Audio and Written Versions: Victorious Living In Christ Session 1

Victorious Living In Christ Session 1

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My name is Basie Martins. I trust that you are all well and I want to thank you again for listening to this series. For you who do not know, the topic of our new series is, “How to Live Successfully and Victoriously in Christ”. It is all about us, the body of Christ, and us the church and us as individuals in the kingdom of God, being successful in all areas of life. It is about us claiming our complete or full inheritance. It is about us putting in place on earth, which is already in heaven.

Just read Psalm 91 with real faith in your heart. Read Psalm 112 with real faith in your heart. Read Psalm 23 and try to understand, these Psalms were written by people who lived in the Old Testament. These people did not even live in the restored world that we live in today. The dominion was restored on the cross, many years after these men of faith walked the earth.

What these Psalms clearly state and suggest, is the following: If people love God and if they have faith in God and his word and if they put their trust in God, they can live victoriously in the kingdom of God the way that I am now going to describe to you. And all these statements that I am making here, come directly from the Scriptures that I mentioned:

Such people will enjoy divine protection, they will live behind or under a shield of protection that cannot be compromised in any way. It is always 100 % impenetrable, even when we fail or when we are unfaithful. Just a quick explanation here: If you followed our previous series about spiritual warfare, you would have seen that there always are two lines of protection in the lives of people. The first line is maintained by God and is absolutely impenetrable. This is the hedge around us or the shield that evil just cannot compromise in any way. It is always in place in the lives of all people. When Christ took away the sins of the world and when he disarmed satan and all his demons, He did it once and for all and from that day, the hedge and the shield have been in place for all people. It can never go away even if we are unfaithful. The first line of defense prevents satan and demons to physically harm people in any way. Because of this hedge or this shield, they cannot touch you or your belongings in any way. This must be very frustrating for satan and his demons.

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The second line of defense is the armor of God that is completely your responsibility. If you use it according to the will and ways and prescriptions that God determined, then and only then can you be successful, victorious and prosperous in Christ. You see if you don’t use this armor correctly, then the devil can use you against yourself. Then he can cause you to bring all sorts of bad things over yourself and that is how satan and demonic spirits oppress people. They have to do it through indirect means. So you yourself can become your worst enemy. It is for this reason that we can never blame anyone except ourselves when things go wrong in our lives. We cannot even blame the devil. Anyway, let’s go back to the victorious lives of those who decided to, or signed up for the quest of conquering the land of the symbolic Canaan by fearlessly defeating all the giants in their lives. 

They will be delivered from all sorts of traps and pitfalls and pestilences.

They will not fear anything in life because nothing will be able to hurt them or harm them in any way.

They will be protected against sicknesses and diseases and pestilences. It means that it will not be able to germinate inside their bodies. It won’t touch them. They will live healthy lives.

People who rejected God or those people who accepted God but who fail to claim their inheritance will fall all around them but they will stand.

No evil or calamities or plaques will come near them.

They will trample on evil. The devil and demonic spirits will be crushed under their feet.

They will not be hurt or harmed in any way.

They will live long lives.

They will be successful and prosperous and possess whatever they need and they will be honored. Please take note, they will not be stinking rich but they will have whatever they need and even more to give to other people. They will lack nothing and they will be blessed and all their needs will be met at all times.

They will live in peace and their peaceful lives will not be compromised by undesired incidents or unforeseen events. When they hear rumors of evil or undesired events or unforeseen events in their lives they will not fear but they will rest in God knowing that these rumors or incidents and events will have no impact on them. It will pass without affecting them negatively in any way.

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These Scriptures do suggest that these people will go through a process to take up their inheritance. Everything is guaranteed but it will be a process. It will start with them being involved in all sorts of challenges that they brought unto themselves. What they believe and trust God for will, at this stage, not be evident in their lives. At this stage, life, for many of them, will be a struggle. There will be many giants in their lives and it will not be easy.

Please take note that the giants are never the devil or demonic spirits. The giants are sicknesses, diseases, poverty, difficult situations, fear, depression, lust, and other negative emotions and sins and so on. There is one giant that will be especially huge and intimidating. That giant is called “fear”. Please take note that there is no such thing as a spirit of fear, referring to demonic spirits. Fear is an emotion. We have quite a few emotions, good and bad, that are in our souls. Not our spirits. The deceived spiritual warfare warriors, that practice the false variation of this doctrine, invented this false teaching. The Bible does not say that any of our emotions are evil spirits. It is not true. People make statements and believe things that are not in the Bible.

