Authentic Biblical Deliverance

How can I deliver demon oppressed and demon possessed people effectively?

What strategies do evil spirits utilize to oppress people?

Is there a correct, Biblical way in dealing with the deliverance of satanic oppressed people?

In order to understand the answers to these questions, we need to know how people are oppressed and how people are possessed by demons. We also need to know what happens with these people, physically and spiritually, during the process of oppression and the subsequent possession. It is very important to understand that both satanic oppression and satanic possession do not happen overnight. It is a process. Of course we also need to know what our focus needs to be when we deliver demonic oppressed and possessed people.

I have written a few posts regarding satanic oppression. It was quite a revelation for many people and quite a number of people gave me very positive feedback after they have read these posts. Click on the category, “Spiritual warfare” if you wish to read these related posts. It was also a very pleasant surprise to see that many people do understand that the devil and his demons just cannot harm us at all, in any way, because of the protection of God in our lives. That is of course if WE do not allow these evil spirits to harm us. People also know that we allow evil spirits to harm us when we give in to temptations or when we believe and accept their lies. When you believe evil spirits and when you do what evil spirits tell you to do, just here all your troubles start. If you do not believe their lies and if you don’t do what evil spirits tell you to do, you are absolutely safe.

Evil spirits can only oppress people who are guilty of sin and unbelief. Evil spirits cannot oppress or possess innocent people. They need to find somebody who is willingly getting involved in sin in order to oppress them. In order to possess such a person, they need to convince such a person to give themselves over to the pleasures and the benefits of that particular sin to such an extend that they slowly and progressively give the control over to the demonic spirits influencing such a person. With every temptation to have more pleasure, the demonic spirit entices the person to go deeper and deeper in the particular sin for even more pleasure. People who loves sin will eventually sell their souls for more pleasure and more power or for whatever the demonic spirits entice them with. People cannot be possessed by evil spirits any other way. Demons just cannot oppress or possess people just like they want to. They need legal grounds to do that. For this reason not even nonbelievers can be oppressed or possessed if they do not allow demons to do that. The only way for demons to possess people is through sin. If they are enticed through all sorts of promises and lies to give their souls over to these evil spirits, then these people are seriously oppressed. If they, again through lies and deceit, go to a deeper level in their sins, they eventually willingly allow these evil spirits to enter their spirits which results in absolute possession. See my book, “The truth about spiritual warfare” for more information on this subject. In the book I have a comprehensive section on the reasons why there is no such thing called generational curses. People believing this false doctrine believe that innocent people can be possessed by demons because of the sins of their forefathers and numerous other “innocent” ways like unknowingly eating cursed food or food offered to idols. This is just not true! Any person who is demonic oppressed or possessed has only himself to blame for that. There is no way that an innocent person was ever oppressed or possessed. These are all lies from hell.

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The statements above make it very clear where our focus should be when dealing with evil spirits, demonic oppression and even demonic possession. Our focus is determined by the strategies that evil spirits utilize when attacking people. It may be a surprise to many people but the truth about the strategies of demonic forces is that it is not a complicated subject at all. They have only two strategies. The first strategy is to lie to people and the second strategy is to tempt people to sin. That is it! They have no other strategies. With their lies demons deceive people into believing all sorts of false doctrines. With their lies they also deceive people into all sorts of temptations. The more people give in to these lies and these temptations, the more it enables them to oppress those people.

The ultimate goal of these spirits is to take control of our minds. The more they control our minds the more control they have over our beliefs and over our actions.

When learning about demonic influences in the lives of people the Lord once showed me the strategies of evil spirits in a dream:

First strategy (lies): In the dream the Lord showed me a very dark place that resembled a gold mine or an industrial plant or a salvage yard. I could see all sorts of rusted equipment made of steel all around me in the semi-dark area. Some of the implements and equipment were greasy and dirty. Most of the equipment were out of order and just lying around rusting away. This symbolized a dark world governed by worldly systems. Demonic spirits aided by corrupt human beings created this world. Steel symbolizes man-made doctrines and systems influenced by evil spirits. Dirty oil and grease symbolizes contaminated anointing or false anointing. People contaminate the anointing of the Holy Spirit with their own intellectual revelations influenced by the love of sin and by evil spirits.

