidents completely because of Psalm 91. Twice I just fell asleep and once I experienced it during the day. I just kept doing what I was busy and it stopped after a few minutes. I knew that this was faith in action but that it was not my faith but God’s faithfulness and God’s faith in action. It was God’s faith produced by the word of God.

I once experienced a burst or a small explosion in my left eye. I immediately had this black thing moving around and flowing around in the ball of my eye and it obstructed my vision. I remember that during this incident I instantly started to fear because it was very sudden and unexpected. I was busy frying an egg when it happened. I however recovered quickly and I reminded God of Psalm 91. I declared my healing and I started to destroy this black mass in my eye by casting it out in the Name of Jesus. This command started to work immediately. The black mass in my eye began to clear up although it took a few weeks for this thing in my eye to dissolve and to disappear completely. Today, just a few floaters are left and it does not hinder my eye-site at all. I am still declaring my healing in this regard and I know that even the floaters will be gone soon. It will disappear completely because I have the power to remove it with the word of God. It has no choice other than to listen and to be obedient just like the fig tree or the mountain that Jesus talked about.

Healing became a reality in my life. I was healed of another eye condition after a medical doctor (years ago) told me that I would have to use chronic medication for this eye condition for the rest of my life. I was healed of a very serious heart condition. I was healed of gout. Everything that I believed became a reality. I discovered that the word of God is really the truth and that we can trust God and his word completely without fear. I discovered that nothing is truly impossible with God and in the lives of believers. I finally realized that God can be utterly trusted. I finally realized that everything is guaranteed.

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Other than a lack of faith and disobedience, there can never be a nasty surprise out there. God is not going to fail you and tell you, sorry my child, you did not understand this correctly or that correctly and unfortunately I could not help you or anything of the kind. God will never fail you. If you have faith and if you are obedient to God you can trust God for whatever you want to and it will be like you believed. It is guaranteed. When I finally realized this, I completely understood why Abram and Paul were so fearless when bad or challenging things happened to them.

I just want to mention that I rarely asked God to heal me or to do something for me. I commanded healing by speaking life and healing to my body and I talked directly to these conditions. I did what Jesus did and I talked to the mountains and the trees and the situations in my life. I confessed and I declared the word of God in my life. I never begged God for anything. I knew that everything was paid for two thousand years ago and that everything belongs to me. I knew that God does not heal anymore. He already healed us all two thousand years ago.

I knew I just had to plug in and take my healing like the woman with the issue of blood did. This was the secret. At first, I did not understand this concept but the moment I grasped this my life changed. The moment that I learned that God does not do anything anymore, that He does not heal anymore, that He does not work behind the scenes anymore, that He is not putting things into place in your life anymore but that God entered into his eternal rest, at that moment, my life changed. At that moment I realized that it is all up to us. We need to storm heaven and take it by force. We need to reign as kings in the kingdom of God and take what is ours. We need to take up our inheritance. It is ours, it belongs to us.

Healing belongs to us, provision belongs to us, divine maintenance belongs to us and divine protection belongs to us. We just need to step out in faith and take it in faith. We just have to believe the word of God, make it ours and act on it in faith. If we do, everything that we believe for will become a reality. It is absolutely guaranteed. It cannot fail. You will live a long healthy life lacking nothing. You might not be rich but you will have everything you need when you need it.

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I discovered that certain things are more challenging than others and I also experienced failures. I did use medication occasionally and I did consult a medical doctor once just after I started the walk of faith. As I mentioned in the previous chapter, it is dangerous to ignore certain things if you do not have the faith for it or if you are disobedient to God and his will.

Read Hebrews 11:6 and 1 John 3:22 which reveals the fact that without faith it is impossible to please God and by stubbornly getting involved in sin, it hinders people from reigning over bad situations in their lives. It can lead to your death or the death of a family member if you refuse medical assistance if you do not have the necessary faith or obedience for it. Rather back off and live to face the same situation another day. I have realized, and I did experience that we can face one condition at a particular time but not another situation that might be more challenging at the same time. You must learn to face what you have faith for but to postpone what you do not have faith for yet. It is for this reason that we should not gamble with the lives of our children or our loved ones. Do not feel dismayed or condemned when you face a situation that is just too much for you. Postpone that situation and challenge it on another day.

Make use of the systems that the world offers us but make a point of it not to fall into mediocrity. If you do, that thing will kill you one day. We do need to slay every giant in our lives. The giants that we do not slay will slay us eventually. Israel had to conquer all the heathen nations in the land of Canaan. Although they did experience some defeats, they did conquer some of these nations at a later stage. However, they failed to conquer them all and they failed to be obedient to God regarding his instructions in dealing with these nations. The nation of Israel only claimed about 10% of the land that they were promised. They did not claim their full inheritance and those nations that they failed to conquer, those giants that they failed to slay eventually defeated them and they lost their inheritance because of that.

This is all within our reach. Our inheritance is great. It is divine and it is ours. We can achieve it all. We can be victorious in life and in Christ if we truly want to be. We just need to step out in faith, we need to flex our faith muscles and we need to storm heaven and take what is ours by force. It is not that easy but it is completely doable and worth the effort. The joy and satisfaction that we will experience when we have slain that last giant is priceless. For me, there is no choice. If we do not claim our inheritance, we will experience a lot of negative and bad things. We will experience situations in life that will be just too much for us to handle. It will lead to bad experiences and it will kill us before our time.

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God wants us all to live a life that will completely satisfy us and that will make us happy and joyful and blessed. He wants us to live a wonderful and full life full of blessings and joy. Do not be afraid. All the promises of God are guaranteed for everybody no matter who you are or what you are experiencing in your life right now. You can and you will turn everything around again. You will be restored completely. There is no exception. The only conditions are that you report for this and that you never give up and that you keep on trusting God.

And so this concludes my personal testimony on healing and faith. Believe me, you can all do the same. Go to my website, use the equipping material that you need and get yourself equipped to be an instrument of excellence in the hands of God.

This is all for today. See you next time

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