The “spirit” that John referred to when he said that God did not give us a spirit of fear, is “our” spirits. Not demonic spirits. God has given us spirits that were created in God’s image. God is Spirit and we are spirits. There is no fear in our spirits. Fear is generated or produced in our souls. Is there a spirit of love, a spirit of joy, a spirit of hate, a spirit of sadness, a spirit of depression, a spirit of anger, a spirit of disgust, a spirit of discontent, a spirit of sadness, a spirit of jealousy or are these things just emotions? Of course, these things are all emotions. If emotions were spirits then we all have demons in our souls and that is not true. I also do not believe in an alcohol spirit and all sorts of spirits connected to sins. How do people come up with all these statements and doctrines if it is not supported by the Scriptures? In my opinion, exorcists caused most of the damage by allowing the demons that they cast out to create doctrines of devils. All demons invoke fear in people’s lives. It might be that a specific person has a long history of living in fear, which is a sin, and that this caused him to become demon-possessed. So in such a case, the reason for being possessed was because of fear. The emphasis, however, is the sin of fear. The sin is our enemy and sin is the reason such a person finds himself in trouble and oppressed.

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No sir, you are not under attack. The spirit of lust is not your problem. The sin of lust is your problem. You are not under demonic attack. You see, there is no such thing as a spirit of lust. That is what the devils tell the exorcists when they cast them out. It is a lie. There is no such thing as a demonic attack. Demons cannot get through or over the hedge to attack you. No sir, demons do to you what they are doing to all people. They just entice you to sin, they lie to you and they tempt you, and if you fall for it, it is your own fault. Do not blame the devil. You should not harbor thoughts of lust in your mind. You should take every thought captive and be obedient to Christ, your husband. Even if you are a man you are first and foremost part of the bride of Christ. Pursue holiness. By the way, I have written an article about the danger of watching “YouTube” videos of exorcists casting out devils. Read this post and familiarize yourself with how exorcists unknowingly play right into the hands of the devil when they deliver demon-possessed people.

The people who need to claim their inheritance in Christ are all around us. They are all just ordinary people. Some are struggling with cancer, others are blind or deaf or in a wheelchair. Others are in jail. On top of this, some or most of them are struggling with financial difficulty. Some have serious mental problems and character flaws. Some have been struggling with relationship issues and some are going through or went through a divorce. Some are separated from their loved ones. Some are struggling with career issues and very challenging work situations. Some are suffering because of substance addiction. Some are alcoholics. Some are struggling because of secret sins in their lives. Some are demon oppressed, in fact, most are. Some are demon-possessed. Some are drug addicts. Some are not saved and some are but the bottom line is that they all need to be delivered. They all need to change their lives dramatically.

So as you can see, these people all face a lot of very challenging giants in their lives. These giants are not demonic spirits or satan. Satan and his demons are behind the hedge, they are unable to get to you but make no mistake, they will do everything they can to get the real giants, especially fear, to give you a hard time. They do it by lies and temptations.

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For all these people, the first step is to repent and to follow Jesus Christ. That instantly improves their lives a whole lot but, amazingly, a lot of their problems did not go away. Almost all of them are still there. But now, they are in a much better position to change their lives. They slowly but surely realize that they need to pursue holiness. They need to study the word of God. They need to renew their minds. They need to apply the word of God in their lives. They need to build up their most holy faith in God. They need to learn to trust God. Needless to say, all this is a slow and a perpetual process.

They learn how to step out in faith. They start living a holy life and they learn to live committed to God and obedient to his will. They quickly learn that the most important thing is to enter into the presence of God as much as possible. Praise, worship, thanksgiving, and lingering in his presence are just amazing. They soon learn that this is the real power. In his presence, all other things just disappear. In his presence his glory and magnificence cause all other things to diminish in strength. It just evaporates. It cannot be compared to him or exist in his presence at all.

Slowly but surely these people start to slay the giants. One by one. They start with the smaller ones. They start to learn the width, the depth, the height and breadth of the love of Christ and they slowly but surely making progress. The wonderful thing to know in this regard is that everything is guaranteed as long as they keep their eyes on Christ and as long as they keep pursuing holiness. He will not give up on them. He will not allow some sudden sickness or disease to come and stop them in their tracks. His grace is abundantly overflowing in these people’s lives. As long as they press forward and trust him to maintain them whilst doing so.