In the dream a person came to me and he gave me a cup filled with a black fluid which resembled old oil or transmission fluid. He gave it to me to drink like coffee. He did the same. He then showed me broken greasy car parts. He wanted me to taste the grease and dirty oil on these parts as we walked through this junkyard. I slowly realized that the fluid that he gave me to drink is highly toxic and that both of us will surely die a slow death because of this. Even the grease and oil he wanted me to taste were toxic. I decided not to taste it but only to smell the different substances. Smelling symbolizes spiritual discernment. He then showed me a transparent packet with what looked like rat poison of a blue-green color. I know that blue symbolizes the revelation and the authority of God. Green symbolizes soulish intellectual reasoning. This mixture of real truth with soulish revelation symbolized the strategies of demonic spirits when they deceive people. A little bit of truth mixed with lies. What God showed me in this dream is that the lies of evil spirits are really of a seriously toxic nature. That is why people die a slow death because of oppression and possession. This is literally the truth! Both oppression and possession, as you will see below, literally cause death!

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In the dream I took a hosepipe with pure clean running water. I turned a big rusted, greasy piece of equipment on its side. I thoroughly washed it with this pure running water. Water symbolizes the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through the word of God. The word of God is life and it is spirit. This symbolized that we as Christians can use the pure revelation power of the word of God to purify our belief systems. We can remove dirty lies and dirty worldly systems with the washing of pure water by the word of God.

Ephesians 5:26

That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word

Second strategy (temptations to sin): In the dream the Lord showed me someone I know standing in his garden. This person was upset because of the noise that a rather big sun-bird was making when it feeds on the nectar in the flowers in his garden. This sound irritated this person. Although sun-birds are normally very small, this one in the dream was almost the size of a big dove. The color of this bird was a mixture of light yellow and light green. Birds in dreams symbolizes spirits. It also symbolizes the activities of evil spirits in a person’s life. The sun-bird symbolizes the constant pursuing of sweet nectar. It has a never-ending craving for sweet nectar in flowers and with its long down-curving beak it sucks out all the nectar it can get out of these flowers. The sun-bird has short wings which it can flap very fast which enables it to hang motionless in the air whilst sucking out nectar. The prominent long down-curving beak makes it well able to reach all the nectar it so craves.

Nectar symbolizes sin. Sin is sweet like nectar in your mouth. It is wonderful to eat. It is quite an experience, but like nectar, in reality it has no nutritional value. In fact, pursuing sin is a constant running after nothing. It cannot fill one’s hunger. Our hunger can only be satisfied with the true bread of life, which is the word of God. The light yellow-green mixture (the color of the sun-bird) symbolizes hatred, jealousy, blasphemy and rebellion against God, the Holy Spirit and other Christians.

The person’s irritation by the constant chirping of the sun-bird symbolizes the fact that this person do not want to be demon oppressed anymore. At first these enticing sounds were sweet in his ears but not anymore. This person decided he does not want to listen to the lies of the evil spirit(s) anymore. He wants to be set free.  

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In the dream the person asked me to kill the bird by throwing it with a piece of rock. I took the brownish dark-beige rock out of his hands, aimed at the bird but I missed. The sun-bird flew away but was back a few minutes later. It went strait for a flower and it immediately made that irritating chirping sounds again. The beige rock he gave me speaks of a person who, although he wants to do the right thing, is still involved in sin and still wants to be involved in these particular sins. This is why I failed to kill the bird. This speaks of the fact that people who do not want to be delivered from satanic oppression, because of the love of sin, cannot be delivered.

This person asked me again to kill the bird. This time he gave me a flat piece of rock that resembled a flat piece of fossilized bread. In the dream I suspected that this fossilized rock is actually manna, which, like bread, symbolizes the revealed word of God. It specifically symbolizes the willingness to seek the deeper truths of God’s word. The fossilized manna also symbolizes that the word of God is the ancient truths of God and it is ageless. It can never loose its power. It also symbolized that this person is now willing to allow the word of God to change his life. People who are demon possessed need to willingly give their cooperation if they really want to be delivered. I took this piece of rock, aimed at the bird and I hit it dead center (on the side but middle of the body). The sun bird was seriously wounded and it made a nosedive right into the ground. The long beak and the head of the bird went right into the ground. This symbolizes the fact that the power of the word of God defeats any demonic spirit or demonic oppression immediately and effectively. The buried head and beak speak of intellectual reasoning and enticing words losing its power in a person’s life. The reason why the word of God is thrown like a rock, speaks of the word of God, when it is spoken, is able to go out and do what it was sent out to do. It is able to reach anything anywhere in the universe in any realm (physical and spiritual).

