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Victorious Living In Christ Session 2

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Session 1

My name is Basie Martins. I trust that you are all well and I want to thank you again for listening to this series. For you who do not know, the topic of this series is, “How to Live Successfully and Victoriously in Christ”. It is all about us, the body of Christ, and us the church and us as individuals in the kingdom of God, being successful in all areas of life. It is about us claiming our complete or full inheritance. It is about us putting in place on earth, which is already in heaven.

I hope the first session was not too challenging for you to grasp or to accept. We have discussed a few false doctrines which was always believed to be true gospel when in fact it was false. In this session, we are going to expose false doctrines in the church even more so. Let me be very straight on why we have false doctrines in the church, apart from the fact that satan and demons create false doctrines to oppress us. By doing so he hinders and prevents Christians from maturing in Christ.

On the other hand, people create false doctrines because of a lack of faith. Just because they haven’t got the faith to believe the promises and the ways of God, they create all sorts of false doctrines that eliminate their responsibilities in regard to the word of God. For instance, if you do not have the faith to lay your hands on the sick to heal them according to the instructions that God gave us, or if you haven’t got the faith and the guts to cast out demons, just create a doctrine that says that healing was only for Biblical times. God does not heal anymore. We cannot cast demons out of people anymore.

Or if you want to do what God instructed us not to do, create doctrines that say that the view that some people have about certain things in the Bible, is not what God meant and so on. Another very important factor, a very serious problem that caused a lot of turmoil and challenges for the church is the fact that people invented a lot of things, innocent things, that, according to them, cause sicknesses, diseases and calamities in our lives. So by doing this they have taken the accountability away. If we get sick, or if we experience calamities in our lives because of reasons out of our control, which means that we are mere victims in this regard, we are nor responsible for what happens in our lives. We are innocent. We also cannot do anything about it. Nobody can blame us and people should just feel sorry for us and help us to make the situation bearable and as convenient for us as possible.

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People like this scenario very much. It is wonderful to relax and to do what you want and nobody can judge you. Nobody blames you and you just enjoy life although your quality of life fairly quickly deteriorates until you become too sick or too restricted to enjoy life. Needless to say, death is often a welcome solution for some people. They have enjoyed their life while it lasted. Nobody called them on their life decisions. Nobody held them accountable for many things that they did or allowed in their lives.

What these people do not know is that because of their decision to live fairly freely just as they wanted to, without being held accountable for their actions and way of life, they sacrificed quite a lot. They could have lived a hundred years and they could have seen their grand children and even their great grand children. They could have been completely healthy until that last day when God would have told them that He is coming to get them. Most of them gave up half their lives and they experienced quite a lot of emotional turmoil and bad situations in their lives. They were not as happy or as satisfied as they could have been. They could have been a lot more prosperous and joyful and happy and satisfied for a much longer time in their lives. They could have been a huge blessing to their children and people for many years. They actually wasted a huge part of their lives.

So we need to debunk the myths when it comes to the causes of sicknesses and diseases and calamities that kills people. All the answers to all the questions regarding this subject, is in the Bible.

If your Ford or your Toyota is a bit ill or broken or not performing like it should, where do you go for a solution. You go to the creators or the producers of Ford or Toyota vehicles. You ask them for a product manual, you ask them for advice and you go to their workshops where you consult a mechanic who is trained to repair Ford or Toyota vehicles. Why do you go to them and not to a Electrolux or a Samsung vacuum cleaner agent? Because the creators of products know their products inside out. They have the trouble shooting procedures, they have the spare parts and they have all the knowledge that you need to get your vehicle one hundred percent fixed and ready for what it was created to do.

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It is for this reason that we need to go to God for answers or advice or “spare parts” when we are sick or when we need healing. He gave us the Bible which is our manual and He has specially trained people or experts who can help us when we are broken. We need to listen to what God says about this subject. We need to listen to what the Bible says about this subject. We need to go to the workshops that God put in place for us. We need to consult the experts that God gave us, the elders and the five-fold ministry and other mature Christians when we are sick or oppressed. We also need to familiarize ourselves with the ways and the will of God in this regard. That way we do not need God’s experts. We can all be an expert in the kingdom of God. We actually do not need to go to the medical profession for help. It is actually the wrong thing to do and it will cause a lot more problems in our lives than we think.

