Church Allowed Misuse By Extremist Groups

Session 2: Conquering the Nations: How Did the Early Church Conquer the Nations Inside the Roan Empire?

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Session 1

My name is Basie Martins. I trust that you are all well and I want to thank you again for listening to this program. For those of you who do not know, we are currently discussing a new series titled “Conquering the Nations”. Just like Israel of old, who was supposed to conquer all the nations in the land of Canaan, so the church has to conquer all the nations of this world, so that the church, or the kingdom of God, or the stone that Nebuchadnezzar saw, which became like a mountain, destroys all the kingdoms of this world, so it becomes bigger and bigger until she fills the whole earth. Do not forget though, the church never gets involved in physical wars. The church does not even defend itself. The church changes the nations from the inside.

In Session 1 we discussed exactly how the church defeated and conquered the mighty Roman Empire. We discussed two very important God-given strategies that they followed, which gave them the ability to defeat the Roman Empire. We discussed the fact that the church has lost those strategies. The church does not use them any more and that is why we don’t overcome the modern kingdoms of the world.

I will leave some links on our website as well as on YouTube that you can access to familiarize yourself with these strategies. These two strategies were divine and excellent and if we use them today, we will turn everything around. We will experience major successes, as the early church did. We will infiltrate the kingdoms of this world and we will change the kingdoms of this world from the inside, and of course, the church will prosper.

In today’s session, we are discussing specific hindrances that the evil forces of this world have put in the way of the armies of God, specifically aimed at causing division among the warriors of God. Specifically aimed at disqualifying and neutralizing the church from defeating her enemies. The early church had to face these enemies as well but they managed to overcome the strategies of evil. They were obedient to Christ and they followed the right strategies to overcome the world of the middle ages.

Let me give you a list of those evil strategies and then I will discuss exactly how evil forces use these strategies. The strategies are not always visible or known to us. Satan knows how to deceive people. This one thing he is very good at and because of that, he even deceives Christians. Let me start by giving you a list of the groups or organizations or institutions that he uses to carry out these strategies: Anti-Christian Governments, anti-Christian racist political parties like the EFF in South Africa and many others across the world, anti-Christian racist organizations like national extremists groups, white or black or any other extremists groups that separate themselves from the rest of the citizens or population groups of this world, religious extremists groups like ISIS, the Hebrew Roots Movement and so on.

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The enemy uses such parties and groups all over the world to hinder the church. Groups like Black Lives Matter, the American Freedom Party, the South African-based organization called AfriForum which is running the Farm Murder Campaign, the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, and many more. All these organizations have one thing in common: They separate themselves from other nations. They are extremely loyal and patriotic toward their own national population group or race or their theology or ideology. Some of them are interested in taking over the power and the governments of this world. They are not interested in sharing with and working together with other groups, except when these groups are sharing the same goals and vision and ideology as they are or of the same race and so on.

I do not really want to make a list of all these different groups, organizations, and parties. There are literally hundreds of them all across the world. Many people hate God and they hate the church and many times they find a common cause or ideology and they do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Some of these organizations are not against the church but they are often part of extreme forms of Christianity which border on being cults or which are in fact cuts. They practice a Christian faith that leads to hell. They change the core principles of Christianity to fit their ideology. They use the Christian faith to justify their racism and hidden motives to achieve their goals and they separate themselves from other population groups. They usually regard themselves as a peculiar nation, chosen by God, who has these noble God-like characteristics that separate them from all other population groups. But, if you look closely you see the hypocrisy, the self-righteousness, the lies, and the fraud.

I am a South African and obviously I will make a bit more references to the situation in South Africa and groups in South Africa in this session. Many people may ask, how are extremists groups causing problems for the church? Well, we will discuss this in a moment.

I want to begin this session by explaining how the early church dealt with the different groups and races and nationalities in the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was vast. It consisted of 96 provinces when it was at its peak during the reign of Diocletian. The populace in the early Roman Empire was composed of several groups of distinct legal standing, including the Roman citizens themselves, the provincials, foreigners, and free non-citizens such as freedmen and slaves.

