Once a Year Annual Holidays Discount!

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ASR Martins Ministries usually offers a 20% discount on all books only once a year during the holidays season. This discount applies to all books in both the USA Store and the South African Store.

Your Discount Coupon code is the following: ASR20 and it is valid until 24 December 2020.

In addition to this, this year we offer you the 6 in 1 Dreams Interpretation Combo-Deal as well:

As part of the combo-deal, clients get the combo paperback format of all 3 Dream Symbols books and manuals (The Book that explains the principles that govern the Biblical language of symbols – The Symbols and its meanings – The Practical Interpretation Course Manual), and they qualify to download all the eBook formats, and all future updates of these eBooks for life, free of charge. These eBooks are often updated with new symbols and new material so this is a huge benefit.

The following steps will be followed:

Step 1: Purchase the 6 in 1 combo-deal book-collection on Amazon: Dreams Symbols Dictionary (6 in 1 Combo)

Step 2: Either purchase the relevant eBooks for $1.00 on this page at the “Add to Cart” link or contact ASR Martins on the Contact Us page. Complete the fields on the Contact Form and inform him that have purchased the 6 in 1 book collection, and that you want to download your eBooks. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of this combo-deal. The $1.00 activation deposit is not refundable.

Step 3: ASR Martins will contact you by email in which he will request you to send him your Amazon receipt to prove that you did purchase the 6 in 1 book collection. As soon as he has received your proof of purchase, he will forward the download links to you.

USA Store: Buy Now

SA Store: Buy Now

Blessings in Christ

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ASR Martins

Hi there, thank you so much for those who used this offer to purchase my books this year. It is much appreciated. I am looking forward to next year when this will once again be offered to our subscribers.

Blessing in Christ

ASR Martins


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