OK, let us start to debunk the myths about sicknesses, diseases and calamities in our lives: First off, we are never innocent when it comes to sicknesses, diseases and calamities in our lives. We always brought these things over ourselves with our thoughts and our actions. We did things that we should not have done or we failed to do things that we should have done. We are never innocent or just a victim. Secondly, it is absolutely possible to stay healthy at all times by doing certain things and it is absolutely possible to get rid of all sicknesses and diseases at all times by doing certain things. And that includes all sicknesses and diseases and calamities of any kind in all situations and all scenarios. All these statements will be discussed in detail, with all the Scriptures that support it in due time. I am just laying the foundation here.

Thirdly, food does not cause sicknesses and diseases in people’s lives. There is just a few exceptions in this regard. First of all we do need to have a balanced diet. We do not need to take in enough food every day. Just a regular intake of the basic types of food and we will be OK. As long as it contains all five basic nutrients. I included a basic guideline in this session on how much food need to be consumed daily to ensure that we are healthy. This guideline was provided by the Australian Food and Grocery Counsil and the Australian Food Standards Code:

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According to the FSC, a balanced diet for an average adult is made up of the following nutrients each day:

Energy: 8,700 kilojoules

Protein: 50 grams

Fat: 70 grams

Carbohydrates: 310 grams

Sugars: 90 grams

Sodium (Salt): 2.3 grams

Dietary fibre: 30 grams

Saturated Fatty Acids: 24 grams

The FSC lists this reference values for daily intake levels based on an average adult diet of 8,700 kJ.  However, an individual’s intake may vary depending on their energy needs and lifestyle. Now this is not a lot of food but it is all we need on a daily basis.

So if you take in all the nutrients that you need on a daily basis you will be OK. If you do this, no sicknesses and diseases will come near you because of food.

It is when we do not eat what we should that this becomes a problem. Look at the sailors of old who got scurvy because they did not eat fresh vegetables. It is also a problem when we eat too much. Because of the excessive weight our feet and limbs have to carry and because of the extra burdens our organs need to deal with, we might pick up some illnesses and diseases because of that.

Food, however, is responsible for a very small percentage of illnesses and diseases in our lives. Compared to other causes of sicknesses and diseases, we do not even need to put food on the list. God gave us food to keep us healthy. Food is good for us. Most causes of sicknesses and diseases that are usually blamed on food or our diets, are in fact not true. The real culprit or causes for sicknesses and diseases will be discussed in due time.

And even in this regard we are not innocent. We need to ensure that we take in just what we need everyday. We need to make sure that we eat all five nutrients and that’s it. Problem solved. It is not a problem if we are just a bit overweight. It is when we continuously and perpetually fail to eat like we should that this starts to affect our lives. This is all that we need to address about food. Food is not so much of a problem that people and Nutritionist make it. You do not really need Nutritionist or Dietitians unless you really struggle to contain your weight. However, do not listen to all the arguments about how bad certain food is for you and how good their products are for you and so on. This is not true. Food is a very minor cause of sicknesses and diseases and only because you eat too much or not enough or do not consume all the nutrients that you need.

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The same can be said for genetically inherited diseases. According to many experts in this field, less than 0,01 of all people inherit sicknesses and diseases by means of this. It is really not a problem at all for by far most people, in fact, almost all people, taken how low this percentage is.

Sicknesses and diseases are very common and similar in the lives of people because fear and stress (not food) are very common and similar in the lives of people. Fear and stress cause by far most sicknesses and diseases in the lives of all peoples and nations and families all over the world. Most people live under a lot of stress and a large percentage of people do experience fear in their lives. This cause many people to have the same ailments, diseases and sicknesses in their lives right across the world. This is why many people make statements to the effect that they have inherited specific diseases from their fathers or mothers, which is almost never true. Your parents had high blood pressure or heart diseases because of stress and fear and you suffer those same diseases because of stress and fear. This is common and true in the lives of all people. You did not inherent high blood pleasure or a heart disease from them. It is simply not true. Genetically inherited diseases are actually extremely rare. We have been lied to by the scientists and the medical profession as well as the food experts. They were all predominantly promoting their products and they continuously use seriously fake statistics to achieve their goals.