Just like Israel had to conquer the land of Canaan, so the children of God will have to storm the kingdom of God and take everything by force. 

Matthew 11:12

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

So this Scripture does suggest that it will probably be a bit challenging and probably not so easy to take up our inheritance.

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People will have to be like Joshua and Caleb. They will have to be confident that they will be able to defeat all the giants in their personal Canaan. They will have to decide not to fear the giants. If they do that, the victory will surely be theirs. If they do that, nothing will stop them but they need to realize that there will be challenges. It will not always be easy.

Unfortunately, defeat is possible. Some people only go to a certain point and then they stagnate. They have learned that some giants in their lives cannot be slain. They accept the fact that there are things they just have to live with and that God will help them to bear or to tolerate those things. He will be with them and He will help them through these difficult circumstances.

This is a lie. It is nothing but defeat. It is a reality in the lives of all people. As soon as people become ignorant in this regard, they will slowly but surely suffer defeats. God will warn them. He will appeal to them to do the right thing but if they do not listen to his warnings they will lose ground. They will suffer one defeat after another and eventually, they will lose the battle. They will give up and they will die without claiming their inheritance. They will die before their time. They will live mediocre lives. They will not experience the quality of living that they could have enjoyed. They will carry sicknesses and diseases with them for many years until those same sicknesses and diseases and other calamities take their lives. This can happen and surely does happen in the lives of many people.

Your sins and unbelief will kill you. I need to repeat this, your sins and unbelief will surely kill you, literally and spiritually. So in the lives of people there can be things and situations that will defeat them. Yes, most of them will still be Christians (not all though) and they will be with God when it happens, when they die, but the sad thing is, their lives could have been so much different. They could have made it. They could have experienced an abundant life filled with success, victory, prosperity, and health. They could have lived long and blessed lives in Christ.

My heart bleeds for people who are suddenly faced with situations in life that they are just not able to handle. Cancer or accidents or other life-threatening situations. I see them panic-stricken running around looking for a way out. I see them suffering because of this and sometimes I know that this thing is going to kill them. Sometimes it is too late for people. When they should have sought God and his ways they did not. They allowed the one lie and the one temptation to lead to more lies and more temptations. They allowed selfishness and ignorance to keep them spiritually paralyzed.

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God feels for people like this. That is why He gave them the church and the ministers and the elders to pray for them and to help them to defeat these challenges. They brought it over themselves and now they are in a predicament. In his grace and mercy, God did provide for them to help them in this regard. He did give them a second chance but unfortunately, the church and the five-fold ministry and the elders and the brothers and sisters in Christ all fail these people more often than not. He wanted them to repent and to be healed so that they can change their attitudes and turn these situations around with the help of the ministers and their brothers. He wanted them to try again but more often than not, nobody could be found with the faith and obedience to heal them or to help them. God delegated this function to the church and He cannot act when this happens.

So in a way, these people die because, at that moment, nobody was able to do what Jesus did when He was walking this earth. Most of them die because they do not even seek somebody that can heal them in the Name of Christ Jesus. The false doctrines caused them to accept their fate. False doctrines caused them not to believe in divine healing, false doctrines caused them to believe that the food that they enjoyed in their lives caused the particular diseases and nothing can be done for them because of this, the damage is done. False teachings and being under the influence of people instead of the Holy Spirit both have devastating effects on the lives of people.

Before we can address how to achieve this, how to live successfully in the kingdom of God, we need to look at why we are in this position. We need to know why so many Christians are still at the border of the promised land. Why so many of us did not yet cross the Jordan River. Why haven’t we conquered Canaan yet, after all these years as a citizen of the kingdom of God?

It is because of false teachings, doctrines of devils, that caused erroneous spiritual foundations to be put in place, on which we cannot build and on which we cannot stand. This is the reason why so many Christians fail to claim their inheritance. This is why they live mediocre lives filled with defeat. People do not realize how dangerous false doctrines are. It has a devastating effect on them and their lives. When I prepared for this course, God showed me in two consecutive dreams why we are in this bad situation in our spiritual lives.