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At its height around 100 AD, the Roman Empire stretched from Britain in the Northwest to Egypt in the Southeast. To get a sense of how big that is, it’s helpful to compare it to the contemporary United States. The Roman provinces of Britain and Egypt were about as far apart as the American states of Florida and Washington. One obvious difference is that the Roman Empire had the Mediterranean in the middle of it, which helped move people and supplies over vast distances. Many different population groups made up the population of the Roman Empire. There were countless races, population groups, and ethnic groups all over the Empire.

Of course, the early church had a massive task ahead of them when Christ instructed them to go out to fulfill the great commission in this dangerous unforgiving, and harsh kingdom, where evil Emperors did what they want and reigned like gods over the nations and the citizens of the Empire. There were many different races with different cultures and preferences and religions and uses and gods all across the empire. To serve and worship as many gods as possible and even the Emperors themselves, carried the approval of the Emperors and the government and the elite citizens of the Empire. Serve as many gods as you want, but, do not serve the God of the Christians. So one can imagine that it must have been difficult for the Christians to infiltrate all these nations and to change them from the inside.

How did they do it? They did it by extending a hand of friendship and an attitude of love to all these population groups. They did not become like these people. They did not start to act or to behave like all these population groups. They kept their Christian culture and they did not deviate from the will and the ways of God. They did not compromise at all. They kept their faith and they displayed the goodness and love of God to everybody they came across. They loved these people because God loved them. So the early church infiltrated these people, helped them when they needed help, and cared for them when they were injured, wounded, poor, in need, hungry, and naked. The love among them was wonderful to the citizens of the Roman Empire. It was refreshing and something new. Something that they were not used to or have never seen before.

In the Roman Empire, it has always been everyone for himself. People just did not care for each other, as I mentioned in the first session. People were left to die without food just because they became ill. People were killed for nothing at all. The atrocities caused by the emperors and the government officials and the criminal element in the Empire were unbearable.

Imagine one of your children refusing to worship the Emperor or one of the many gods of the Empire and you, sick in bed, and your whole family, together with you being taken by force to see how your child pays with his life by execution. This was done thousands of times for many years in the Roman Empire. Emperors just loved the idea of martyring and murdering children and other family members right there in front of the parents and other family members. This was done to teach the citizens of the Roman Empire a lesson. They sometimes literally martyred the children for hours right in front of the parents and family until they died. They were physically forced to watch these atrocious acts. This sadistic practice gave the Emperors and soldiers utter joy. Imagine your President or Prime Minister do it to you today. They did this even if the so-called “crime” could not even be proven.

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It was a common practice for the Emperors to send their soldiers to take from your house everything they need when they go out to fight their enemies. Imagine your government sending soldiers to your house to confiscate all your money and food for the military. These things happened quite regularly. I think most governments today, not even the worst governments come even close to the practices and atrocities the government of the Roman Empire was guilty of. The emperors were gods themselves and they could virtually do whatever they wanted. In one incident, after some riots where one Roman soldier was killed, the Emperor lost his temper and ordered the murder of seven thousand men, women, and children. He unleashed his army into this innocent crowd who gathered at the circus of Thessalonica. The army brutally massacred all these people within 3 hours. It was like a mass execution.

The early Christians had to deal with all sorts of atrocities, bad governmental practices, injustices, corruption, crime, and many other things. Yet, they infiltrated the nations and population groups of the Empire and they changed them from the inside. They did not become like these nations. They did not compromise their Christian values and moral standards. They infiltrated these nations whilst they stayed pure and holy before God. They converted these nations to Christianity and they showed and taught them the will, the word, and the ways of God. So these nations became like the church. The church did not become like them. There was no compromise. They spread the love of God, they fulfilled the great commission and they advanced the kingdom of God.