There really are a lot of myths and false statistics in this regard, on purpose, do not be misled by these people. It is all about and connected to the huge amounts of profits many people and many organizations and companies make annually in the food industry and medical and pharmaceutical industries. You can expect that statistics and policies and facts will be seriously fraudulent in this regard.

The work of a few doctors who attempted to debunk some of these myths, lies and fake facts and statistics about the causes of deaths in the USA comes to mind. During the past few years a lot of research was carried out in the Unites States of America about the real causes of death in America. The results of these researches were shocking. Let me name a few of the results which was extracted from an official report titled “Death By Medicine” by Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD and ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; en Dorothy Smith, PhD:

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Each year approximately 2.2 million US hospital patients experience adverse drug reactions to prescribed medications. In 1995, Dr. Richard Besser of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated the number of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections to be 20 million; in 2003, Dr. Besser spoke in terms of tens of millions of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually. Approximately 7.5 million unnecessary medical and surgical procedures are performed annually in the US, while approximately 8.9 million Americans are hospitalized unnecessarily. As shown in the following table, the estimated total number of iatrogenic deaths—that is, deaths induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures— in the US annually is 783,936. (999,936 according to Leape’s 1997 medical and drug error rate of 3 million multiplied by the 14% fatality rate he used in 1994)

It is evident that the American medical system is itself the leading cause of death and injury in the US. (999,936 per year, almost a million people per year) By comparison, approximately 699,697 Americans died of heart diseases in 2001, while 553,251 died of cancer per year.


Adverse Drug Reactions/Medical error: 420,000 deaths per year at a cost of $200 billion

Bedsores: 115,000 deaths per year at a cost of $55 billion

Infection: 88,000 deaths per year at a cost of $5 billion

Malnutrition: 108,800 deaths per year (cost not included in report)

Outpatients: 199,000 deaths per year at a cost of $77 billion

Unnecessary Procedures: 37,136 per year at a cost of $122 billion

Surgery related: 32,000 deaths per year at a cost of $9 billion

Total deaths and cost: 999,936 deaths per year at a cost of $468 billion

– This report compiled by Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD

So according to this report that was researched by this panel of doctors, who exposed the real causes of deaths in the USA to the public, the medical profession itself is by far the greatest cause of death and sicknesses and diseases in the USA. Heart diseases came second and cancer third. I really suspect that these statistics are representative of the whole world. In fact, the situation in the rest of the world might be worse.

So when we look at these statistics and what has been mentioned in this session so far: Food and genetically inherited diseases and illnesses play an insignificant role in terms of causing sicknesses and diseases and deaths in the world. The medical profession is a major cause of sicknesses and diseases and heart diseases and cancer play a major role in this regard.

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This is according to real or true statistics. It is not according to the fake statistics that medical and food organizations and councils that are aimed at promoting their medical services, medical products and food products provide. We are still debunking myths and false doctrines in terms of the causes of sicknesses and diseases and calamities in the lives of people.

Do you want to hear another seriously dangerous myth about this aspect: When I talk to Christians, I often hear them say that we live in a broken world and that sicknesses, diseases and calamities are just an automatic result of the brokenness that is such an integral part of this world. To me, this view is just another attempt to bypass accountability and responsibility. People embracing this view suggest that it does not matter who you are or what you are or what you do or fail to do, you will be subject to this condition or principle in the world. You will get sick and there will be calamities in your life, all because of the broken world that we live in. So you cannot do anything about this problem. It is out of your control.

To them, the conditions in the world deteriorated to such an extent that it is affecting everybody. It does not even matter if you are a Christian or not. You just have to live with this fate that befell all of us and which is affecting all of us everyday. So they ignore all Scriptures and promises in the Bible that contradicts this view. Why, most probably because they do not have the faith to believe otherwise.