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The first reason is that the church, right now, cannot effectively build up the faith in the hearts of people that will enable them to claim their inheritance because of ignorance. In the dream, He showed me all the activities in the church, and then He showed me that all those activities are all in vain in this regard. Church leaders and ministers in the body of Christ fail to lay the foundations that will lift people’s faith to the level that they will boldly storm the kingdom of heaven to claim their inheritance. Instead, they cause and achieve the opposite. They cause people to accept life as it is as if it is the will of God. He showed me how the church and the five-fold ministry build things and put things in place for a specific purpose but all of them fall short. The specific purpose is rarely achieved in this regard. The Lord gave me the words, “too flimsy” in the dream. This is how Google describes the word flimsy: Insubstantial, slight, light, fragile, breakable, frail, shaky, unstable, wobbly, tottery, rickety, ramshackle, makeshift, jerry-built, badly built, thrown together, cheap, shoddy and gimcrack.

The reality is that the church and the five-fold ministry just do not cultivate the necessary faith in the hearts of people and on top of this these people have to deal with the erroneous false teachings which make it very difficult and impossible for people to reach their true potential.

The second reason is the following: The Lord showed me in the next dream, and please understand that what I am about to deal with you are symbolic, that the people are in prison, under the influence of drugs and almost all their spiritual bodies are deformed. Most of them have no legs or arms, they are seriously sick and even when somebody opens the prison doors for them they just ignore them. They just remain there on the prison cell’s floor although they can walk out or crawl out in some cases. The drugs speak of people being under the influence of other people instead of the Holy Spirit. In dreams and visions, drugs have the same symbolic meaning as alcohol but in a much higher degree in terms of intensity. So this is the situation in the church right now as we speak. This is what we need to address in this course.

In the first part of this course, we will have to address the negative stuff first. We will have to challenge those erroneous core beliefs that caused Christians not to grow spiritually. We will have to get the children of God back under the influence of the Holy Spirit. It will be tough for many of us. Those false doctrines have been part of us for so many years and it is so deeply embedded in our belief systems. This makes it quite difficult to set people free from those beliefs. Some of them stick to these false doctrines with such loyal conviction. They just cannot believe that they have been misled for so many years and they just refuse to change their beliefs. They simply refuse to give up those beliefs even though it is not supported by the Scriptures. Even when the Scriptures support the contrary. They just ignore those Scriptures. When that happens, we simply cannot help those people. They will not be able to live victorious and successful lives in the kingdom of God because of this.

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So for those people who are willing to change, in the first part of this course, we need to replace the old foundations with new ones. We need to get rid of false teachings. All of them. In the second part of this course, we will show you how to build up the necessary faith in your heart that will enable you to boldly storm the kingdom of God and fearlessly and boldly take your inheritance by force.

So let us start addressing those erroneous doctrines right now.

Through the years, I found it quite difficult to comprehend why so many people are so ignorant as to why and how people become sick, why people struggle to receive their physical healing and why so many people experience so many calamities in their lives. There are so many Scriptures that address and explain the reasons why this happens yet people are unaware of it. When people stand next to a grave burying a loved one we hear and see all the questions. Why did this happen? Why didn’t God protect him or her? He or she was such a faithful person or even a person of great faith but yet, here we stand at his or her grave today. Most of the explanations and answers to these questions are false doctrines of devils.

Very often people do not know how to answer these questions. Many of us do not know how to exhort these people. I usually do not even try to do that because when we stand next to the grave of a person it is too late to address these issues in their lives. It is not too late for their loved ones but there, at the grave, is not the appropriate time to try to help them. They will first have to grief over the loss of their loved ones and it’s only after things are normal again, sometimes a long time after the burial, that they will be able to tolerate to hear the reasons why it happened. But unfortunately, by then, they might not be interested anymore to understand why it happened.

And so people stay ignorant when it comes to these things. People do not realize that the death of their loved ones could have been prevented. This is guaranteed. The person could still have been alive. If only they knew how many people literally could have changed the circumstances in the life of such a person. If only they knew that God addressed everything for all of them, two thousand years ago, and that the circumstances in that person’s life could have been different. He or she should not have died.

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This statement is true for all the people who died before they reached the age of one hundred years. There is no exception here. Everybody is supposed to live at least one hundred years. This fact is supported by Scriptures. You see I told you that it will be hard for people to accept and comprehend the statements that will be made in this course. Rest assured, I will prove all the statements that I make in this course by referring to the Scriptures that support those statements.