The next moment the sun-bird was floundering on the grass. The head now not buried in the ground anymore. I hit it again with the word, by throwing it with the rock (fossilized manna), causing a wound to the head. A third blow killed the bird by cutting off its neck. This sequence symbolized the sequence of Godly demonic deliverance. First, as symbolized by the body hit, the persons spirit or soul needs to be delivered by casting out the demons or taking away the demons. Then as symbolized by the wound in the birds head, the person needs to be delivered of false lies and false doctrines (toxic thoughts). Then, as symbolized by the neck that was cut off by the rock, the yoke is broken by removing the head (removing toxic thoughts). The removing of the head speaks of submitting to the will and ways and truths of God. This was all done by the ancient fossilized rock, the word of God, which can never loose its power and which will stand fast until all eternity.

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What happens when a person is slowly loosing control over his mind?

It is important to understand that all people are, most of the time, under demonic attack. Yes, all of us! By far, most people are demonic oppressed and many people are demonic possessed. Only a few people, those who live a victorious life in Christ, are really free from demonic oppression. However, to be a Christian does not exempt people from being demonic oppressed. In fact, although not demonic possessed, most Christians are demonic oppressed. Why so? Because most Christians are being deceived into all sorts of sins and deceived into believing all sorts of doctrines and lies which are not in line with the word of God!

There is a very important principle regarding false doctrines that Christians do not realize. That principle is the following: “When a Christian believes a false doctrine, that doctrine brings him or her into bondage”. People act on false beliefs or false doctrines. They believe a lie and that lie brings certain realities into existence in their lives. These false doctrines cause people to say certain things and it causes people to do certain things. These words and these actions have devastating results in the lives of people. This is the reason why so many Christians are sick and why so many of them live really mediocre lives or lives of failure and defeat. It all starts in our minds.

What happens when demonic forces slowly take control over our minds?

The first things that are evident in people’s lives are the following?

Doubt, unbelief and sin

People start to doubt God’s word and God’s favor in their lives. That causes people to become insecure. People start to worry, stress and walking in fear. This happens in the lives of both Christians and nonbelievers. This is probably the first or lowest degree of demonic oppression. However, there are believers who really believe God and His word. These people do not walk in fear and they do not stress about anything in their lives. People like this are absolutely free in Christ. They are happy. They are healthy and they lack absolutely nothing. 

People also get involved in all sorts of sins. Nonbelievers obviously more that Christians. Galatians 5:19-21 – Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings…


Because of doubt, unbelief and sin, all sorts of sickness and diseases start to surface in the lives of Christians and nonbelievers. It is important to understand that these sickness and diseases are the natural result of sin, stress, fear and unbelief. Fear and stress are the most destructive cause of most diseases! Just because we doubt in God’s word and in His goodness, even Christians pay a very expensive price! These diseases and calamities do not come from God and it does not come from the devil. It is the fruit of our own actions and our own words of unbelief that we declare in our own lives. Although the Bible do refer to people who are sick, as being oppressed by satan, the sickness and diseases are actually caused by people getting involved in sin, doubt and unbelief. The devil cannot make you sick but he can cause sicknesses to come over you if you fall for his lies and temptations. You actually bring all these things over yourself!

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Undesirable behavior

Depending on the severity of the control that evil spirits obtain over people’s minds, all sorts of unacceptable behavior start to surface in peoples lives. People feel a compulsion to abuse animals or other people. They feel that they have no control over their sexual desires. Things like sexual perversion and immorality like homosexuality and molestation start to surface in people’s lives.

A compulsion to abuse their bodies with drugs, alcohol, gluttony and abuse or misuse of other substances start to surface in peoples lives. People start seeking spiritual knowledge through Eastern religions and other counterfeit religious groups like yoga, humanism and the many other false religions in the world today. People start getting involved in practices of the occult like fortune-telling, satanism and magic.