All these false doctrines and beliefs caused Christians to live exactly like unsaved people. It is quite evident to see that there is often, very often, no difference in this regard. Almost the only difference is that you will see the Christian in Church on Sunday but that is about all. They almost have the same value systems, they work and play almost the same. They trust and use the same worldly support systems. Many Christians do not even pray when they are sick. They just make an appointment at the doctors office, they consult the doctor, obtain the prescription drugs at the pharmacy, go for the operation and so on. Just like an unsaved person.

They arm their alarm systems before they go to bed. They make sure they have their medical insurances and all sorts of other insurances in place and subscriptions renewed every year. They go to the same places and they do the same things. They just have a ball of a life without God and without being obedient to God and his will.

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So it is no surprise that when the papaya hits the fan that these Christians will be just as panic-stricken as unsaved people. There will be no difference. They will go down and even die because they failed to build up their most holy faith in Christ. People just do not want to be accountable for their lives, their actions and their behavior. They want to live like they want. They want to do just what they want. Period. At the end of the the day they will just play dumb but unfortunately they will not get away with this. They will suffer in this life because of this and they will stand before God with a red face.

Exactly what does such a reckless lifestyle cause in our lives? Let us look at the negative effects of the medical profession. We already know that by far, most deaths and illnesses are caused by the medical profession itself. Instead of doing what God instructed us to do in the Bible, we go to doctors and we use the medication they prescribe and we undergo the medical procedures that they recommend.

To get rid of any fears and misunderstandings in this regard, this is my view about this. You learn to trust God. You slowly but surely build up your most holy faith in Christ and the word of God. Get rid of all worldly support systems. Slowly but surely free yourself from all it all. You need to do this but you need to be realistic in this regard. Do not test your faith on your family and children. You trust God and you lay your hands on the sick but if it does not work fairly quickly, depending on the situation, you take your wife or your child to the doctor or to the hospital. You cannot gamble with their lives. You cannot gamble with your own life. If you do not have the faith and if you are not obedient to God and his will, then you will surely fail in this regard.

In the previous series about Spiritual Warfare, we discussed the two conditions that will surely result in victory. If these conditions are not met you will surely fail and because of this you cannot gamble with your life and the lives of your family. Let me mention these conditions again:

Hebrews 11:6

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. 

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1 John 3:22

And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight. 

So as you can see, these Scriptures are all about faith and obedience. If you do have faith you will please God and if you live a holy obedient life in his presence you can ask him whatsoever you want to and it will be for you as you asked. The problem is that people do not have faith and they are not obedient to God and his word. This is why they experience all sorts of problems in their lives and why they cannot get delivered.

If just one of these conditions are not met you will probably not be able to lay your hands on the sick.

I went through this process. I have firsthand experience with this. There were times that I just decided to give up and I went to the doctor, I went for an operation and I used prescription drugs to get well. I wanted to persist with my faith and obedience in this regard but it probably would have ended up with me six feet under if I did not give up on this. We often see it with the five-fold ministry. They will die trusting God if they do not meet both these conditions.

And then you also have those who tried everything, they went from one doctor to another and one specialist or medical facility to another and from a specific medical procedure to another until they realized that their last hope is to go to God for their healing.

Often people hear that such a person or such a five-fold minister has now denied any further medical treatment and that he or she is now trusting in God only. Needless to say, if he or she does not get in contact with a true believer who has the faith and who is obedient to God and who lives pleasing in the sight of God to lay hands on them and heals them, he or she will most probably die without getting healed. That is the harsh reality. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

The thing is, we need to start somewhere to free ourselves from all worldly systems. You see, as soon as you delivered yourself from the worldly support systems, you really start to live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. You really start to live by faith. You really start to build up your most holy faith because you have taken away all other alternatives. Yes, it is challenging in the beginning but you soon live better than you used to live because you realized that this way, living by faith, is more secure and more safe than trusting in worldly systems.