So in the end, there was a new nation, a new kingdom, inside the Roman Empire. The Roman government took notice of this ever-growing group of people inside the borders of the Roman Empire. They became a threat and the Emperors and the government of the Roman Empire started a very cruel persecution campaign against the church. This peculiar nation, made up of many population groups, glued together by the Holy Spirit and the love of God and the common goal of fulfilling the great commission of Christ, could not be stopped. They were all over the Empire.

All these Christians, outwardly different, but in reality, all the family of God, stood together against their enemies as the nation of God. Earthly nationalism gave way to a God-given kingdom mentality. They cut the ties of earthly nationalism and in their hearts burned a fire for the kingdom of God. They stood together against this mighty earthly kingdom and they fought the struggle of faith against this earthly kingdom. I call it the struggle of faith because these Christians could not defend themselves against this earthly government or earthly kingdom. They were like Christ, they were lambs who were willingly led to be slaughtered. They did not defend themselves. They left the judgment to God. They just forgave and they endured the cruelty, the atrocities, and injustices like being robbed of all their possessions regularly. They were imprisoned, martyred, cut into pieces, and stripped of their possessions.

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Like Stephen, they forgave the atrocities and the injustices whilst it took place. This is real Christianity. This is how the church is supposed to conquer the kingdoms of this world. Many citizens of the Roman Empire converted to Christianity when they saw the faith of these martyrs in action. They saw the love and the peace and the goodness of God and the power of God in action amid the atrocities and the injustices. When they saw this, they knew that Jesus Christ was truly alive and his kingdom truly great and strong and everlasting.

There are stories told of soldiers converting to Christianity right there in the killing-zone, willing to die for Christ right there, just moments after they have martyred and murdered other Christians. This is powerful. This is why the kingdom of God is an everlasting kingdom and why no earthly kingdom can defeat the kingdom of God. Christians, full of the love and goodness and power of God, have this effect on the world. Love cannot be defeated.

The unity in Christ that these different population groups exhibited was something great and peculiar. The early church displayed the power of God and the love of God and the unity that they had in God to the world. They were loyal to God and his kingdom. They focused on advancing the kingdom of God. They were not loyal to the unsaved masses in the Roman Empire, even to their own population group. They were Christians and therefore part of the family of God. They were brothers and sisters in Christ, although they were many different population groups. And this is something that the modern church has lost.

Nowadays Christians are more loyal to their national population group than they are to the body of Christ. They love evil and unsaved racists more than they love their brothers and sisters in Christ. This is a sin before the Lord our God. This is sinning against our own spiritual brothers and sisters. You know, when a person receives the new birth, he or she becomes a new creation. That new creation comes into existence by being birthed by the Spirit of God. This is what John 3:6 say about it:

That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

The child of God is a new creation, a new spirit. Unsaved people are flesh. In reality, our unsaved earthly family is not part of our species. We are a completely different species. They are unsaved, they are flesh and their father is the devil and they will one day end up in hell if they do not repent, even though we were family on earth. Christians are spirit, they are saved and their Father is God the Father.

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Extremists groups like to point the finger at corrupt politicians in an attempt to identify a common enemy so that they can gain the sympathy and loyalty of people. They almost always misuse this loyalty. This happens in South Africa as well. Yes, of course, the government of South Africa had been completely corrupt since they took over control of South Africa in 1994. Political leaders misused their positions and they just allowed every good thing to go down the drain. They got involved in bribery and money-making schemes and evil dishonest agreements like we have never witnessed before. The ANC lost all credibility because of unprecedented corruption and the looting of State Coffers with impunity. Today, almost every municipality in South Africa is bankrupt. Almost every state institution is bankrupt. They allowed everything in the country to spiral out of control. The government apparently does not have any money anymore. The government has taken it all and wasted it all.