Severe mental distress or oppression like anxiety, fear, anger, and disorientation at more serious levels in terms of severity start to surface in people’s lives. Psychological disorders like split and multiple personalities, schizophrenia and paranoia start to surface in people’s lives. People experience a constant inability to function normally.

People experience a lack of freedom or joy and also an inability or constant refusal to repent of sin, though they know that they are sinning against God and against other people.

Seriously violent demonic activities

The most serious degree of satanic oppression results in seriously violent demonic activities. People start to act radically violent and intolerable towards other people. Murder, rape, satanism and satanic rituals and witchcraft start to surface in such peoples lives. These people are normally demon possessed and have almost lost complete control over their minds souls and spirits. Evil spirits run rampant in these peoples lives. These people are usually completely in serious bondage and cannot free themselves out of this nightmare that they allowed themselves into. They are a serious danger to themselves and to other people and needs to be delivered from satanic possession and oppression.

How to deliver satanic oppressed people

When it comes to deliverance, there is a very important principle that needs to be taken into consideration before a person is delivered. Every believer and even nonbelievers have a conscience and therefore the will and ability to choose what is right. The Lord taught me once that the human “kidney”, in dreams and visions, symbolizes the conscience of man. Just as the kidney purifies the blood, so the conscience of man “purifies” the life or soul of man. The “life” or the “soul” is in the blood. The spirit of man is already saved and in harmony with God. The soul however, needs to be purified by means of pursuing holiness. We need to live holy lives. It is all about making the right choices. It is all about removing specific sins out of our lives.

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When a person dreams that his “kidneys” are damaged or his “veins” are damaged or that something is wrong with his “blood”, it means that the process of “purification” cannot be carried out. This means that the person’s blood cannot be cleaned or purified. These organs need to be healed first before the blood can be cleansed or purified by the kidney. When the organs are all functioning, it speaks of the ability of the kidney to purify a person’s blood. When this happens, it symbolizes the acknowledgment of sin in a person’s life. The result or the outcome of this purification is usually symbolized in dreams by a person releasing himself (urinating). When the blood is purified by the kidneys, it releases a side product called urine. The urine goes to the bladder from where it is released. If you dream that you release yourself it speaks of victory over a particular sin in your life.

This same principle is true when it comes to the “purification” of our souls. Most of the time a person can be delivered by mere counseling. Remember we said that the focus with deliverance is the word of God and the will of God for our lives. We need to change a person’s behavior through ministering the word of God to him. Such a person is given the opportunity to replace toxic thoughts (lies) with the pure living word of God. This word will purify the person’s thought pattern and will set him free. Sometimes however, mere counseling will have no effect. Such a person needs to be delivered from evil spirits first. The blockage that’s preventing this process of detoxification needs to be removed first.

The word of God is powerful. We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. It is all about getting a person to find the truth. When we hear the word of God and we believe it, we are being delivered. There is absolutely enough power in the word of God to set us free. The moment we believe the word of God, we will declare it over our lives and it will put wonderful things in place in our lives. Real Biblical deliverance is not about waving a magic wand around. It is not about all sorts of rituals and all sorts of soulish spiritual warfare against evil. All the rituals that we so often see during deliverance have absolutely no value. People feel emotional and people’s hair are raising, they get goosebumps and it just feels to many people that they have really defeated the enemy by means of carrying out these rituals. The truth however is just the opposite. It sometimes unknowingly causes even more problems. The enemy is not the problem. People are always the problem. We allow the enemy to carry out unwanted things in our lives. They can do absolutely nothing if we do not allow them to. They have absolutely no power over us, even over nonbelievers.

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The influence of the word of God or the lack of the word of God in a person life is actually the problem.

It might be a revelation to many people to understand that the primary focus, when delivering people from satanic oppression, is not the devil or the demons but rather the ministering of the word of God. We need to allow the word of God to deliver people.

The problem however with people who are demon possessed, is that their conscience does not function anymore. Just like the damaged kidney or damage veins, which cause the purification process of the kidneys to malfunction, so the ability to pursue holiness in a person who has no control over his conscience or his own will, will also malfunction when it comes to living a holy life before God. Such a person has given the control over to demonic spirits and cannot really choose to do the right thing. Such a person needs to be delivered from demonic influences first before he can be truly delivered by means of counseling.