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Let me explain this by discussing the medical profession a bit:

This is what Dr. MK Strydom, a Christian medical doctor wrote in her book Healing begins with Sanctification of the heart:

According to the Word, God is not interested in disease management, He is interested in disease eradication and disease prevention. Where health-care is concerned today, there is really no such thing – they should be calling it disease management. Disease management means for example prescribing drugs for a diabetic or a person with high blood pressure for the rest of his or her life. The person is artificially maintained and manipulated by these drugs but the underlying problem that initially caused the disease is not dealt with. I am not saying that it is wrong to take medical drugs, it is sometimes very necessary. For example if I have a patient come in with a blood pressure of 200/110, I have got to give the person medication to get that blood pressure down before he has a stroke and dies. It is an emergency, there is no time to sit down and deal with the issues in his life that lead to perpetual thoughts of fear, anxiety, stress and worry about the future (which is the cause of high blood pressure).

Similarly if I have a patient that I diagnose with hyperthyroidism, I’ve got to put him on medication as this condition is potentially life threatening. But is that the ultimate solution? It is in science. However, that is not scriptural. We think that disease management is a cure – no, if you were cured you wouldn’t need disease management. Disease management is another form of bondage. Disease management means you’re not free – you are not healed of your disease. But the Bible says that he who the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8 v 36).

I personally will only prescribe medication in the short term to save a person’s life or to get the person into a place of safety so that he or she has time to go and deal with the root of the problem that is causing the disease. Prescribing drugs as a single act is fine but the problem comes in when a person stays on those drugs permanently without the underlying problem behind the disease being dealt with. To those of you who are on chronic medication, I would like to inform you that God does not want you artificially maintained and chemically manipulated by medical drugs for the rest of your life. He wants to heal you and set you free of that disease permanently. But you also have a responsibility before God to get sin out of your life and to line yourself up with His Word and His conditions for healing.

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I’m not against doctors otherwise I wouldn’t be a doctor myself. As a doctor I believe I have a valuable role to play in educating people about disease from both a medical and spiritual perspective. There are times when I need to use medical drugs in a life threatening or potentially dangerous situation to get a person into a place of safety, as I explained previously. If a person has a heart attack or slips into a diabetic coma for example, I have the knowledge and skill to save his or her life. This buys back time for the person to deal with the underlying problem….

However, conventional medicine, chiropractic medicine, Eastern medicine, various religions and spiritual groups, are all trying to decrease the effects of disease through prescription drugs and various other methods. They are all merely trying to by pass the penalty of the curse of sin and disobedience but are getting nowhere.

The worldly doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other variations of medicine are failing. The World Health Organization has said that there have been zero advances made in mental healthcare

– Dr. MK Strydom

So this is what a medical doctor admits. She admits, and it is quite obvious, that the medical profession cannot really heal people. In fact, a very low percentage of people are and can be healed by the medical profession by means of a medical procedure and medication or an antidote and so on. The vast majority of people and sicknesses and diseases can only be managed, as Dr. Strydom declared. This means that although the medical profession can help us, they cannot heal us. God can.

We already discussed the danger of consulting the medical profession. Who could have imagined that the medical profession itself causes so much sicknesses, diseases and deaths. It is shocking. Why would we trust an institution who can only manage the diseases of people and in the process risk our lives. People do not think about this. They are either totally unaware of this or they just ignore this risk.

Have you ever heard of the campaign about “The Marketing of madness?”

I watched a video about this scam within the medical profession which was actually exposed by doctors. These doctors exposed the truth about prescription drugs, especially drugs that is prescribed by the Psychiatric profession. This is what Ingri Cassel say about this:

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) has been on the cutting edge of exposing the criminal enterprise we know as psychiatry. The documentary, Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, chronicled the sordid history of diagnosed mental illness and the birth of the psychiatric industry, and became CCHR’s classic debut in professional documentaries. Their latest documentary, The Marketing of Madness, is professionally produced and well organized – in three parts separated into 13 chapters, including a great booklet for summarizing what was presented, and ending with a list of 11 important actions that can be taken after viewing this shocking and compelling documentary.