Oh, how can these corrupt politicians escape the judgment of God? They have sinned against God and they have sinned against the citizens and peoples of South Africa. They have taken the bread of the children and they have taken the houses of the widows. They have robbed the country. They have made South Africa poor. They have destroyed the country. Judgment will surely come. They will not escape the judgment of God. Unless they repent. Unless they turn away from their evil and wicked ways, they will not see God. They will see the devil and they will see hell. We, the church, need to call this out. We need to call out these corrupt and evil acts of dishonesty. Oh how South Africa has sinned. We all need to tear our clothes and bow our knees before God and repent. Repent South Africa!

Where have you seen or heard of the president of a country instigating the citizens of that country to kill a specific population group in such a country? That is what President Jacob Zuma did. That is what the political party leader Julius Malema did. That is what he teaches and promotes among the young black South Africans that look up to him. Oh, what a sin this is in the eyes of God! How can a political leader promote the murder of the citizens of his own country? Oh, what a serious sin this is against God and the peoples that he represents as a member of the government of South Africa. Julius Malema, Jacob Zuma, you need to fall on your knees and tear your clothes before God. You have sinned and you will not escape the judgment of God unless you repent.

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How can the ANC and President Cyril Ramaphosa approve a law that allows the government to take the land from the white farmers of South Africa without compensation? How can they allow expropriation without compensation? Those farms were obtained legally by these farmers. Those farms legally belong to them. This law is a sin before God and against the citizens of South Africa. It should be called out by the church and it should be condemned by everybody, by all citizens of South Africa.

The church needs to intervene. The church needs to speak out. The church needs to get involved. You see, the church and the state cannot be separated. There is no such thing as the separation of state and church. The church is actually the foundation on which the state is built. The church is the foundation. Governments are supposed to exist, act, and govern on the foundation that the church provides. Governments should govern according to the will and ways of the God of the church. Whatever God’s will is, the church must reveal and the church must guide governments and even steer the state and the governments of this world. This world belongs to God, who created it.

The church should not allow the governments of this world to move out of the will of God. We need to call out the governments and politicians when they contravene the laws and the will of God. This is why the early church was so successful and this is why they changed the Roman Empire from the inside.

South Africa is on the brink of total collapse. But, it is not too late. If South Africa repents, when the corrupt politicians repent, when the peoples of South Africa repent, we can still change this devastating situation in South Africa around quite easily.

2 Chronicles 7:14-15

14. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

15. Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.

If we change just one small little thing in South Africa, just one single thing, corruption, we will all live a prosperous life in South Africa. Corruption is the single most important factor that causes most of the devastation in South Africa.

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How do we do this? We do this by calling out the politicians and the criminal elements in our country, the employees, and of course the employers as well, right across our country. We do it by taking hands with all population groups in our country and by infiltrating the different population groups of South Africa. We do it through the gospel of Christ. We do it by extending hands of friendship and acceptance and love and by fulfilling the great commission. The church must go out into the streets and marketplaces and houses of every neighborhood and town and city right across South Africa to lead the peoples of South Africa to Christ. We need to make them like us. We need to make them disciples of Christ so that they become citizens of the kingdom of God. That is how we will change South Africa.

However, we cannot do it whilst the church hates other population groups of South Africa. I have seen how the unsaved leaders of all the different extremist groups mobilize the church to become part of their evil campaigns. Christians ignore the sin of racism among the peoples and leaders of these campaigns and political parties and groups. Christians willingly get involved with these groups despite the hatred and unforgiveness and bitterness and racism. They share and support their ideologies and goals. They share all their evil social media messages daily. All those nasty little messages that are aimed at causing dissension, fear, hate, and even more racism among the peoples of South Africa. The white Afrikaner extremist groups do this and the black South African extremist groups do this as well. They fan the flames. They cause division. They want divisions because they want war. They want to take up arms against other population groups.

Just watch the YouTube videos and you will quickly realize that these extremists groups, organizations, and people want war. The white Afrikaner extremists groups are not interested in the welfare of the other population groups of South Africa. Not really. They may pretend they do but they often don’t. They want to take the power back. They are waiting for the right moment to declare war. They want to control South Africa and they want power. Well, democracy is gone the moment that happens. The black extremist groups want to drive the white South Africans into the sea. They want to chase them back to Europe where they came from. There is a lot of hate and the church allowed itself to be drawn in by these people and these groups.