In cases like this we briefly put our focus on the evil spirits. Practically this means we, if the person is demon possessed, cast the evil spirit or spirits out of the person or, if the person is demon oppressed, we take the demonic spirits away from them. When this is done, we put our attention immediately back where we need to; the power of the word of God in terms of proper Biblical counseling. Just by casting out demons or taking demons away, a person is not really delivered. The evil spirits will merely come back and possess the same person again together with even more other demons worse than themselves. By merely taking demonic spirits away from a person we will basically have the same result.

Real deliverance is helping a person to be obedient to God and His word. Remember the Scripture, “Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you”. We need to introduce people to the living Christ and the living word of God. We need to teach people to be obedient to God, His word and His will. We need to motivate people to pursue holiness. When people focus on God and his word, they will truly be delivered from demonic influences and demonic oppression.

What does the taking away of spirits mean? The Scriptural grounds of this statement is found in Mark 16:18

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Mark 16:18 (Geneva Pilgrims Bible – 1560)

They shall take away serpents; and if they shall drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

I truly view the 1560 Geneva Pilgrims Bible the most authentic Bible ever translated. Quite a number of versus in this Bible is different from other Bibles. The reason for this is that the reformers in the middle 1500’s, who translated this Bible from the original text, did an excellent job. Contrary to Bible translators in the Catholic church, these reformers truly translated exactly what they read in the original text. They did not adapt certain Scriptures to fit their own beliefs. Take this Scripture (Mark 16:18) as an example. In the original Greek text, the word incorrectly translated as “take up” by other translators is in fact “take away”. It says that they shall take away serpents. Serpents symbolizes demons. Mark 16:18 actually says that these Spirit filled believers will “take away” demons. They will take them away from people or from certain situations. They will actually deliver people from demonic influences.

We know that there are two types of people who needs to be delivered from demons before we can minister the word of God to them effectively. People who are demon oppressed but still in control of their own free will and their own conscience, do not need to be delivered from demonic influences. We can minister the word of God to them and they can be delivered from oppression by merely applying the word of God in their lives. The second group, those who are demon oppressed but struggling to stay in control of their conscience and own free will, are those who need to be delivered from evil spirits by removing these spirits away from them. Removing evil spirits from them means to stop these spirits from influencing these people. However, it can also mean casting out evil spirits from their souls (not their spirits). This means they are not demon possessed but the evil spirits did take control over their souls. The third group, those who are demon possessed, have no control over their conscience and their own free will. We need to deliver these people by casting out the evil spirits from their spirits.

In the life of Kenneth Hagin, something happened which shed more light on Mark 16:18

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Years ago, Kenneth had a problem with a family member who was really struggling living a holy life. Although he did give his life and his heart to Jesus Christ, this guy was really struggling. He was backsliding often. He often did things that was not acceptable in the church of Christ. He lost his job many times. Other family members often complained to Kenneth about this family member who was really untrustworthy and a disgrace to the family.

Kenneth often prayed for this guy. One day, after yet another family scandal, Kenneth again prayed for this man. He was seeking wisdom from God to change this person’s behavior. Whilst Kenneth was praying, he suddenly saw a vision of this man walking down a familiar street in their hometown. He then noticed that on the other side of the street, three huge demons that looked like baboons were walking alongside his family member. He could see how these demons interacted with this person. They were shouting at him. They were making all sorts of vulgar suggestions and remarks. Sometimes some of them ran across the street to the person and they jumped on him. It was clear that these three demons were giving this man a hard time. They were a really bad influence on this person. Although this man has been oppressed by these demons, he was only reaping what he sowed. He obviously allowed these baboons to influence him and he was seemingly not able to reverse this oppression.

The Lord then told Kenneth that this person was struggling because of the influence of these demons. He then told him that he (Kenneth Hagin), being a child of God, can and may intervene by commanding these demons to leave this person, in the Name of Jesus Christ of course. Kenneth did just that. He reported that these demons, immediately when he told them to leave this person alone they did. He commanded them, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to leave (and then Kenneth spoke the name of this person), immediately. He commanded them to stop their manoeuvres in this person’s life. He also commanded them to never return to this person ever again. These demons got the fright of their lives and they left immediately. When Kenneth saw this family member again a few days later he immediately noticed a huge difference. This man immediately changed for the better. God was able to restore this man’s life after this incident.