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The film starts out with a brief history of psychiatry and psychology, and how the drug industry reclassified apparent mental disorders of a soul/psyche basis to a brain disorder that required shock therapy, lobotomies and finally drugs (chemical lobotomies) for treatment. To date, psychiatrists have never had to prove that mental conditions they prescribe drugs for have a physical disease basis in the brain. Furthermore, no nutrient deficiency is ever explored in this Pharma-controlled racket to explain various mental anomalies such as depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia, etc., even though countless independent studies using orthomolecular nutrition and diet have been used successfully. Articles printed in medical journals and funded by drug companies claim there is a chemical imbalance in the brain for which psychotropic drugs are necessary to correct the imbalance despite the fact there are no tests performed to support such a claim.

So who was the man historically responsible for this focus on drugging for mental conditions? None other than Sigmund Freud, the man responsible for explaining away parental incest with the Oedipus and Electra complexes, and much more… Freud created a major cocaine epidemic throughout Europe, benefiting Merck and Parke-Davis and making $millions. When this scam was exposed, psychiatrists turned to amphetamines until these drugs were also discovered to be highly addictive, ineffective and toxic.

In 1952 psychiatrists published the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) that listed 112 mental disorders that were based on psychiatrists voting for each disorder that is included. With each new edition of the DSM, the number of voted-on behaviors expanded and now encompasses whole population segments. The latest one being voted on will include such behaviors as internet surfing addiction, religious preoccupation and political conspiracy paranoia, making sure the entire population can be classified as mentally ill to justify the need for drugs. In 2007, the market for anti-psychotic drugs was a $22.8 billion a year industry.

Ingri Cassel

The fundamental purpose of the Psychiatric profession Pharmaceutical companies is to make a whole lot of money fast, irrespective of how many people’s lives are destroyed because of that. They probably cause more damage than the illegal drug-trade and they probably make more money than the illegal drug-trade.

I just want to mention a few common side-effects of Psychiatric medication: Suppressed emotions, physical damage to organs, feelings of hopelessness, depression, brain-damage, deterioration of brain function, short-term memory loss, tremor, involuntary muscle actions, itching, diabetes, dissociation, lack of concentration, excessive aggression, fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, hallucinations, acute memory loss, a delay of growth in children, weight-loss, weight-gain, manic behavior, irregular heartbeat, slow heartbeat, fast heartbeat, heart diseases, kidney damage, liver damage, Parkinson’s disease, pancreas damage, sudden death, brain shrinkage, anxiety, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, frustration, sexual problems, problems with menstruation, dry mouth, constipation, problems with bladder, double vision, muscle spasms, skin rash, ulcers, internal bleeding, restlessness, problems with coordination, thirst, sudden unconsciousness, epileptic attacks, problems with speech, swelling of eyes, lips, tongue, throat, face, hands, feet, ankles, legs, abdominal pain, vomiting, anorexia, no appetite, upset stomach, confused state, nightmares, physically weak, nervousness, pigheadedness, exhaustion, cold hands, feelings of worthlessness, suicidal thoughts and actions, solicitude, excessive concerns about everything, panic attacks, increase in cancer, irritation, impulsive behavior, personality changes, abnormal excitement and many more.

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Medication is a huge cause of ailments, diseases and sicknesses. It causes chemical as well as biological changes and imbalances in our bodies that result in a lot of dangerous side-effects. We can eliminate quite a lot of problems by abstaining from using psychiatric medication. Most of these medication can be very dangerous to humans.

Even the decisions and actions of doctors and the medical staff in hospitals and clinics and other medical institutions and companies can be very dangerous. Negligence, fatigue and all sorts of other factors play a huge role in this regard. No wonder that the true statistics about the causes of death and sicknesses and diseases in the lives of people exposed the shocking reality that the medical profession is in fact to blame for this.

We really need to change this. We do need to eliminate all worldly systems in our lives. Not only is it dangerous or not reliable at all. It keeps us from growing spiritually in Christ. It keeps us from maturing in Christ by building up our most holy faith in Christ. This is what this course is all about. With this course, we are going to allow real life changing, miracle working faith to be built up in our hearts so that we can live, victoriously and successfully, according to the will of God, in Christ and in the kingdom of God. Stay tuned and make this a reality in your life.

This is all for today. See you next time.

Session 3

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