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Fourth message from Jana Womack:

I’m thinking there is a misunderstanding.  I do not believe that anyone pays for the sins of another in this way.  I am certainly not responsible for what my father or mother did, and so on.  That is absurd and certainly addressed in scripture.  However, when it comes to what I see as a “generational curse”, it is something totally different.  I’ll explain.

Did you know that epigenetics reveals that our life experiences and choices do change us, including our brains, down to the DNA level?  And these changes can be passed onto our children and further down the hereditary line. Epigenetics gives insight to how our diets, work environment – even one-off traumatic events – can change the genetic legacy we pass onto our children and grandchildren.

You see, our choices, experiences and environment have an affect on our DNA, and that DNA is passed down to our children.  Have you ever noticed some patterns in family history that seem to recur down the family line? Strongholds such as anxiety, poverty, illnesses and addictions to name a few.  Yes, I said “strongholds” because that is what they are.  They are what give unclean spirits legal rights to inflict us.  But, there good news that I will share soon.

Generational “patterns” are obvious, and Science can even prove it by looking at our DNA.  Epigenetics reveals that not only do we pass along the DNA sequence to our children, but we also pass along the epigenetic instructions to them. In other words, information can be inherited and transmitted through generations.

I see this as a parallel to how all who were born of Adam were “cursed” if you will, of being born of the sinful nature.  We did nothing to deserve being born of this nature, yet, it is inherited by us.  The same goes for what I call generational curses.  Maybe I should offer a new name for it, but it 100% exists, as we are ALL born with the generational curse stemmed from Adam.  To say that this is not true is to say that it is possible to be born free of the sinful nature.

Now, though each of us is born of this “sinful nature curse”, Jesus came to reverse this curse!  “For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive” (1 Corinthians 15:22). Jesus came to bear “our sins in his body on the tree that we might live to righteousness” (1 Peter 2:24). “The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

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He died for ALL transgressions and offers us the inheritance of everlasting life, even though our original inheritance was going to be death for 1. Flesh 2. Soul (complete separation from God). This new inheritance is for our soul, as scripture does tell us that ALL spirit goes back to God who gave it (whether saved or lost).  Our flesh will die, but through the gift of salvation, we have been promised everlasting life for our soul, which becomes connected to spirit when we receive Christ flowing through us.  In a sense, our spirit is as dead/sleeping, having no connection to the soul (I see the soul as a mediator between spirit and flesh) It is only when our soul responds to the offer of salvation that the barrier is removed and the spirit in us awakens. 

We are born again, one in soul AND spirit and in us flowing with the living waters of God!  It is by our spirit awake in us that we can communicate with, worship, serve and understand God.

I believe that choices of the soul cause the flesh to sin, therefore giving legal right to darkness a measure of authority.  This authority is granted by our own personal “choices” to succumb to the temptation offered by the flesh.  Then there’s the flesh.  We inherit a sinful flesh that is “encoded” with choices, traumas, experiences, environments, etc. of those before us- all the way to Adam.

This is where it gets interesting.  We are not accountable for these “codes” passed down that make us who we are in the flesh with all of our tendencies, personalities, etc. BUT, we are accountable to what we submit to.  The flesh we inherit communicates with the soul, and whatever the flesh convinces the soul of, then leads the flesh to commit.  When this occurs, a measure of legal right to darkness is given in an area of their life (the unclean spirits make their home in the city of the soul, causing destruction within that home (area of life).  I am not claiming this to be possession, but oppression. I am a firm believer that Christians cannot be possessed, as the kingdom of God lives within their spirit.  But, because the soul is still connected to the flash, it can still submit to the desires of the flesh, allowing uncleanliness to enter the soul. It is the desire of the spirit to take on complete ownership of the soul, which it will do after we die and are longer connected to this flesh.  We will get NEW bodies! Woohoo!!

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When the soul submits to the desires of the flesh, we have opened the doors for strongholds in our life.

On the contrary, if our souls submit to the desires of the spirit, we have opened the doors for Jesus Christ to gain authority in those areas of our life.

To say that generational curses, spiritual warfare, and strongholds do not exist in today’s age, is to say that none of this exists. It is very evident that all of this certainly exists, but maybe we are understanding this truth differently by what we are calling it?

I have a load of scriptures I would be happy to put together and send you. I will have to do it once I get home. I honestly and truly thank you for your time on this matter.


Fourth reply from ASR Martins:

Hi Jana,

Answers to your questions:

Ezekiel 18:14

But suppose this son has a son who sees all the sins his father commits, and though he sees them, he does not do such things.