People need to be courageous in this regard. If you do not understand a specific statement, just hang on. The Scripture or Scriptures that support that statement will follow in due course and when you have seen the big picture after you have heard it all, you will understand a lot of statements that were strange on your ears or hard to believe at first.

Let me discuss another false doctrine. Many people teach and declare that we are not supposed to know all the answers. They usually teach that we should just trust God and not ask so many questions. The emphasis on trust of course as if by asking a question we do not trust God. That is not true. The Bible teaches the opposite. We should ask questions. We should determine why things happen to us so that we know how to deal with these issues.

We are part of the bride of Christ. If we could see the universe from a distance, if we could see the most important living creatures that inhabit the universe, we would see only four persons. Just four, because every other living creature in the universe was made for those four persons and they are not of the same class as those four persons. We would not see the animals and the plants and the angels. We would only see the Father, The Holy Spirit, the Son and the bride of Christ. Oh, what a wonderful sight that would have been, if only we could see the four of them standing there in their glory and might. That would have been the most wondrous and the most beautiful and the most glorious vision that we could ever imagine. All four of them are breathtakingly beautiful. Their glory is and will forever be unmatched.

Although only three of them are God, all four of them are of the same class. They are of the same class because God calls them all one family. They are four but they are one. Just as Jesus and the Father are one, so we and Christ are one and in Christ, we are one with the God-head, They in us and us in them. We are of the same class because the Son cannot marry a living creature that is not of the same class as He is. The bride of Christ is the most amazing and unique living creature that exists. Although she is made of many individual members, she is still just one person. She is the bride and the wife of the Son. This living creature is unique and amazing and beautiful and awesome. That is why Jesus Christ gave his life for her. To him, she is the most precious and beautiful living creature that exists. She belongs to him. He became one with her. The most important thing that made her part of this divine class is the fact that she is born of God. She is born of the Spirit of God. She was created in the image of God. 

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Do you really think that God will withhold important information from her? Do you really think that He will say to her that she should not ask so many questions and just trust him? Of course not. And the Scriptures confirm that God wants us to ask questions. Let us read a few of these Scriptures:

Psalm 25:10-14

All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.

For thy name’s sake, O Lord, pardon mine iniquity; for it is great.

What man is he that feareth the Lord? him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose.

His soul shall dwell at ease; and his seed shall inherit the earth.

The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.

This Scripture says that He shall teach us and He will reveal his secrets to us who fear him.

Ephesians 1:17-20

That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,

Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places,

This Scripture says that He wants us to know the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him, that we may know what is the hope of his calling and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints are.

James 1:5

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him

God wants us to possess wisdom. This Scripture confirms that God instructed us to ask him questions when we lack wisdom. He wants us to ask questions.

2 Timothy 3:14-17

 But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;

And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

This Scripture makes it clear that God wants us to know him and his word. We will be perfect when we know his word and his will. The word of God is the truth and the truth will set us free. The word of God is therefore of the utmost importance. However, this is the most wonderful surprise right here. This Scripture suggests that God did answer all our questions already. It is in the word. So when we ask questions we will find the answers in the Bible. I have found that this is the key in terms of this aspect. Those who do not ask questions stay ignorant. Those who do ask questions find it in the word of God. The answers are all there. People who teach that we should not ask questions but just keep on trusting and that we sometimes do not have to know the answer is wrong. Wait until you see what the word says about us not having to know everything. This will be a big surprise to many people.

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As I said, the answers are there, in the Bible. We need to ask the questions and we need to seek the answers. That is the will of God. I never asked a question that I could not find the answer to. I found all my answers in the Bible and believe me, I asked many questions, difficult ones, and I found the answers to them all. You will see those answers in this course and you will realize that those answers were the answers to the questions that the church taught us that we are not supposed to know or need not know. Those answers were answers to questions the church did not dare to ask or were too scared to ask. The answers are all there in the Bible. God addressed them all. He did not keep us in the dark one bit. That is why 2 Timothy 2:15 should be a reality in our lives:

 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

A person who is rightly dividing the word of truth knows the word of God, he knows God and he knows the truth. That is why he can rightly divide the word of God or the truth. It means that he knows the truth.