People that support these groups and their leaders are not in the will of God. That is why I need to call these groups out. They are racists leaders who are leading racists supporters into chaos and mayhem and disaster. They will not see God and they will surely not escape the wrath of God. Racism is the biggest sin there is. Love your God with all your heart and equal to this, love your neighbor as you love yourself.

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This sin needs to be called out because these extremist groups have managed to use Christianity for evil purposes. If it is not about power, it is about money. You can be sure that these groups do what they do because they somehow make a lot of money in the process and they pursue these goals to obtain power. AfriForum for one has been accused of running the Farm Murder Campaign because of the money it generates. They are also providing quite a few support initiatives to support the farmers and their families and to ensure their safety. These services means money and by spinning the farm murder campaign narrative they do generate funds for the organization.

So many people have accused them of hidden motives. However, they managed to deceive Christians to believe that their causes are noble and right. This is another reason why these groups need to be called out. How on earth can Christians allow racists, who commit the biggest sin there is, to do it, in the name of God and in the name of the church, and, on top of it all, get them, the church, to join their evil campaigns? They use God and they use the church and they use Christianity to justify the biggest sin imaginable. Racism!

This is why I want to discuss the hindrances and stumbling blocks that extremists organizations, political parties, and special nationalistic groups pose to the Christian church. These groups are evil just like their father, the devil. They hate, they sow dissension, they sow bitterness and they cause even more racism and bitterness and hate day by day. These groups need to be called out. They are sinning before God and they are sinning against the peoples and citizens of their countries. There is just no way that any man will see God when he harbors racism in his heart. These people will not escape the judgment of God.

Every day they send evil messages on social media, warnings, and calls for prayer which look so noble and right and real but in reality, the evil motive behind it all is to fan the flames, sow more dissension and create more fear and bitterness and hate. Most of these so-called “Christian messages” have been initiated by unsaved people. Have you noticed that practically none of these warnings ever come true? It is all lies. It never comes true. To me it is mind-boggling how Christians can believe these messages and faithfully forward these messages, spreading even more hate and more dissension and more fear.

Christians today in South Africa are not behaving as the early Christians did at all. The early Church was interested in one thing only, the kingdom of God and fulfilling the great commission.

One of these organizations in particular, not the worst group at all, but an organization that is not so honest in its dealings with the citizens of South Africa, is AfriForum who runs the South African Farm Murder Campaign. There are also very prominent individuals in South Africa who got involved in this campaign. They support this campaign and they do whatever they can to promote this campaign, often with lies. Everybody who harbored racism in his or her heart quickly jumped on the wagon when this campaign was launched by AfriForum. These people quickly utilized this campaign to give utterance and expression to the evil feelings of racism and hatred for other population groups in their hearts. These individuals relentlessly spread lies of a white genocide in South Africa which is not true. Although they have been exposed and called out, they refused to stop this evil practice.

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There is no white genocide in South Africa. The statistics had been seriously exaggerated by many of these individuals. For years people believed these individuals and they believed AfriForum, who was quiet about the lies and the deceit. They knew that the statistics were wrong and completely exaggerated by these individuals but they failed to set the records straight.

More and more people saw through these statistics and they started to call these people out on social media. I did not expose these fake statistics but I did report on this by posting quite a few articles on my blog about this a few years ago. I will leave some links to these articles on YouTube below this video. Well, in 2014, a senior AfriForum official contacted me by email about these articles. He was a bit upset about me referring to their organization in these articles. He assured me that AfriForum is not part of the fake statistics problem and that they are distancing themselves from people like Sunette Bridges and others who spread the fake murder statistics all across the world at that time. He did attach the official or authentic “AfriForum murder statistics” to the email and I went through it. These statistics were the same as the statistics regularly released by the South African Police Services, so this made no sense to me.