This is the key to understanding the issue: This son looks at his father and he sees the sins that his father commits. He then decides not to do the same. He decides to abstain from committing these sins (Ezekiel 18:15-17 gives a list of some of these sins). He instead decides to serve God. This means this son made a choice. He decided not to walk in sin like his father did. He decided to serve God. And then he started to do good and to live according to the word and the commandments of God.

The son did nothing else. The father and all his sins did not influence this son at all. This son just had to make a choice. He did not have to do anything other than to decide to turn to God, and to follow him and his will and his word. It is all about obedience and faith and the pursuing of holiness. Nobody in the Bible ever instructed us to carry out all sorts of acts or rituals to deliver us from sin or the influences of our ancestors. The redemptive work of Christ on the cross was enough. His blood was enough. He delivered us. He has set us free. We do not have to do anything to help or to ensure our deliverance.

Something so important as to what you mentioned above would have been covered by the Scripture. It is not. It is a science and it contradicts the Scriptures. It is in no way supported by the Bible. So a modern day science suggests that genes cause demonic activities and sins in the lives of innocent people (they are innocent because the behavior of their parents indirectly caused them to suffer through genes they inherited). What about the people who lived right through the ages who had no knowledge of the science of epigenetics. How did they handle this treat without even knowing it is there? I am talking of the disciples and every Christian right through the past two thousand years.

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It is very evident that these people did quite OK by just living according to the word of God. Why should we alter the way they lived? They did nothing other than pursuing holiness and being obedient to the word of God. The bottom line is that DNA cannot change and that genes do not cause demonic activities or sins in the lives of people. Genes do not manipulate our lives. We choose to sin which can lead to demonic activities in extreme cases. A Spirit filled man or woman is led by the Spirit and they have the DNA of God in their spirits. They have control over their lives through or because of the regenerated spirit in them and are not in bondage through or because of the flesh. They live in victory through Christ Jesus who has set them free. The truth will set us free and Christ made us free indeed.

Whatever people do to get rid of curses or influences from their ancestors is nowhere to be found in the whole Bible. Not Jesus nor the disciples or anybody else ever learned or taught or warned against anything other but to repent and to do the will of God. (No discussions on generational curses, no warnings about generational curses, no instruction to break curses, no instruction to confess the sins of anybody except our own, no instruction to look at the sins or lives or fleshly/sinful roots of any ancestors, no warnings about deeply rooted factors or conditions inside our parents that influences our daily lives).

We as Spirit filled believers (born of the Spirit) only look at our sole ancestor which is God himself. Only in him do we find true deliverance and true redemption.

The Bible only says that all of us have the Adamic nature in our souls and that it will be in constant opposition with the Divine nature in our spirits. It simply means that there is something in us that tends to do the wrong thing but that we can control it and even submit it to our spirits. It is all about a decision. It is not a binding and not a stronghold. It is just a matter of who you want to please. God or the flesh. There is also nothing demonic about this. Not every sin open doors for oppression or possession. If this was the case each and everyone of us would have needed to be delivered from demons on a daily basis. In fact, only people who get involved in serious demonic or occultic activities and sins are eventually oppressed or possessed.

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Children tend to be like their parents because of natural influences: We are like our fathers and mothers because of the examples they were to us all our lives. We bake cakes and we repair our trucks and vehicles like our fathers and mothers taught us. We have seen their successes and their failures and we decide to follow their examples or not to follow their examples. It is totally natural. Because of these natural influences the results are often similar.

It is just natural and there is nothing amazing or even wrong with it. It is not some spiritual curse. We tend to do the same bad things our parents did because of following their poor examples and because of natural influences. These things have no spiritual binding on us and it is not strongholds in our lives. It is just a matter of people looking at these things and a matter of people deciding to follow their parents or to deviate from the lifestyles (of the parents) that influenced them.

We even look like our parents (natural characteristics) because of our genes that are similar. But, even our genes cannot force us to do certain things or abstain from doing certain things. We all have the right to choose and that is the bottom line. We do not have to live according to the example of our ancestors (mothers and fathers). We actually live according to what we decide. We cannot blame our ancestors. The choice is ours. Ezekiel 18:14 is very clear on this aspect (and though he sees them (the sins of his father), he does not do such things).

There are barely sicknesses and diseases and sins that are distinct characteristics of a particular family. Go through the lineages (diseases and sicknesses and sins) of any family you wish. You will find most of the time that all diseases, sicknesses and sins are more or less similar and even identical for about any and all families right across the world. The deviations or exceptions are small and insignificant.