Now for that wonderful truth about us knowing everything. We find it in 1 John 2:20

But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.

You know all things. You know all things. God says here that we have the Holy Spirit and we know all things. So God says that because we have and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us and to teach us we know all things. Of course, this is only true if we studied the word of God thoroughly and if we allowed the Holy Spirit to teach us through the word of God and if we renewed our minds. If we did, then we know all things. Then we know the answers to all these difficult questions. Believe me, the answers to all these difficult questions are all there in the word of God. People do not see it because of the false doctrines and because of being under the influence of people instead of the Holy Spirit.

God does not want us to be in the dark. We are the wife of the Son. We are of the same class as God. That is why God says we know all things. I believe that what God means with this Scripture is that we know all things regarding his kingdom here on earth. Because of this, we are in a very good position to make a success of our lives in the kingdom of God. We are only ignorant because we fail to study his word correctly under the leading of the Holy Spirit. We allow people to teach us and that is the problem.

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That is why we do not know what causes us to become sick and why we do not receive our healing. That is why we do not even know that we are not supposed to get sick and that healing is supposed to manifest every time we lay our hands on the sick and when we lay hands on ourselves when we are sick. That is why we do not know why criminals break into our homes and that criminals are not supposed to break into our homes. That is why we live mediocre unsuccessful lives.

The Bible is clear on the fact that what people do determines how their lives will be. Some choose life and some choose death. Some are very wise when it comes to spiritual matters and they reap the good benefits because of it. Some suffer a lot because of bad decisions and because of being ignorant when it comes to spiritual matters. We determine how our lives will be. Not God, not satan, not demons, not our family, not our spouses. No, we determine how successful we will be tomorrow and next year and ten years from now. It is today’s decisions and what we do today that will determine if we are still going to be alive ten years from now and if we will be prosperous and healthy and successful.

God decided that everybody will live to be at least one hundred years of age, good people and bad people. If you do not make it to that age, in good health and lacking nothing in life, you have only yourself to blame. Do not blame God or the devil or your father or mother or your spouse. It is up to you to live life successfully.

Even if you were born blind or death, or an invalid, you can change your life and you can end up completely healthy and lacking nothing in life. You do not have an excuse. The only people who do have an excuse are stillborn babies or children who die at a young age before they reached spiritual accountability. In such cases, the parents are to be blamed for what happened to those children. I know people do not want to hear this because that does not make sense and that is not what they have been taught through the years.

By far most people in the church are still believing that some situations and incidents are out of our control and that we can do nothing to prevent those things. This is not true. It is another false teaching that causes a lot of misunderstanding and devastation in the body of Christ. We can always do something. Always, and under any circumstances. Victory is always absolutely 100% guaranteed. There are absolutely no exceptions. If you believe there are exceptions and that you can name at least one exception, I am telling you now, there is none, not even the parents of a stillborn baby has an excuse and the reasons why I am making this statement will be discussed in detail in this course.

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The church is so far from the mark that the truth may sound completely ridiculous or outrageous and false and unfair to most people. Many Christians will be very angry when they read some of the statements that I am going to make in this course. I promise you, I will give you the supportive Scriptures to prove the validity of these statements. Today’s session is only an introduction of what this course is all about and why we need to teach people the truth, the authentic word of God, as He gave it to the church.

Some people have more challenges than others. Some start with a big disadvantage but that does not matter. There is always a lot more grace and a lot more time and a lot more opportunity than we need, to kill every single giant in our lives. It all comes down to the right decisions and the will to change our lives forever. It will not be easy, that I cannot deny.

Please do not forget, the giants that we are facing are not demonic spirits. The giants that we are facing are those things in our lives that need to be destroyed, that needs to be put in place and needs to be changed. It is the mountains and the fig trees and the sycamine trees. It is the sicknesses and diseases and the debt and fear and all the difficult challenges of life and circumstances and sins in our lives. And, for a few years, you won’t feel like a person who is reigning over his circumstances. No, you will be too busy dealing with the giants. You will experience joy when you slay a giant, but you will also experience discomfort, uncertainty and even dismay and disappointment and even fear. However, do not be disheartened. God has your back. He is with you all the way. Every step of the way and He will lead you to victory. Every time. It is guaranteed. There will be a day when you have slain the last giant and that is going to change your life forever.

This is all for today. Thanks for listening.

See you next time.

Session 2

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