I replied to the email by asking him a very important question: I said, “If you do agree with the statistics released by the SAPS then, why did you start the Farm Murder campaign?”

There is no need for this campaign, I said. Needless to say, he never answered this question. I never heard from him again. There is no white genocide in South Africa and the white farmers are just as safe as any white man almost anywhere else in the world. So AfriForum knew all along that the statistics were fake but they never officially admitted it. They only assured me in a private email that they did not agree with or approved of the fake statistics that are so vigorously spread all over the world over the internet and social media. Yet they vigorously kept on with this campaign and they still do, even today. Even those atrocious murders, where people are sadistically martyred are significantly lower in South Africa than the rest of the world, which, by the way, happen all across the world. Racists and sadistic people are found all across the world.

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For years, this organization and the white farmers of South Africa have been lying to us. They have caused so much fear among children and women and innocent farmers and their families, and young people in South Africa. This specifically, is the most important reason why I am calling these people and this organization out. They did the citizens of South Africa a terrible disservice. They sowed bitterness and hate among the white people of South Africa. They have made the transition period from the old regime to the new regime extremely difficult. So many people unnecessary feared for their lives.

Through the years I asked young high-school children if they believe that there is a white genocide in South Africa. They all answered yes. They all said they fear for their lives. They don’t know what they did to the black peoples of South Africa that made them so hateful of white people. They all want to leave South Africa because of this hate but they can’t because of a lack of the necessary finances.

What a disgrace! What a disgrace that the white farmers of South Africa and AfriForum and many other people in South Africa base all their lies on fake statistics, and in the process, cause more hatred, bitterness, fear, and dissension in an already struggling South Africa. All this whilst no other group in the world does this. The murder statistics of the black people of South Africa are extremely high. Far higher than the world average. The chances of a black person being murdered in South Africa is 8,9 times more likely to happen than a white person, yet, no black murder campaigns are running in South Africa or anywhere else in the world.

How can the damages caused by these unacceptable lies be made right ever again? Why did the white farmers and AfriForum embark on a campaign based on lies and fake statistics? They have been accusing the black peoples of South Africa for years of something that they did not do. Yes, unrighteous political leaders have been instigating atrocious actions against the white people of South Africa, but the black people of South Africa refrained from carrying out these evil suggestions.

White farmers and white South Africans are just as safe as the safest people in the world. Just one murder is unacceptable and a sin before God. Murderers will not escape the judgment of God. However, the bottom line is, murder among white South Africans, including white farmers, is lower than the average world figure. White South Africans are just as safe as any white person anywhere else in the world.

The people who have spread all these lies and fake statistics are not interested in justice. They are only interested in their own well-being. They want power and they want to give expression to the racism in their hearts. What an injustice these people have caused many citizens of South Africa? How much fear did they cause and are they still causing? They will not escape the judgment of God.

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My biggest concern though is to see how many Christians are running after the sensation and the chaos and dissent that is caused by these organizations and people. When people, even Christians, watch the YouTube videos where blacks and whites clash in the streets, cursing each other and assaulting each other, it gives them a sense of joy in their hearts. They see the hatred and the bitterness and they approve of it. White Christians and black Christians both approve of this.

What a sad day in the history of the church of South Africa. How many of these Christians run the risk of losing their faith? They are getting involved in the biggest sin of all, racism, which is founded on hate, bitterness, and unforgiveness. In their hearts they despise, dislike, detest, and loath the other population groups of South Africa or a specific population group. What a sin this is in the sight of the Most High God? Political parties like the EFF and their leaders are just as guilty if not more. They hate white people and they think it is their right to do so. They even get black Christians involved in their sins like the white extremist groups do.

Christians, even pastors of congregations and spiritual leaders are guilty of this sin. Can you believe it? Make no mistake, many of these “Christians” won’t see God. By getting involved with the evil people and the evil organizations that I mentioned, they disqualify themselves. No wonder that things in their lives are not so well. No wonder that they are experiencing difficult times and incidents that are not supposed to be part of their lives. Judgment starts with the church, and the church in South Africa is in a bad place. The church has sinned before God.