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The Lord showed me in a dream that one of the major causes of demonic oppression is ignorance: In the dream I was lying on my back, half asleep, similar to what one experience when slowly waking up. Although not really awake I knew, in the dream, that I was eating something. I knew it was not food. It was hard like metal but I tasted a really sweet and pleasant liquid flowing into my mouth. Somebody woke me up just as I was enjoying this sweet taste in my mouth. When fully awake I decided that I need to check what I was eating. When I checked I realized that I was chewing on four penlight batteries. The number “4” symbolizes knowledge. In this dream it symbolized intellectual knowledge or intellectual revelation. I punctured some of these batteries with my teeth and that allowed this sweet liquid to flow into my mouth. This liquid was none other than battery acid. I immediately knew that the acid was about to burn and damage my mouth, teeth and stomach. I also noticed that the four batteries were connected to each other and wrapped inside a package. There was a label on the package. I attempted to read the label but realized that I destroyed the label with my teeth while chewing on the package in my sleep.

The Lord showed me that this dream symbolized the method that demonic spirits utilize to oppress people. They look for a person who is ignorant regarding their spiritual conditions and obligations. That is symbolized by me being half asleep in the dream. While people are spiritually ignorant, demonic spirits deceive them by all sorts of lies that really taste wonderful as symbolized by the sweetness in my mouth in the dream. The damaged label symbolized the fact that people are totally unaware of what they are really eating. They are in fact eating toxic poison without even knowing it. This poison will destroy their ability to digest the word of God as symbolized by the damaged teeth, mouth and stomach. If demonic lies damage your spiritual teeth and spiritual stomach, it cannot digest the word of God. This is why demonic oppressed and demonic possessed people need to be delivered.

The Lord also showed me in a dream what the enemy’s strategy is concerning the word of God: In the dream I was in a darkish rural area. I supernaturally knew that huge water tanks filled with water are hidden underground. I could see that sprayers were installed all over on top of these tanks but I could see that either the sprayers did not work or were missing. I could see that somebody threw alarm systems into these tanks at the sprayer holes. People were walking all around these tanks. I noticed that these people were ignorant and did not know what exactly was going on. One person asked me why the sprayers were not working. I told him that somebody (the enemy) installed alarm systems in the tanks and at the sprayers. Although huge resources of water were available to people, they did not use it because of it being hidden, equipment being missing and broken and alarm systems warning the enemy whenever somebody attempted to use the water. When the evil spirits is warned by the alarm system, they move in immediately to counter the word of God with lies. By this strategy (keeping the word of God in obscurity by means of unbelief), evil spirits prevent people from applying the word of God in their lives. If you have no access to the pure revelation power of the word of God, which can be applied in your live by removing impurities with the washing of water by the word of God, people cannot be delivered.

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Ephesians 5:26

That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word.

I wrote this post to help people to be set free from demonic oppression effectively. It clearly explained the strategies of evil spirits and it clearly explained what our focus and strategies should be in order to set people free. It is all about true authentic, Biblical deliverance and that is why I attempted to cut away all the “clutter”. The “clutter” do not only confuse people, it also minimize the success of real deliverance. It sometimes even causes oppression! Deliverance is actually really simple. It is not the big thing with all the useless rituals the people so easily get involved with. There is no need for breaking all sorts of curses and cleaning houses and all the focusing on spirits and all sorts of spiritual warfare. It is all about God and His word. It is all about proper Biblical counseling. Of course we do teach people to stay away from occultism, pornography, astrology, demonic music, drugs, magazines of the occult, books of false religions and idols of pagan gods and so forth. It is however not the big spiritual thing that people make it. Just tell the person to go to his house and if he is guilty doing these things or knows of things like this in his house, to stop doing it and to get rid of these things. He can do it himself. These things are wrong and should be stopped or removed from his house yes but do not make a big thing out of it. The focus should be God and His word.

I believe that this post will bring more clarity on proper Biblical deliverance and that it will help people to effectively deliver people from demonic oppression and possession.

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