People do not know this but still people build doctrines based on what they observe or think they observe. This is not Biblical. Doctrines are supposed to be supported by Scriptures, not by personal observations (my mother has this or do this and I to, so it must be a generational curse). No, you decided to do the same things she did and because of that decision you are reaping the same fruits. It is as easy as that. It is totally natural and simple to understand.

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Now for those answers I promised you:

Proverbs 20:7

The righteous who walks in his integrity— blessed are his children after him!

I know many good people (Christians) who has bad children but that is not the norm. Because Christians raise their children according to the will of God most of them do follow God. It is a promise God made and it is a natural result of being righteous. Your children are influenced in a good way and that is why most righteous people’s children are blessed just as they were.

1 Kings 15:3

And he walked in all the sins that his father did before him, and his heart was not wholly true to the Lord his God, as the heart of David his father.

Ezekiel 18 and even the books of Kings and Samuel proves that many sons did not walk in the sins of their fathers. Only some did. Why did the others not walk in the sins of their fathers? Because they saw the sins of their fathers and decided not to do those sins. Some people love sin and others not.

Question: Our flesh is constantly trying to convince our soul to submit to its desires. Some or many of the desires of our flesh can be the result of the tendencies passed down through generations (this is scientifically proven as well as biblical as shown in 1 Kings noted above). Some tendencies are even created through our own life’s experiences, traumas, etc. It is only when one submits to these tendencies/desires of the flesh, that it “opens the door” to that area of the persons life and lets an unclean spirit in.

This is not because of the sins of our ancestors. This is because of the “Adamic” nature which is unfortunately still in our flesh. Sin does not open the door for an unclean spirit to enter us, it is the total surrender to a particular sin in order to go to a higher level pertaining to that sin that does open the door. It is also not because of generational curses or the influences of our ancestors. It is because we choose to do that particular sin. It is not so easy for a demon to possess us. Let me explain: At first the devil or the demon entices us to sin. We can say yes or no. We choose. Every time that the demon succeeds in deceiving us to carry out that particular sin he gains ground. Take pornography and sex as an example: There is the constant promises of more enjoyment and more satisfaction if we allow a deeper or higher level or degree of the particular sin. Every time we give in to that sin and especially when we submit to or give ourselves over to that sin the demon gains ground. This continues until we are willing to sacrifice our souls in order to gain more pleasure and satisfaction in which case we become demon oppressed. Eventually we even sacrifice our spirits in which case we become demon possessed. Yes I agree with you that Christians cannot be possessed but even if the demon is just in their souls they must be delivered by means of the casting out of demons just like a possessed person.

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Demonic oppression and demonic possession is a process and it is because of sins in our lives and not because of generational curses or influences from our parents. An oppressed person or an possessed person is never innocent. Nobody ever got demon oppressed or demon possessed accidentally or whilst being innocent. Nobody ever got demon possessed because of the sins of their ancestors. God will never allow that innocent people be oppressed or possessed. We never ever have any excuse pertaining to sins and the penalty of sins in our lives. We reap what we sow. We ourselves caused the problem and nobody else is to be blamed when we are oppressed or possessed. We cannot even accuse our Adamic nature because we have the superior and divine nature of God in our spirits that guides us.

Christians actually live demonic free. We are focused on God and we live in a constant state of fellowshipping with him and with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our daily lives are consumed with love and beautiful things. We enjoy this wonderful love relationship with God. We never even think of the devil or demons. We go for weeks and months without even being aware of them or thinking of them. We live in victory because of what Christ did and not because of what we do.

It is only when we suddenly become aware of a person who is demon oppressed or demon possessed that we instantly take action and drive this demonic spirit(s) out of such a person or away from such a person. Swiftly and effectively without giving such a spirit(s) the satisfaction of manifesting in our presence.

Please read my post, Common mistakes exorcists often make for more information on how exorcists caused a lot of problems for the church through the years. Exorcists often make some mistakes when they cast out demons resulting in the strengthening or the promotion of false doctrinal beliefs within the church of Christ. I want to emphasize that the practice of allowing demons to manifest and show off is a bad thing to do. They will always misuse such privileges to deceive God’s people. You do not have to allow them to do so. Just cast them out and get it over with. Do not even allow them to talk. You actually do not need any information from evil spirits in order to deliver a possessed or an oppressed person.

The rest of your questions and the Bible verses in you previous email are all about the pursuing of holiness. It is all about us choosing to sacrifice the desires of our souls in order to do what God wants. It is all about being obedient and it has nothing to do with generational curses or the influences of our ancestors (1 Peter 2:11 says Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul. Galatians 6:8 For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. Jesus says to us, I am knocking at the door, if you let me in, I will enter in and sup with you. (Rev 3:20)

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Blessings in Christ

ASR Martins

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