We need to fall on our knees and tear our clothes. We need to repent. We need to forward messages of love and messages of hope and messages of redemption and deliverance and freedom in Christ, and life in the kingdom of God. We should not forward politically inspired messages. We should not forward messages of fear, and distress, and ridicule, and hate and bitterness. How can a Christian forward a message in which a member of another race or population group is ridiculed or made fun of so that people can look down on them even more?

All these messages are painting your heart black. All these messages are slowly killing the love of God. All these messages are destroying your faith. It creates fear in your heart. You look at all the warnings and the predictions and the prophecies and you start to fear. You look at all the injustices and you start to hate and despise.

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Oh, how insecure the Christian population of South Africa is? Oh, how immature the church in South Africa is? The way the unsaved acts is understandable. They are without God and they have no wisdom and they are lost and they are bad. They have evil motives and they don’t know the ways and the will of God. I can understand why they behave as they do.

But the Christians of South Africa? Did they forget about the Most High God? Did they forget that He is a strict and just God and that He will not allow the church to become so evil? There will be judgement even in the church. Did they forget that He is a God of miracles? Did they forget that He calls things into existence that does not exist as if they were? Did they forget that if He is for you then nobody can stand against you? Did they forget that the government can fire all the people they want but that God can restore them? Did they forget that if South Africa does one thing only, to repent and to turn to God, that He will bless the land and restore the land and its citizens in no time at all? Did they forget that they are supposed to extend hands of love and friendship and hope and support, as the early church did? Did they forget that they are supposed to infiltrate all these population groups with the love of God which has the power to change them from the inside? Did they forget that in the kingdom of God, nothing else matters? Did they forget that God can provide and sustain and protect even when there is no food, or when the economic situation is bad? Did they forget that there is nothing impossible for God and those who trust and believe in him?

Does the church know that we are approaching difficult times? Does the church know that they who are in the will of God, those who trust God, those that are regarding the kingdom of God and the family of God, will be safe whilst the unsaved masses will reap what they have sowed? How many of them are going to lose their lives? How many of them will lose their jobs and their income? How many of them will die by the sword by which they lived? How many of them will cry out to God but won’t be heard?

What happened to the church in South Africa? Why is the church quiet? Why is the five-fold ministry not giving any guidance in this regard? Why are they not calling out the sins and injustices that we see every day? Why are they not advising the members of their congregations with words of wisdom and truth? Why do they allow them to get involved in the evil activities of unsaved people who want to destroy our country and the kingdom of God? Why are they themselves involved in the activities of evil people and evil organizations? Why are they not speaking out for God and for righteousness?

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Audio and Written Versions: Spiritual Warfare Session 6

What happened to the church in South Africa? We cannot compare to the church in other countries like the church in America. The church in America has gone a long way. They have already succeeded in creating a state of polarization in America. When the Christians in a country create a state of polarization, it means that they have reached the place where they caused two groups, at the one side the church or kingdom of God and the other side, the earthly kingdom of the world in the country that they live in. It means that they are openly standing directly against each other and that the two groups are more or less equally represented in the country. It also means that the church has cultivated a culture of holiness. Enough people have reached a point in their lives where they are willing to stand up for what is right. They are making their voices known. They are vigorously fighting the political system in their country. They are calling out the atrocities and the sins and bad practices and corruption of the politicians. This means that the church in America is on the verge of conquering America for Christ.

America has always been seen as a Christian nation, although they lost their way a bit because of the damages caused by the mega churches and ungodly pastors and church leaders who had shady motives and who carried out bad practices over the past few decades. However, the true church in America stood up again, especially after they experienced the bad things that took place during the Obama Administration. The church in America has done well lately. But, now is the time that the fight is going to become even more fierce. The nations of this world will not give up easily. They will resist the church for as long as they can and they will not give up.

I want to close this session by discussing the steps or processes that take place within a nation when the church is successfully infiltrating the nations. The polarization that you see in America is a sign that the church in America is successful. The church in America is doing the right thing. However, the battle is not won yet. The church has still a lot to do in the USA. The church in America can improve a lot, by following the strategies that I have discussed in the previous session and in this session.

The church in South Africa and all across the world needs to do the same. We do it through love and friendship and support and acceptance and hard work. The work of the ministry is not easy. It is hard work. We need to fulfill the great commission as the early church did. The church in South Africa needs to stand up and be counted. We need to infiltrate the nations of South Africa. In the end, the church always wins, providing that she uses the strategies that I am discussing in this series. The church needs to be bold and strong and fearless. They need to be in the streets and marketplaces and houses, all over the country. They need to fearlessly call out the atrocities and injustices and the sins of the politicians and organizations and political parties and the peoples of South Africa. The church in South Africa needs to be willing to die for Christ and the gospel of Christ. A Christian who is not willing to die for the gospel of Christ is basically a useless representative of Christ.

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Christians in South Africa need to regard the kingdom of God and not their natural population group or national roots. We are Christians. We are part of the family of God, irrespective of our skin color or race or nationality or population group. We need kingdom-perspective. Although voting is of critical importance, and part of the strategy that God uses to topple evil governments and to replace evil politicians, we should not focus on this system. We should focus on the ways and the will of God. We should be busy with God and his word and his work daily. We should be Jesus Christ to a dying world. We should represent Christ as well as we can. We should be good ambassadors for Christ. We should not represent evil spirits and the devil by getting involved in the earthly political systems and practices of this world.

Let me discuss the relevant changes and progress that the church usually experiences, which is a barometer indicating the successes or failures of the church in a specific country.

The first step for the church is to get involved in seriously aggressive evangelism. I am talking about fulfilling the great commission like it was never done before, except during the time of the early church, when the church defeated the Roman Empire. This happens when the church fearlessly goes out into the streets and market places and the houses of the citizens of the country that they live in. They fearlessly call out the sins and the atrocities of all people and they preach the gospel of Christ with boldness and with the fire of God. If they don’t back down and persist with this, after many years, they will see their progress take them to a point where they are becoming more than the unsaved people. It is all about numbers. God uses the democratic system of governance of this world to topple unsaved and corrupt politicians. When they are replaced by Christian politicians, things in that country begin to change for the better. When this happens, polarization has taken place.

We have seen so far that political groups cause the church to falter by involving Christians in serious sins like racism. These people and groups have succeeded in neutralizing and disqualifying the church. We can easily change this by taking on a kingdom perspective. We need to repent and stop this evil practice by refusing to be involved with such groups.

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However, another problem that causes quite a lot of problems for the church as well, is the five-fold ministry who are not prepared to go out into the streets and the marketplaces and the houses of people. They stay within the four walls of the church building and they keep their members there as well.

The GCR Support Team, as part of the Global Activation and Mobilization Network, has made free resources available that the church and church leaders can use to help them get everybody in their congregations equipped and ready to go out into the streets and the marketplaces and the houses of the citizens of the country they live in, to fulfill the great commission as Christ Jesus instructed. All they have to do is visit the Great Commission resources website and access all these free resources. They can do it completely on their own or they can ask the GCR Support Team to help them with the program, which is titled the “Church Expansion Program”, which was initially compiled and created to help the church to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. It was launched to recover from the negative financial and spiritual impact of the pandemic.

I will leave the most important links below this video. All the resources on the Great Commission Resources website are free and available to anybody who wants to make use of it. Just visit the “About Us” page where you will find all the information and the links to the free materials that you need to equip yourself to fulfill the great commission as Jesus Christ instructed. All the equipping materials were compiled to give you access to all the necessary strategies that God gave the early church. All those strategies are still working and still available to us to use in the body of Christ.

I hope that you have found this session informative and that it gave you insight into the will and the ways of God.

This is all for today. See you next time.

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